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Sleeping alone is harder than I remember, and Chicago is colder…colder than it ever was when I lived here. This bed is too empty. I took the extra blankets and pillows out of the closet, but I'm about to call the front desk and ask for a few more.

This room is depressing. Dull colors make up the decor. It's dark with random patterns, nothing like my beach house back in Forks—my beach house in the middle of the forest, far from the beach. Bella said if she's going to live in the woods, her house should look like it's near the ocean.

Sheer, blue curtains flow through the house, and there are seashell accents throughout. I told Bella I'd buy her a house on the beach. She said she already lives on the beach, and if I wanted a house on the beach, then we'd live in the desert. That's when I just smiled and said, "Okay."

If I can't consult on an out-of-state project remotely, I won't take one on again. It's not worth the money. I miss Bella and our home.

I flip through the channels, realizing I no longer watch any of my own shows. Instead, I choose one of Bella's favorites. Her shows always draw me in.

We got married at the edge of a cliff on First Beach a little over a year ago. It was two years from the day that we first met. Charlie kept his gun on his hip and made sure I could see it during the ceremony. It was a not so subtle warning that he wasn't afraid to use it if I allowed Bella to jump after we said our vows. I wasn't going to risk it. Charlie had Sue by his side, but Renee and Phil were on the other side of her. One of the couples could have sat with my family, but her parents were too proud to admit they were uncomfortable. Charlie discomfort was magnified with Billy sitting on his other side. They had come to a truce in their friendship, but the tension between them had barely waned. Jacob sat by Billy's side, ready to diffuse the situation if needed. He's still not my favorite person, but as far as being a friend to Bella, he's proven to be all right.

I forgot about the threat in the audience as I looked into Bella's eyes and slid her wedding band on her finger. After I had kissed her, I swung her up into my arms and whisked her away in my car to the reception at my mom's restaurant.

I shouldn't have been worried about Charlie. Emmett had been by my side, ready to block Charlie if needed, claiming he'd take a bullet. If she had jumped though, I would have been jumping in right after her. I think after cliff diving was vetoed from the bachelor party activities, Emmett was disappointed that no one jumped after the ceremony. We had ended up four wheeling through the woods and roughing it overnight in the wild the weekend before the wedding. The experience was priceless, but it came up short on the excitement Emmett had hoped for.

To this day, Bella denies her plans to jump to the water below, but no one will ever believe her. Her dress was short and light, so were Rosalie and Alice's. Jasper, Emmett, and I wore white dress shirts, but not jackets. It may have just been my sister's voice in Bella's ear to choose attire that went with the setting, but I'm pretty sure it was so our clothes wouldn't become waterlogged.

When Bella calls, it's nearly midnight here, but in Forks, she's just now lying down for bed.

The pillow under my head is a hard lump no matter how I maneuver it. "I just want to be home in bed with you."

She chuckles. "I know, but we know how to do this distance thing."

Stretching my back, I attempt to crack out the stiffness. "I can't remember how."

"I do." She hums. "I'm wearing that white robe you never let me wear."

I let her wear it. It's just so easy to take off. The silk glides right off her shoulders.

"It looks nicer on the floor," I say.

She laughs again. "I know, but this time I have something underneath it."

"And what's that?" I ask, ready to humor her for a minute. It's been awhile since she's tried to seduce me long-distance.

"There's a picture in your suitcase. It's in the zipped pocket that you never use."

I quickly get up to get it. "You're so sneaky." I unzip the suitcase, and then the compartment she's talking about. Sure enough, I find a photograph inside.

She's lying on our bed in white lingerie that barely skims her thighs. Her eyes are closed, and her dark hair is spread over our tan comforter. I'd think she was sleeping if it weren't for the strategic way her knee is bent and one of her hands is resting on her breast.

"What is this?" I ask.

"Boudoir. Do you like it?"

I look at it again. It's beautiful, but it's too intimate. My muscles tense up. "Who took this picture?"

"Rose. I hope you're not jealous."

Relaxing, I take another look at the photo. "It's perfect."

"I was thinking about you. That's why I closed my eyes. You see how my head is tilted to the side? I was imagining your fingers running down my neck."

I lie beside the photo on the bed, tracing the lines of her elongated neck. "I've never seen this lingerie before."

"I know. It was a surprise. I'm wearing it now though." Her voice is soft as it transports me from this hard board I'm lying on to the softness I have at home.

I look at the picture one more time before I close my eyes.

"Do you want to know what I have on underneath?"

A ripple shoots through me. "Then or now?"


"Okay, what were you wearing underneath?"


Wetting my lips, I ask, "And now?"

"Nothing," she whispers sultry and slow.

I swallow.

"Do you want to know why?"

"Why?" My breathing shallows.

"I was thinking about you, about straddling your hips."

There's a twitch between my legs as I imagine what she's saying. I can almost feel her thighs squeezing against the outside of mine.

"Is that right?" Resisting is taking more effort than giving in. I'm painfully hard, aching and needing. As I push my sleep pants down my thighs, I ask, "And what are you thinking about now?"

"The same thing, but first, I want to take you in my mouth."

My hand becomes her mouth sucking, while my fingertips feel like her tongue licking me. "You're so good at that."

"Mmm…I know." Her breathing becomes heavier, and I tune into that sound. "Are you ready for me to straddle you yet?"

"Yeah, I'm ready. Are you?"

"So ready. How does it feel when I climb up you? My legs dipping the sides of the bed as I hover over you, barely touching you."

Clearing my throat, I come out of my haze to answer. "Warm, wet…mine."

"Yours only, always." She gasps like she's just slunk down, as if she's clamping around me, and she can feel it.

I tighten my grip, string out I love you, and tell her how good she feels. When she starts moaning and yelling out that she's coming, I lose it.

My head falls back, and I can't help but laugh.

"You know what this means?" she asks.

"What?" I ask as I clean up, still laughing.

"That you can't deny me anything."

"Or that the more you know me, the better you are at tricking me."

She chuckles. "That too."

"Let's go to sleep. I'll be back by tomorrow night."

"Wait, I have to tell you something."

Something in her voice has me sitting up. "What?"

"You know those pills I'm so good at taking?"

I roll my eyes. She's never been very good at taking those. "The ones you've been messing up the last couple months?"

"Yeah." she says, guilty.

I lie back down. "So what about them?"

"I think maybe…"

I smile. It was inevitable. "Did you take a test?"

"No, I bought one, but I want to wait for you."

I close my eyes. It just feels natural. "All right."

She sighs. "If I'm pregnant, I hope we have a little girl."

I imagine a little girl that's half me with Bella's eyes.

I see a Barbie doll, pink room, and then I see seduction. I see Charlie's constant worry about his rebellious, little girl, and no one ever really being good enough. I was probably just a fluke, a lapse in his judgment.

"Yeah, umm." I scratch my head. "I'm thinking it'd be good to have a boy."

"Oh, me too. I would love that," she says with longing.

Even though we weren't trying, it sounds like a negative result will crush her. It only takes me a moment to think about it. "If you're not though, maybe you don't need to take those pills anymore."

I fill my head with thoughts of Little League and hope that wishful thinking counts for something.

She sniffles. "Okay. We could do that."

When we say goodnight, I look up at the ceiling.

My stomach is twisted, but my mouth is smiling.

The prospect of babies is both scary and exciting.

Though when it comes to Bella and me, I know we can handle anything.




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