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Chapter 25

Natsu launched himself at Ivan with a yell. Meanwhile, Lucy noticed other members of Ivan's gang coming out from the shadows. "Open Gate of the Lion! Leo!" she called, swinging her key in front of her. "Princess!" Loke exclaimed when he came out. He was about to say something, probably flirty, but Lucy cut him off before he could utter a word. "Loke this is it." The lion spirit looked around and noticed the situation. A few members of Blood Scythe came at her but were quickly put to task by Loke. He punched one of them square in the face and sent a kick towards another. However there were so many of them! Lucy unclipped her whip from her belt and lashed at others who tried to get to close. "Lucy behind you!" Loke called. Lucy turned but too late as she was kicked firmly in the stomach. She fell back with a grunt and gasped when she recognized the figure standing over her. "Hello again Lucy! It appears you've finally figured out the truth about that night! Watching Layla drinking that tea was the greatest moment of my life!" Samuel crowed. And then he was flying.

"You shut up about our mother! Your fight is with me you piece of shit!" Laxus said, standing over his sister. Lucy got to her feet quickly and noticed the rest of FairyTail's fight team engaging with Blood Scythe. She turned and located Natsu who was fighting still with Ivan. When she looked closer, she could tell that Natsu was having a hard time with the superior mage. It appeared that Ivan used dark magic which, if it engulfed its target, could send them to… well basically hell. "Loke!" Lucy cried, gaining the attention of her spirit. "We need to help Natsu!" she cried. Loke landed a final punch on the grunt he was fighting came to her side. Together, they jumped into the fight.

Natsu's gaze zeroed in on the tawny haired man who landed a punch on Ivan's face, wondering for a brief second who it was that was interfering. When he realized it was Loke, he glanced around swiftly and his eyes landed on the blond who had just reached his side. "Lucy be careful ok? He's strong." Natsu warned before jumping back into the fight. "Haha!" Ivan laughed as he threw off Loke. "You dare to defy me little Lucy?" Lucy glared at him before brandishing her whip. "You aren't anything to me! You may have been with my mother once but that doesn't give you any right to me!" she spat. Ivan punched Natsu in the chest, forcing him back a few paces. "Layla was mine! Mine! That means anything that she had is mine!" Ivan screamed, starting for her. "Lucy!" Natsu cried, trying hard to push himself back to his feet in time. The punch had severely winded him.

Lucy flicked her wrist and the whip lashed out, striking Ivan across the face. Ivan froze and raised one hand slowly to his face. When he looked at the hand, it had blood on it from the cut on his face. "You BITCH!" Ivan screamed. He let loose a storm of dark magic and many things happened at once. Lucy knew she wouldn't be able to dodge it so she braced for impact. The impact never came because she was lifted into a princess carry by Loke who quickly got her out of the way of the blast. Natsu leapt at Ivan in an attempt to stop him even though he knew he would be too late. And there was a loud "TWACK!" and an explosion during which many people went flying.

The dust cleared and Lucy looked out from Loke's chest where she'd buried her face so as not to breathe in the dust. Natsu ran over to them as Loke was setting her down. "Lucy! Are you alright?" he asked as he looked her over. Lucy nodded. "Yeah I'm fine. Thanks Loke." She said, looking at her loyal spirit. Loke nodded but he was looking over at the figures now fighting. "So that's what the explosion was." He commented. Gildarts, who had been knocking Blood Scythe members out left and right, had made it to Ivan just in time. Now, the two of them were exchanging blows which were causing mini earthquakes and explosions. However in this fight, it was obvious Gildarts had the upper hand.

"You can't take what is mine!" Ivan screamed, launching another attack which Gildarts blocked. There was a fierce glare on his face. "Lucy belongs to nobody but Lucy!" Gildarts declared. "She isn't yours or anybody's! She doesn't want you in her life and from what I've been told you've taken away much of her happiness. She only got it back thanks to Natsu and our guild. I've only known Lucy for a few hours but I know she's a great girl with a bright future." Gildarts gathered his magic and launched it at Ivan. The dark haired son of their guildmaster didn't have strength left in his body to avoid the attack. When it was over, he lay on the ground out cold and bleeding from several burns, cuts, scratches and gashes. Gildarts continued to talk down to the body of the man who tried to take everything away from Lucy, Laxus and the rest of the ones Lucy loved. "Lucy's going to marry Natsu and I'm going to be the best man and then they are going to have twenty babies and live happy together forever and there's nothing you can do to stop that!"

Natsu, Lucy and Loke sweat-dropped. "Oi, oi old man…" Natsu grumbled. "Twenty babies?" Lucy questioned. "You're the best man?" Loke questioned. Lucy suddenly remembered Laxus who had been fighting Samuel. Looking around, she saw him standing over another body which was probably Samuel. It was somewhat hard to tell what with all the blood. Laxus looked up and caught her eyes. She grinned at him and he smirked back at her. And then the magic council was upon them.


It was a long three hours of questions and cross examinations and grueling backround checks. Lucy finally walked out of the interrogation tent to find her father waiting outside. "Daddy." She said. Jude Heartfilia smiled at his daughter. "They cleared me. Apparently, they've been trying to pin Blood Scythe on Ivan for years now and my testimony helps them do that. I have to donate most of my wealth to charity and do community service three times a week for as long as I am able but I don't mind that. It's the least I could do for all the horrible crimes I've helped that man commit." He said. Lucy wrapped him in a hug. "I'm glad you're back Daddy. I have a favor to ask of you now." She said. Jude pulled back and grasped her shoulders. "Anything Lucy." He said earnestly. Lucy looked at him and took a breath. "Will you walk me down the aisle?" Jude's breath hitched and his eyes watered. "Y-you want me to…? After all this you still…?" he couldn't say the words. Lucy smiled softly at him. "I've forgiven you for everything Daddy. I know you wouldn't have done any of those things if you had known everything. Please? You're my father, it's technically your job." She pointed out. Jude pulled her against his chest in a tight embrace. "Of course! Of course I'll walk you down the aisle!" he said.


Natsu burst out of his interrogation tent with a happy cry of "I'm FREEEEEEE!" He looked around and noticed others stretching and tending to the wounded. He, of course, was looking for Lucy. He didn't have to look for long. A blond girl was running towards him with the beautiful smile he loved. Natsu opened his arms and caught the girl, wincing only slightly due to his injuries. He didn't even get to greet her before she was kissing him. She wrapped her legs around his torso while one of his arms supported her back so his other could caress her cheek. Her hands were in his hair. When they pulled back for air, Lucy placed her forehead on Natsu's and looked into his eyes. "Natsu, marry me." She said. Natsu was caught off guard by her statement. Then he laughed, his contagious grin lighting up his face. "Yeah." He replied. "Yeah Lucy let's get married!" She giggled and kissed him again.

"You know Natsu there was one thing Gildarts got right. We're gonna live together forever and we're gonna be happy." Lucy said as they walked home together. Natsu grinned at her and nodded.









"Wait no twenty babies?"



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