The burning,

It stopped.

Of course it did, it always did.

Something exploded behind him, bringing him back to his senses. Looking down he saw a pair of legs.

"Legs! Still got legs." He breathed a sigh of relief as he brought his left leg up and kissed it. "Good."

Patting his chest up and down his hands eventually led to his arms. "Arms, hands, oooo fingers!" he said as he wriggled his fingers. "Lots of fingers. Ears!" his hands flew up to cup his ears.

"Yes eyes two, nose," he squeezed his nose for good measure. "Ungh I've had worse." He groaned disdainfully.

"Chin…" he wasn't very excited about that either, but then he remembered something important.

His hands flew up to comb through his hair. "Hair…" his hands kept going through and down his head of hair, something wasn't right.

"Oh my god!" he squeaked in realization, his hand grabbed his throat. "No!" his hand threw themselves to the back of his neck, "No!" his hands flew back to his throat. "Am I a girl?"

His hands one last time flew up to his hair. "No!" pulling down a lock of hair to the front of his eyes, he remembered what was so important.

"ARGH and still not ginger!"