Author: Nat

Fandom: OHSHC

Summary: The Host Club takes it upon themselves to follow Haruhi when she says she is going to Okinawa, despite her serious threat. The secret they learn there is far greater than what they expected – Haruhi has a twin brother.

Pairing: HaruhixMori

Part 1/8


Spring Day, Autumn Night


Haruhi stared out the window, gazing over at the large clock tower. She had always found it to be a fascinating sight, and for some reason, she felt at ease when looking at it. She clasped her hands behind her back and sighed, tossing smiles and hello's to some of the girls who walked past her. A couple of them stopped to talk to Haruhi, who noted that they were her highest requesters when she was within the Host Club.

"What are you doing here, Haruhi?" One girl, Mei, asked.

"Staring over at the clock tower," she said with a bright smile. "It's the little things that bring such joy to me, you know?"

"We completely understand," some of the girls sighed happily, hearts fluttering around their heads and in their eyes.

Haruhi just sweatdropped and laughed. "Glad to hear it girls. I'd better be getting to the club, or Tamaki-senpai won't let me see any of you today."

"Oh no he wouldn't do that would he, Haruhi? Go go go!"

The girl sighed and placed a hand on her forehead as she headed away from the window and to music room three. They aren't going to be happy when I tell them I'll be gone for the week break we're having from school. I'm sure they all wanted to spend it together, but it's important dammit. Not to mention that none of them are invited.

She opened the door getting a full blast of artificial snow that turned her into a Popsicle. Glaring over at the bundled up and quite happy Tamaki-senpai, she tried to shake off the cold snow-like substance. "W-w-what is all th-th-this?" Her teeth were chattering as she hugged herself. Damn, why couldn't they do something easier or even warmer?

"We're already missing winter since it's spring now, Haruhi! So what better way to celebrate it than by making it a Host Club treat! For us, and for the ladies of course."

She looked around the room. Kyoya hadn't changed much; just tossed on a Santa hat. She wanted to point out the theme was winter, not Christmas, but they went hand in hand for most people. She refrained from saying anything out of respect for the Shadow King...and her debt. Hikaru and Kaoru were elves, and they looked mischievous too. She wasn't surprised in the slightest. Honey-senpai was a reindeer, with the antlers and everything, while Mori-senpai was in full Santa suit. Even complete with the beard. Blinking when he saw Haruhi's eyes on him, Mori muttered, "Ho ho ho."

Haruhi covered her mouth, trying not to let her laugh escape. A quick smile flashed across Mori's face. The hostess blinked, her mirth gone as she tried to decipher if Mori-senpai had indeed smiled. Tilting her head, she met an impassively blank face from Mori-senpai once more and furrowed her brow. I must have imagined it.

Looking around at all the costumes, Haruhi held up a hand before Tamaki-baka could even get close to her with a costume. "Don't think about making me Mrs. Claus."

"But Haru-chaaaaan!" Honey whimpered from where he was eating cake. "You'd get to sit with me and Takashi! We'd be a little group! Plleeaasseee Haru-chan!"

Haruhi sighed to herself and snatched the costume from Tamaki-senpai, who cooed happily. "MY DAUGHTER WILL LOOK SO CUTE!"

"I'm not your daughter senpai," Haruhi deadpanned as she closed the curtain of the dressing area.

"MOMMMYY! HARUHI HATES MEEEEE!" Tamaki cried dramatically, throwing himself at Kyoya.

Kyoya pushed up his glasses and ducked just in time so Tamaki went sailing over his head. "Then perhaps you should make her love you again."

Tamaki sat in his beloved corner of sadness and grew more mushrooms. From behind the curtain, Haruhi rolled her eyes at her senpai's antics. Honestly, he would never grow up. She tossed on the velvet looking nightgown...thing, reveling in the feeling of the material against her skin. This was one of the few times she felt her girly side take hold. The brush of velvet on her skin, and...well. She averted her eyes from her own reflection in the mirror, not wanting to see her own flushed cheeks. There was another reason she felt her girly side shake her like the devil was out to get her, but she didn't want to get distracted thinking about his eyes...or hair...or- Haruhi shook her head.

She had made sure to toss on a tank top and shorts underneath the dress-like fabric, and she placed a Santa hat on her head. She also put some wire-rim glasses on the bridge of her nose and pushed them up. "A modern day Mrs. Claus I guess," she muttered to herself, stalking over to the curtain and opening it.

She decided to go without shoes, but she still wore her socks. It was cold as ever in the room still, but at least she was warmer than she had been. "MY DAUGHTER LOOKS SO-"

"Shut it, Tamaki-senpai," Haruhi muttered throwing a shoe at his face before stalking past him and the mushrooms growing on his shoulders.

"Yay Haru-chan! You look nice!"


"Thank you Honey-senpai; Mori-senpai." She sat next to Honey, commenting that he was an adorable reindeer.

"Aw but Haru-chan! You're supposed to sit next to Takashi! It's the whole Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus thing."

"Hn. Mitsukuni is right you know."

Haruhi grinned at the two before moving and taking her seat next to Mori-senpai as they had both requested. "I assume we are a big happy family now?"

"Yup!" Honey said happily, sneaking a glance over at his cousin. He wondered how Takashi felt when Kyoya announced the Santa/Mrs. Claus angle. Tama-chan was against it immediately, as was Hika-chan. But Kao-chan, himself, Kyo-chan, and Takashi didn't mind. In fact, Honey knew for a fact that Takashi actually liked the moments he had Haruhi next to him.

They all stood and took their places when Tamaki snapped his fingers. They were about to start entertaining after all. The door opened, and the flower petals flew at their feminine guests. "Welcome ladies!"


"Hey Haruhi?"

"Hm, yeah?"

"How come we always see you in rather feminine wear? Don't get me wrong, we think it looks adorable on you, but...?"

"That's because Tamaki-senpai is an idiot," Haruhi deadpanned, grinning to herself when Tamaki heard her and flew to his loneliness corner. "He feels that because I have a slight feminine face, that it is good to flaunt it off with feminine clothing. Kyoya-senpai thinks so too, don't you?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about, Haruhi," Kyoya said, doodling in his black notebook.

"We think it's cute that you, Mori-senpai, and Honey-senpai have a little family thing going on here." Another girl commented, which brought out another round of lovesick sighs.

Oh brother.

"Thanks ladies!" Honey said, munching on another piece of cake. "Both Takashi and I love hanging out with Haru-chan, so this way, it's a lot more fun to do it!"

"Have some more cake, Honey!"

"You too Mori!"

"I made some for you too, Haruhi!"

"...Would you like my strawberries, Haruhi?" Mori-senpai asked quietly.

Haruhi paused mid-bite before lowering her fork and shining a wide smile at Mori. "Well, if you don't mind giving them, Mori-senpai. You...ah...know how much I like them." Mori twitched his lips slightly and gave all his strawberries to Haruhi. This whole debacle wasn't just noticed by the ladies, but by the rest of the club members as well.


"No," she said, taking a strawberry from her plate and popping it into her mouth.

Tamaki flew to his rainy and dreary corner again, to the amusement of the 'devil' twins. Haruhi just sighed and ate her cake.

After the last lady had left and they had all changed back into their uniforms, Haruhi stood in front of the members of the Host Club. "No doubt you all have given some thought as to how our week break will go," she began, crossing her arms and eying them all.

"Yes, we have decided to go to one of the Hitachiin's personal vacation homes. Isn't that exciting, my darling daughter?" Tamaki asked, smiling at her and dancing around.

"I won't be coming with you."

"Why not Haru-chan?" Honey-senpai said, pouting over at the girl.

"I will be spending the week with my aunt. None of you are invited."

"That wouldn't be the aunt in Okinawa would it, Haruhi?" Kyoya asked, typing away on his computer.

She swung over to give Kyoya a look. "Yes, that is her," Haruhi said coolly before turning to look at the rest of the club. "Mark my words. If you follow me there, I'll never speak to any of you ever again." Satisfied that her point was made, Haruhi left the music room, slamming the door behind her for emphasis.

"We'll definitely be bored now," the twins said, sighing to themselves.

"We can have fun without Haruhi, right Takashi?" Honey asked uneasily, looking up at his cousin.

"Hmmm..." Takashi hesitated in answering before shrugging. "Dunno."

"I suggest you listen to her, you know," Kyoya finally spoke up. "She seemed pretty serious, and I doubt any of you would want to receive the cold shoulder from our Natural Host."

"That's that then," Tamaki said, grinning at his friends. "We'll vacation in Kyoya's family home in Okinawa. Technically, we aren't following her there because we abruptly changed our schedule around."

"Yay! Tama-chan you rock! Let's get ready and leave as soon as possible, Takashi!"


"This'll be great!" The twins exclaimed. "We're gonna see Haruhi! We're gonna see Haruhi!"

Kyoya sighed and closed out the document regarding Haruhi Fujioka. Something of great importance lies within Okinawa. No matter how hard I search, I cannot find it. What exactly are you hiding, Haruhi?


"Auntie!" Haruhi exclaimed, giving her smaller aunt a hug as she met her in the airport terminal.

"Why my dear Haruhi, it seems like it's been forever. What have you done to your hair, little one? I swear, now you and Akiyo look near identical. How was your flight dear? I know you've been saving up for this for quite a while now."

Haruhi smiled gently. "Money is no issue when it comes to him, you know that. How is he doing, Auntie?"

"Quite well, all things considering. Now come along. I've got the car parked just out here. Isn't it a wonderful little thing? Ryito got it for me."

"Him again Auntie? Why don't you just marry him if you're going to keep seeing each other. It's been three years now, you know." Haruhi teased.

"Oh you, stop that now. Wicked girl." Her Aunt said, laughing lightly.

The Host Club, hidden well for once, looked at each other in confusion.

"Who the hell is this Akiyo guy?" Hikaru asked, bristling.

"Perhaps Haruhi came to Okinawa to work for her aunt and see her old friend?" Kaoru murmured.

"What do you think Takashi?" Honey asked as he sat on the taller boy's shoulders.


"Mori-senpai is right men," Tamaki said, placing his sunglasses back on. "We don't want to attract attention to ourselves or alert Haruhi to our presence. My darling daughter is going somewhere different, and I don't like it. Let's move out men, and keep a low profile. That means stay quiet, devil twins."

"You're the only one who ever needs quieting," the twins deadpanned, but followed their leader nonetheless.

Kyoya had called an inconspicuous car in so they could do the following. Sitting in the front seat and letting the others get comfy in the back, he looked at his driver and gestured to Haruhi and her aunt. "Follow that car, but at a distance, got it? If Haruhi sees us, then we're done for."

"You got it sir," the driver said, starting up the car and waiting a few moments before following after the two ladies. Kyoya smiled to himself as he heard people talking about this mysterious Akiyo guy.

"I bet him and Haru-chan are getting married," Honey said, grinning over at Tamaki. He felt how his cousin tensed up because he was in his lap, but that was his plan after all. Operation Get Takashi and Haruhi Together was something Honey had been working on ever since Takashi had saved Haruhi from the clutches of Tama-chan after only knowing her for a day.


"Ow, Boss!" Kaoru exclaimed.

"Keep it down or you'll break the damn sound barrier," Hikaru said, sticking his pinky in his ear.

"I will not stand for this! Ranka must know this bit of information right away!" Tamaki said, pulling out his cell phone.

"If you call Ranka, he'll tell Haruhi that we're here. Then she won't talk to any of us ever again." Kyoya reminded Tamaki. "Besides, chances are that if Haruhi is here with Ranka's blessing, then he already knows who or what is here for Haruhi."

The blonde boy looked at his phone with crocodile tears streaming down his face. "Haruhi...Daddy's coming! Put a step on it, driver! We have a girl to save!"

The driver looked over at Kyoya who just shook his head. "Idiot."

The rest of the car was silent as they watched Haruhi's aunt pull into a driveway. She had a large house, much too big for just one woman. The driver parked a few yards away, under the darkness of a tree. The Host Club watched as Haruhi shoved open the door and stumbled in her haste to get up the stairs of the house.

"Akiyo!" They heard her yell before the door slammed shut behind her. Haruhi hadn't even realized that she had left her Aunt behind to grab her bag, but the old woman didn't seem to mind. The smile on her face and the soft look in her eye told them that much.

Finally, the woman walked into the house and all was quiet. "What now, sir?" The driver asked.

"My vacation home, please, Leo. We have all the information we need."

A solemn air had fallen over everyone in the car. Even the normally stoic Takashi had an air of curiosity tinged with sadness around him. Similar thoughts were running through the minds of all the Host boys. If this Akiyo boy was so important to Haruhi, why was she keeping him a secret?


Haruhi withheld a gasp as she looked into a face that mirrored her own. Her smile was small, while his was wide. He had a small scar under his eye, while her face wasn't marred by anything of the nature. "Akiyo," she murmured, reaching out and hugging him.

"Haruhi, my little sister. I've missed you so much! All the phone conversations do no justice when I don't have you here." He pulled back and gazed at her, eyes roaming all over her face. "You cut your hair."

"I did."



"Little kid?"


"I see."

She smiled to herself. It was conversations like this that she missed with her brother. They could have one word or even no word conversations at the blink of an eye, and the only people who would really understand was themselves.

"We look identical now."

"Not that anyone else can see," she muttered darkly.

Placing a hand on his sister's cheek, Akiyo waited until she brought her eyes to his. "Don't cry now, Haruhi. You've not cried for a long time, and I won't be the reason you start now. I'm alive, and that's all that matters."

"For how long, Akiyo?" Haruhi whispered, running her finger over the scar under his eye.

"For as long as you need me," Akiyo said, taking Haruhi's hand and leading her into the living room. "Now, I want to hear all about this Host Club. And you better have brought me some pictures to look at otherwise I won't be happy."

Haruhi laughed and turned when she heard the door open. "Oh! Auntie, I am so sorry! Here let me get my bag!"

Her Aunt grinned and handed Haruhi her bag. "No harm done, little Spring. I know you wanted to see Mr. Autumn over here. Make yourself comfy, and I'll whip up some dinner."

The evening was spent eating, talking, and laughing while Haruhi tried to imitate some of the host's behaviors while she told many of the stories that had happened to her. She shared a bunch of pictures, but only her brother noticed that her eyes lit up when she talked about a particular Host.

He himself looked over at some of the pictures, immediately approving of this 'Morinozuka' guy. He had a feeling that a guy like this could take care of Haruhi, and he rubbed at his chest in thought. Yes, if he could get them together, then he could die happy. Haruhi put the pictures away and started telling them the story about the Zuka club and how they all dressed as girls, minus Mori-senpai.

The only hiccup in the event was when Akiyo laughed too hard and managed to drive himself into a choking fit. Both Haruhi and her aunt worried over him until he shook his head, taking deep breaths to show them that he was fine. Even though they both sat down and tried to achieve the same positive note that they had previously, it just wasn't possible.

The night wound down after that, with Haruhi helping a very tired Akiyo up to bed. "Come on and sleep with me, eh little sister?" He said with a smile, his eyes already closing.

"Not a chance, big brother. You're much too fragile."

"Bullshit," he said, waving his hand with a yawn as he curled up. "I'm as strong as an ox."

She waited until his breathing had evened out before she dropped to her knees, silent tears making tracks down her cheeks. She placed a hand on her brother's head and bowed hers, shoulders shaking with quiet sobs. I really wish you were that strong, Akiyo. I really do.

What felt like hours later, Haruhi rose from her place on the floor, feeling more like a zombie with every second that passed. "Must be jet lag," she murmured to herself before making her way across the hall to her room. Not even pausing to put on pajamas, she collapsed into bed and was out like a light moments later.


Sleep didn't come easy for the Ouran Host Club boys though. After catching a few shows on the television, Tamaki had the great idea for them to have a 'sleepover' even though they were all technically sleeping over at Kyoya's house. All of them changed into their pajamas and brought their stuff to the living room, not even believing they were going to sleep on the floor.

Tamaki actually had the comfy reclining chair, while the twins had both of the couches. Honey claimed the loveseat by jumping on it, while Kyoya brought himself and Mori inflatable mattresses. It was an interesting experience for the rich boys, who all sat in a circle at the moment, not wanting to sleep yet.

"Imagine what Haru-chan would say if she saw us sleeping like this," Honey said, placing his finger on his chin to ponder this thought before looking down at Usa-chan.


"Yes, indeed, Honey-senpai. I do wonder how she would take it if she saw us now."

"She's too busy with Akiyo so I say good riddance."



Kyoya pushed his glasses up higher on his nose as a brawl started between a pajama-clad Tamaki and two pajama-clad devil twins. They were rolling on the floor and yelling at each other. Kyoya was glad that they basically had the vacation home to themselves.

"Get OFF Tamaki-senpai!"

"Let go of Hikaru you bastard!"


"Shut the hell up Boss!" The twins said together, pushing him off them and back into his chair. "And stay over there!"

Mori was sitting on the floor so his back was against the love seat that Honey had claimed. His smaller cousin was right beside him. "Worried about Haru-chan?" Honey asked quietly, not wanting to alert the others that they were talking about the girl.

"Hm." Mori said, nodding his head.

"We'll have to sneak away I guess," Honey murmured softly. "Apologize to Haru-chan and let her know that everyone else is here. I don't think she'd like it if Tama-chan or Hika-chan showed up tomorrow morning."


"Yeah, she'd be angry alright. We'll sneak out bright and early tomorrow then."


"Do you think she'll have cake?"

Takashi placed a hand on his cousin's head with a small smile he usually reserved for him, but had started using it for Haruhi too. "Bring some."

"Yeah. We should bring some. Usa-chan is gonna want a lot of cake."


Thanks for reading! This is my first OHSHC fanfic, so I hope I portrayed all the characters correctly. Do let me know if I didn't? This also has my favorite pairing in it (Go Mori and Haruhi!) but even so, don't expect tons of updating. I have school and work. Anyway, review and like all you want! Also, the part 1/8 is just an estimation of how I want this story to go. It could be shorter/longer. Depending.

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