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Chapter 2

Lucy stared open-mouthed at the boy kneeling at her feet. His back was to her and his hands propped him up. "Well? Get on already!" Natsu said. This did not look in any way shape or form safe but what was she going to do? She couldn't run; Gray was blocking her only exit. Slowly, she climbed onto his back. He gripped her thighs and Lucy blushed. Standing, he looked at the wall they had to climb. He took a minute to plan out how he was going to do it then said, "Wrap your legs around me." Lucy's blush deepened and she was glad for the darkness. "W-what?" she stuttered. "Just do it or you'll fall off. I need my hands for climbing not holding you up." He replied. If it was possible, Lucy's blush became even darker as she wrapped her legs around him.

As he began to climb, her arms tightened around him as well. She was uncomfortable doing it but she also didn't want to fall off. It seemed to take forever and each second passing made Lucy even more worried about the politician inside. She was glad when they finally snuck in through the window and she could see the senator sleeping peacefully. She was unceremoniously dumped off of Natsu's back. "Umf!" she gasped as she landed on the floor. Natsu and Gray seemed to be having some sort of conversation with gestures and eye contact. It was looking like an argument. How could these two save that senator if they were constantly arguing?! Lucy was about to smack both of them really hard but then she noticed a shadow appearing in the opposite window. Her eyes widened and she darted behind a large easy chair in the room. If she were seen, and the assassin wasn't taken care of, her father would know she had been here and that would be too hard to explain away.

Her action momentarily startled the two boys out of their silent scuffle. It was then that Natsu stuck his head in the air and sniffed. "They're here." He whispered. Gray nodded and they hid on either side of the window, waiting for the assassin, or assassins, to make their entrance. Lucy peeked out from behind her hiding place. It would be best if she could leave now without being seen by either party. She began to inch her way toward the door. Unfortunately, the door was closed and it opened in so she wouldn't be able to leave without getting noticed. She ducked under a table to wait out the… well whatever was about to go down in that room.

The assassin at the window was smart. He'd been instructed to make this quiet. He carefully cut out the glass in the window and pushed it into the room. Then he himself stepped in and stood slowly, surveying his kill. He walked over to the bedside and pulled out his knife. He liked the way it gleamed in the moonlight. He was preparing to kill the man when a voice said… or rather whispered, "And just what the hell do you think you're doing?" Whirling around, the assassin brandished his knife, expecting a measly servant. Instead, he got a punch in the gut which knocked all the wind from his lungs. He couldn't make a sound now even if he'd wanted to. Gray and Natsu made quick work of the man. They made sure he was unconscious and then tied him up with a note left for the police.

"That was so boring!" Natsu whispered. Gray frowned and nodded. "That old gang boss is getting soft." He agreed. They both spun when they heard someone coming out from under the table. Lucy looked at the assassin tied up on the ground then at Natsu and Gray. "I-is he dead?" she whispered. "What? No! Of course not! We turn them in to the police!" Gray whispered exasperated. Lucy considered this for a second then said, "Oh, ok." And then she bolted from the room.

Natsu was surprised for a second then whispered loudly, "Hey wait! Dammit!" He ran after her but she'd gotten a pretty good head start. She got out of the house and about two blocks down the street before he caught her. He grabbed her arm and pulled her back towards him in an effort to get her to stop. She shrieked and began to fall backwards. Closing her eyes she expected a large bump on her head but all she felt was warm arms around her back. Opening one eye she saw Natsu looking down at her. This was the first time she'd gotten a good look at him. In the house and the alley it had been very dark but here on the street his features were illuminated by a street lamp. He wore a dark vest with gold trim and a white scaled scarf around his neck. His pants were white and made of a canvas material. But what caught her eyes was his hair. It was a pink, almost rose color. His eyes were onyx orbs that looked down at her with mild concern. She could feel his muscles holding her up and knew he was well built from when she'd had to hold onto him as he scaled the wall. All in all, he was relatively attractive. "Whoa there Lucy! You can't even consider that! He is an enemy of your father and you are… well you are your father's daughter. It would never work!"

It started to get awkward right about then and Lucy said, "Um… mind letting me up now?" Natsu flushed a bit and helped her up. "Right, sorry." He said. She brushed herself off and patted down her hair. She looked him up and down one last time and then turned away. "Well, bye!" she said. She began to hurry away but Natsu quickly stepped in front of her, blocking the way. "Wait! How did you know that man was going to be attacked tonight?" he asked. And there was the question Lucy had been trying to run away from the entire night. She didn't like that she knew and she didn't like how she knew. And Natsu could NEVER know how she knew. "I just did ok?!" she snapped. "Now get out of my way and let me go home!" Natsu folded his arms across his chest. "Look I know me and Gray were a little rough with you but that's because we were getting lots of false information lately. See we're trying to stop the man that's behind all of this. We don't know who he is yet but when we find out…" a menacing look popped into his eyes that made Lucy pale a bit. "Anyway… if you have an information source that's accurate then I want to know who it is because then I can use it too." He finished.

Lucy was quiet for a bit but then said, "I'm not telling you how I get my information. I don't know who you are or who you work for but even that doesn't matter. I only helped you because there was nothing I could do myself. We will probably never see each other again so just let me go home in peace alright?!" Natsu frowned a bit. "I work for a guild called Fairy Tail. We formed just after those Gremlins did because somebody has to stop that gang. I guess if you don't want to tell me how you get your information that's your decision." He said reluctantly. Lucy sighed in relief. It was beginning to look like he was going to let this drop!

Or not. "Why don't you become my informant! I would give you a cut of the pay we receive for taking care of the assassins!" he said enthusiastically. He looked at her with a huge grin on his face. His hands were clenched into fists and he looked like a kid in a candy store. Lucy could feel herself giving in. A partnership with him could be just what she needed to combat her father! He was strong and so was Gray. And not only that but they had an entire guild behind them! But… he could never find out who she was. And she had to be careful about being seen with him. If her father ever found out about him, not only his life but hers would be essentially over. And her father's eyes were everywhere. She glanced back up at him, not realizing that she'd looked down while considering her options. "No." she said. She tried to say it forcefully but it came out rather shakily. Natsu picked up on that right away. "Why not?" he asked. Lucy decided to be as truthful as possible to him. He seemed like a nice guy once he trusted you. "Look you shouldn't trust me at all. If you're seen with me it could lead to a whole lot of trouble. You seem like a nice guy and I don't want to know that I was the cause of your death. So I can't help you. If you knew who I really was you'd understand… and probably hate me." She finished.

Natsu considered that for a second before asking, "Who's out to kill you?" That question shocked Lucy. Her eyes widened and she even took a step back. She looked into his eyes trying to figure out what brought that question on. He noticed her confusion and elaborated, "Well if someone is going to kill me just for being seen with you that must mean you're in danger too. And if you think that I would hate you because of who you are then you really must be in danger. You should come back to the guild with me. We'll protect you. You can even live there." Lucy's eyes filled with large tears and she looked away. "T-that means a lot Natsu." She said. "The thing is… it's complicated. Right now… I'm not in any danger but if I keep hanging out with you or I'm seen with you a lot I will be. I-I know some things I shouldn't and… and I have to be really careful. So thanks. Really, for the offer. But I can't go with you and I can't ever see you again. Believe me, you'll be glad I'm doing this when you figure everything out. Because even having just met you I know that you'll figure everything out eventually." She finished.

Natsu didn't seem to know how to respond to that. Lucy stepped around him and began walking home, somehow knowing he wouldn't stop her. "Wait a second." He said. She turned back to him, tears still sparkling in her eyes. "I never got your name." he said. Lucy was quiet for a second, deciding how to respond. She was stuck in an impossible situation and she desperately wanted to be saved. And that was why she answered, "Lucy. I'm Lucy." Natsu nodded. She turned to go when his voice stopped her again. "Lucy… I promise one day I'll save you. I'll get you out of… whatever it is that makes you this sad." She turned back to him, fully realizing the gravity of what he was saying. One look at his face said he understood it too. A single tear fell from her eyes as her lips slowly spread into a radiant smile. The smile got Natsu straight in the heart. Then she turned and ran before he could see her cry.

Natsu didn't know what situation she was in but to him it didn't matter. He made a vow to himself that night. He was going to make Lucy smile like that again. Only this time, there wouldn't be any tears with it.

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