Chapter One: Training

"In 1.2.3. Hold 1.2.3. Out 1.2.3.


Breathing normal.

Heart rate slowing.

Now, try and stand up."

Desmond groans and tries to push himself up, palms pressing against gravel, but its sharpness doesn't register. Everything else hurt too much. He falls down onto his back with another groan.

"Oh, c'mon you pussy. Sit up! I've only had you training for a few hours!"

"We've been free-running and fighting for eight hours now. Please... have mercy... just a little break oh master assassin," Desmond murmurs dramatically with his eyes closed against the bright daylight. A smirk is playing across his lips.


A thud as Desmond receives a kick to the ribs. "Half an hour. Then I want you back in the ring."

Desmond waits to stand up until the soft crunch of shoes on gravel has faded. Grinning, he walks back towards Home.

Home was nothing special, but it had running water, and sometimes the power came on, so it was enough for Desmond. It's the biggest building in an abandoned housing development in Utah. The whole 30 acres of it is run down and decrepit, cast aside to turn into sand. Hidden and forgotten, it's enough for Desmond.

He saunters into what was supposed to be the lower level of a parking garage, white lines indicating parking spots barely there. It's mercifully cool in the shaded concrete walls as he walks towards the middle of the garage. Pulling open the rusty door of a storage closet, he rummages through their supplies until he finds what he is looking for. Giving a small cry of triumph he pulls it out and heads back to where he came in and back out into the sun.