I can't believe this is happening to me, how could I do something like that. I'm normal so careful. Here I am 20 years old who is 2 months pregnant from a one night stand what am I going to do. I remember him like it was yesterday.


We have been at pub can't even remember what its called for few hours now. Louise and Maddys are here since they just transferred here, so we decide to go out to celebrate. I am totally drunk. We have just sat down from dancing most of the night, chatting about who we would sleep with, when I see a cute guy dark hair (I think quite dark in here) with dark eyes that remind me off chocolate, he is staring straight back at me. I see him start to walk over, he asks me to dance. We dance to few songs, I feel him so close to me there is no space. He asks me if I fancy getting a drink, of course I say yes who would turn down a free drink. We chat for alittle while I find out he is studying Law, his best friends Logan and Finn. I still don't even no his name. Finally he ask if I want to get out of here. I reply yeah let's go. Normal I would never do this. I let the girls know I'm leaving before heading to meet him by the doors. He finally comes I start to follow him out, we walk to campus, it takes us long time to my dorm, as he keeps pulling me to him kissing me like no one has before. We finally reach my dorm, he pushes me up against it kisses me again. I pull away open the door pull him with me to my bedroom. Well let's just say we don't sleep that much. I wake to him gone, he left a note saying thanks let's do again and a number Colin M.


Now all I have to do is ring this number and tell him the news. I know I will have this baby with or without his help. I just hope he he will help out. I decide to call him and tell him at least that way if he does rejects us I don't have to see it. I'm so scared.

Here goes nothing I dial his number its ringing, Oh god Oh god I can't do this I really can't. He picks ups finally.


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