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Chapter 3

Natsu sat at the bar in the guild hall staring despondently into his drink. For once, he wasn't taking part in the guild brawl that was currently underway. "My, my Natsu!" Mirajane Strauss, the barmaid, said as she leaned across the counter towards him. "I've never seen you this depressed before! I'll bet it's a girl that's got you down!" She was only joking of course. The only possibility of a relationship Natsu had was with her little sister Lisanna and that had fallen through after Lisanna's disappearance. She'd been found but so much time had passed and both Natsu and Lisanna had changed based on experiences. They were good friends but the spark of romance had, sadly, died. Natsu looked up at Mirajane, surprise written in his features. "How did you know?" he asked. Mira's eyes widened before she collapsed in a faint.

"O-Oi! Mira!" Natsu said nervously. "What have you done Natsu!" a scary female voice demanded from right behind him. Natsu cringed and turned slowly to see Erza Scarlet, the strongest female mage in the guild, towering over him with a demonic aura surrounding her. "I-I didn't do anything!" he spluttered. Erza apparently didn't believe him because she lit into him and had him apologizing for unknown things in a matter of seconds. The commotion roused Mira and drew the attention of the rest of the guild. Once Mirajane came to, she sat up and grabbed Natsu by the collar, effectively ending his turn as a punching bag. "Tell me what you meant!" she demanded in the sweet yet forceful way only she could manage. Natsu sat back on the barstool and sighed. "Do you remember that job that me and Gray took last night?" he asked. Mira nodded. She took all requests and recorded who did which job so she remembered handing a job out to Gray and Natsu earlier the day before. At hearing his name, Gray came over and joined them to hear what this was all about. At this point, most of the guild had quieted to hear the story. Especially when they heard something about Natsu and some girl.

"We got to the house that the rich guy was supposed to be in except we were given the wrong information. I was scaling the wall of the wrong house when this girl comes out of nowhere-"Natsu was cut off by Gray who said, "She came out from behind a trash can." Natsu glared at him. "I'm the one telling it not you so shut it!" he snapped. Gray clenched his fists, the air around him getting colder. Natsu's fist was also clenched and small flames were beginning to flicker around his knuckles. "That's enough you two! Let Natsu continue the story!" Erza demanded. "Aye sir!" the two replied, saluting her.

"Anyway like I was saying… she comes out of nowhere and tells me it's the wrong house. She shows us the right one and we take her with us because I'm just tired of getting the wrong information. She was right and we took care of the assassin no problem. But then she just bolted." Natsu said. Gray nodded. "That's right she did." He put in. "Didn't you go after her though? Did you ever catch up with her?" he asked. Natsu glared at him again. "Of course I caught up with her! Let me tell the damn story Ice Pick!" Gray was going to respond but one glare from Erza made him think twice. She nodded at Natsu to signal him to continue. "I caught up with her and asked her where she got her information. She looked scared when I asked her then got all mad saying she wouldn't tell me and stuff like that." He continued.

"Please don't tell me you're trying to find a way to get information out of her." Mira said. The idea would ruin the wedding plans she was making in her head. Natsu shook his head and continued. "I asked her to become the informant. I told her about Fairytail and that she could visit every day and how fun it would be. Then she said I shouldn't trust her and she wouldn't be my informant because if she did I would end up dead and she didn't want that to happen. So I asked her who was out to kill her because obviously she's in some kind of trouble. I offered to let her stay here and told her that we would protect her. Then she got all sad and said thanks for the offer but she isn't in trouble yet but she would be if she kept seeing me… or something like that. Then she ran off again. I have to get her out of whatever trouble she's in!" he finished. Mira looked like she was close to fainting again so her brother, Elfman, moved nearer to her in case she needed to be caught.

The guild was silent for a few moments as the whole story sunk in. A small voice popped up from the crowd, "Natsu-san is right! We have to help her!" Wendy Marvell pushed her way through the crowd to stand beside his stool. Slowly, other members of the guild started nodding their heads. Then questions started to fly. Amid it all, a blunette made her way up to the bar and asked, "What is she like Natsu?" He looked at her and said, "I don't know her all that well Levy but she seemed like a nice girl." He brightened a bit. "Hey I know! Why don't you all meet her!" he suggested. Levy brightened up too. She loved making new friends, even if she was a bit shy. Then her face fell. "But Natsu if being seen with us will get her in trouble we shouldn't." she said. Natsu frowned as he remembered that little detail. Then he grinned again. "It's only if she's seen with us in this city! If we took her somewhere outside the city…" Levy grinned and nodded.

The guild prepared for meeting Lucy as if it was a huge affair. They hand picked a group to act as representatives. In the end, the group consisted of Natsu and his companion Happy (the flying blue cat who could talk), Wendy and her companion Charle, Levy, Mira, Lisanna, Gray, Erza, Cana, Romeo and the Master, Makarov Dreyar. It was a surprise to many that the master wanted to go. Once the questions had started to die down, the master had called Natsu into his office. There he made Natsu go over the story again in more detail. "What was her name?" he asked. "She said her name was Lucy." Natsu had answered. The master frowned in concentration. He, of course, knew who was behind the Gremlins but was not willing to tell the rest of the guild because he had hope that if they defeated enough of his men, Jude Heartfilia would give up being a crime boss. However, the master also knew that Jude had a daughter. What he didn't know was whether or not Jude was grooming her to be his successor or if she even knew what he did as a night job. "What did she look like Natsu?" he asked. Natsu thought about this one for a minute. "She had blond hair and was shorter than me. Her eyes are brown I think and she smells like vanilla." He said.

The master had to roll his eyes at that one. Trust Natsu to be terrible at describing how someone looked. And to throw in that little detail about smell. He dismissed Natsu but just before Natsu left his office he added, "I think I'll go with you to meet this Lucy." Natsu grinned and ran down to tell Mira. Once Makarov was left alone, he opened his secret locked drawer in his desk and pulled out an old album. He flipped the pages until he found the picture he was looking for. "She looks just like you Layla." He said softly. Then he closed the album, put it away and sank into deep thought. This Lucy could be in more danger than she realized. Or she could be the biggest danger Fairytail had faced yet.

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