Hello! This short story is just for fun. It contains an OC created in my story Time Flies and a small reference to The Passage of Time, but I doubt you really need to read either of those to understand what is going on here. :)

Michael and Bonnie were once again arguing over some trivial matter about world safety when their daughter walked in. She had apparently just come in from a mission with Karr; her boots were muddy and her face was dirty.

"Ugh!" she groaned, "Karr wants a carwash."

"What's wrong with that, Lizzy?" asked Michael Knight.

"I'm exhausted and I don't want to pay for it," she said.

"Honey, why don't you just let him go to a carwash by himself?" asked Bonnie.

"FLAG put a stop to his account because he used it to buy an atomic missile," said Lizzy, "He needs someone to come with him to pay for it."

"Lizzy, it's just a quick ride," said Bonnie, "Come on, he's worked hard this past month. And he doesn't even agree with all that we're doing here, you know."

"I know," said Lizzy, "So, well…I came to you guys because I have a problem. Karr made me a bet, and if I lose, I'll have to bring him to the carwash."

"A bet…with Karr?" asked Michael, "Lizzy, that wasn't very wise of you."

"I know!" Lizzy groaned, sitting on the couch.

"Honey, not in your dirty clothes," reprimanded Bonnie.

Lizzy stood up obediently.

"What was the bet?" asked Michael.

"You remember the time when someone stole nanotechnology from FLAG? We had to destroy it later because it was too dangerous."

"I remember," said Bonnie.

"Well, it turns out that Karr didn't actually delete the schematics for the stuff. He told me he is going to use it to build a life-life copy of me that he can control, and if he can convince people that he is me, I have to take him to the carwash." said Lizzy.

"Wow," said Michael, "Does Devon know?"

"How should I know?" asked Lizzy, "The point is that it's too weird. I mean, my car is going to impersonate me!"

"It's your fault for making a bet with him when you could have just taken him to the carwash," said Michael, "You know he has his own agenda."

"Michael, you're so insensitive," said Bonnie, "Put yourself in your daughter's shoes. Karr is about to impersonate her. What would you think if Kitt were doing the same thing?"

"Well," said Michael, "I'd probably get ready to take him to the carwash."

"Do you really think Karr will win the bet?" asked Lizzy.

"Of course he will, Lizzy," said Michael, "He knows you too well."

"But he isn't used to using nanotechnology to impersonate a human being," said Bonnie, "Of course we'll be able to spot idiosyncrasies."

"Like what?" asked Michael.

"I don't know," said Bonnie, "Trouble walking, eye twitches, clothing that is too clean, and anything out of the ordinary. The point is that we will be able to tell it isn't you, Lizzy."

"You know, you're right," said Lizzy, smiling, "I feel much better now. Thanks Mom."

"No problem, Sweetie," said Bonnie, hugging her daughter.

At that moment, Lizzy ran in the door.

"Mom, Dad!" she cried, "Karr just…"

She paused as she saw Lizzy hugging her mother.

"Wha-?" she asked.

The Lizzy who had just hugged Bonnie smiled at the Lizzy who had just entered the room.

"I win," she said, "Get your purse; we're going to the carwash."

The Lizzy who had just walked in sighed.

"Fine, you win," she said.

She then stared at her parents.

"You really thought that was me?" she asked.

Michael and Bonnie didn't know what to answer.