It was the night of October 10th in Konohagakure No Sato, the village hidden in the leaves. A 3 year old Naruto stood in front of the home of his family, the Namikaze clan. 'I hope I get a sister…' The young Namikaze thought as he looked ahead to the dark clouds forming over the horizon. "Namikaze-sama, what are you doing out here?" Naruto turned to see an Anbu with gravity defying gray hair looking over him. "Hello inu-san. I'm just here waiting for my mommy and daddy to get back with my new brother or sister!" he said excitedly.

Suddenly, a huge spike of chakra was felt in the atmosphere and a dark red fox with nine tails was seen in the horizon. "Naruto-kun, let's go inside." Kakashi said as he lead the Namikaze heir into the clan estates. Kakshi recognized this chakra. It was similar to Kushina's, but at the same time it was different. It felt more malignant….more evil. After Naruto was safely in the clan estate, Kakashi headed off to the outskirts of Konoha where Kushina-sama was giving birth.

~ Hospital ~

Kakashi arrived and stepped inside, only to see the bodies of the Anbu that were supposed to be on watch scattered all around the makeshift took out a kunai and headed inside, only to stop as he heard the tell tale sounds of a fight. He went into the room where Kushina was giving birth, only to see the Yondaime Hokage fighting against a masked man with a swirled mask on. "Give Me Back My Son!" Minato yelled as he charged at the man, only to go right through him.

"tsk, tsk, tsk, now now mina-chan, that wasn't very wise!" The man said as he picked up a Hiraishin Kunai and threw the newborn up, intent on impaling it. Minato flashed over the Kunai and caught the baby, then flashed away. The masked man stared at Kushina with an evil smirk. "Ne, can Kyuubi-kun come out to play?" He asked in a menacing tone. Kakashi charged at him with a kunai, only to go right through him. As kakashi looked at the man, he saw a Sharingan eye, and his world went black.

~ Namikaze Estate ~

Minato flashed into the baby room holding the baby tightly and set him in the crib. He was about to flash back to Kushina, only to see a large amount of dark red chakra released and take the shape of a giant fox. Minato cursed his luck and hiraishined back to the hospital, picked Kushina up, and took her back to the estate. After he made sure she was gonna be ok, he picked up his newborn son and hiraishined to the Hokage Tower.

~ Hokage Tower ~

Minato looked through his sealing Notes and found the seal he was loking for. Since the Kyuubi had been released, it would have to be resealed into something. Unfortunately, only a newborn childs chakra coild could handle the sheer amount of Chakra. Minato tossed the scroll to Sarutobi and asked him to draw it on the stomach of his child. "Minato, this is the Dead Demon Consuming seal! You can't seriously be thinking of using this!" Sarutobi said. Minato had a grim look on his face as he signed the summoning Contract with the Shinigami.

"I don't have a choice old man! It's either this or the village is toast. The handsigns are written on the scroll itself, so it will be easy enough. Just take…" Minato was never able to finish that sentence as Sarutobi knocked him out. 'I'm sorry old boy, but you're needed more than I am.' Sarutobi thought as he signed his name on the summoning contract and grabbed the child.

~ Timeskip – After The Sealing ~

Minato groaned as he got up. He looked around in hopes that Konoha was still standing, only to see the relatively calm night. He saw the name of Sarutobi written on the contract and guessed what happened. He hiraishined to the old Kage bunker and found a lifeless Sarutobi standing over a sleeping baby boy..his baby boy. Minato grieved for the fallen Kage, but picked up his child and grabbed the corpse. He hiraishined back to the hokage tower and called in his forces.

" Now that you are all here, I may begin. Earlier, as my wife was giving birth, a madman came and unleashed the Kyuubi. As I took her back to our clan estates, I grabbed my newborn son. I was planning on sealing the Kyuubi into him with the Shiki Fuin, but Sarutobi Hiruzen knocked me out and took my place. He made the ultimate sacrifice, and because of him, we are still alive. Rally the civilians and get them together for the announcement!" Minato said. "But what if they ask the name of their new saviour?" Tell him the name is… Hiruzen Uzumaki-Namikaze." Minato said with a smile.

~ At the Namikaze Clan Estates ~

Naruto looked onto his sleeping mother with a worried expression on his face.

~ Time skip – 3 years ~

As the time passed, things seemed to stabilize at the Namikaze clan home. Kushina got the hang of being a stay-at-home mom and taking care of Hiruzen, Minato got back to his duties as Kage, and Naruto had started looking through the scrolls in the Namikaze library. Naruto was currently reading out in the sun while his little brother played nearby.

~ Rooftop 2 blocks away ~

Kabuto was having a really bad day. First Orochimaru assigned him to be an inside spy in Konoha, and he had to act all nice and sweet so no one would suspect him. Currently, he was wearing a black pair of pants and a black long sleeved shirt, solid black gloves covering his hands, and his hair was hidden in a black skull cap. He was wearing contact lenses so no one would recognize him.

He laid down on his stomach and looked through the scope, the mounted senbon launcher aimed at the youngest Namikaze. 'Damn it, first I have to pretend to like everyone here. Now, Orochimaru sama and his organization see this brat as a threat, and I'm sent to deal with it.' Kabuto smirked as he opened a small vial of orange liquid and poured it in the loading cartridge. "Oh, little Hiruzen. You youn't be making trouble for anyone." Kabuto said with an evil smirk.

As he took aim, Naruto went to Hiruzen and picked him up. "Naruto-chan, bring Hiruzen-kun in, will you? It's dinner time!" "Yea, yea, yea, I'm going." Naruto said as he picked up the baby and carried him towards the house. 'SHIT! I have no clear shot!' Kabuto thought as he followed Naruto with the scope. "Come on….come on…give me a clear shot." Kabuto said. As Naruto opened the door and tried to go in, the baby's hand showed.

'Bingo!' Kabuto thought as he pulled the string and the senbon launched. "AHH!" Naruto yelled as he fell to the floor, gripping the baby in his hands. The baby had managed to avoid the senbon, but Naruto had 9 senbon buried in his back and twelve more shattered the window. Kushina came running and saw Naruto on the floor, writhing in pain. "Naruto-kun!" she yelled as she picked him and the baby up and shunshinned to the hospital.

~ Hospital – That night ~

Naruto groaned as he tried to get up. He saw his back was bandaged and was worriedly trying to figure out why, but calmed when he heard his father's voice. "..I'm sorry Hokage-sama, but the senbon were laced with an unknown poison. It was lucky he got in when he did and we managed to extract it. The poison has damaged his chakra coils severely, but with his Uzumaki healing factor, they are healing. Unfortunately, he will be around.. 14 when they fully heal." Naruto's eyes watered at that.

He wouldn't be able to use chakra until he was a teen? Did that mean he wouldn't be able to become a ninja? His whole family would…wait, his family! His father was the yondaime! Surely he'd think of something? Right? Right? "Well, I don't know ho he'll take the news. He's been going on about becoming a ninja ever since I can remember. Thank goodness it was him and not Hiruzen." Minato said, shattering what little hope Naruto had left. He cried himself to sleep that night, knowing he was truly tossed aside by his own father.

~ Time Skip – 2 years ~

As the time passed, Naruto grew to resent his younger brother. After the news of his chakra coils were given to him,. He was shattered, but managed to get through it. He decided to learn as much as he could about sealing since it often required little to no chakra. Hiruzen was started into his ninja training a year after his attack so he could protect he always managed to notice the blatant favoritism shown to his brother.

His parents always paid more attention to Hiruzen. Kushina would dote over him when he was sick, and Minato would spend every free moment he had with him. Naruto's birthdays weren't very special or barely acknowledged, but Hiruzen's were the biggest bashes in all of the village. Naruto couldn't help but feel that his parents thought he didn't have much potential after his attack, so they tended to place more value on Hiruzen.

But he never did get far because his parents would always stop him, claiming he was unable because of his disability. Bullshit. They knew sealing was a relatively chakra free art, but they just didn't have time to waste on him. Hiruzen deserved it anyway.. The last straw came today. Today was supposed to be Hiruzen's sixth birthday, but it was also the day Naruto knew he truly hated his family.

It all started simple enough, with a street carnival to celebrate Hiruzen for being the hero of Konoha. Tsunade Senju and Jiraiya always made time to come back to Konoha during this day, but wouldn't even talk to Naruto. Instead, they mostly spent their time with Hiruzen and helped train him. This birthday was no different. His 'godparents' came and went straight to the birthday boy, completely ignoring him.

~ Birthday ~

Hiruzen smiled with glee in his eyes as he tore through the packages. He had gotten some training kunai, a few jutsu scrolls, and some clothing, his favorite being a cloak that resembled his father's. He was 3 feet, 7 inches, red hair, chocolate brown eyes, and wore loose cargo pants and an orange shirt with the Namikaze clan symbol on it. He might have been young, but he was well on his way to being at gennin level. Of course, his parents trained him, his mother doted over him continuously, his father bonded with him, and his godparents were 2 of the 3 legendary Sannin

He might as well have been an only child. He was having fun rifling through his presents, and looked towards his godparents. "Baa-chan, pervert, how are you?" "good, brat. I've got a big present for you." Jiraiya said as he unraveled the summoning scroll for toads. "Since you've got the Kyuubi's chakra, I figured you would be perfect for this." "Hey, wait a second you pervert! I want him to sign the slug contract so that he can take care of himself!" Tsunade chimed in.

Hiruzen looked at his brother and saw his saddened face. "But what about big-bro?" he asked. They both turned to see their forgotten god child and turned down ashamedly. "Sorry Naruto, you can sign it when your chakra coils are fixed and you're trained properly." They both said, obviously using his injury as a bulsshit excuse. Naruto frowned, but waved them off. "Now son, I can give you my present. As you are younger than your older brother and stronger, I hereby pass on the right of the Clan heir to you."

Kushina behind him smiled and nodded, while Naruto's world was shattered inside. Only the oldest child in a clan was allowed to be clan heir. If he dies, then the younger one can take over. The only way for the younger one to become clan head without a bloodshed was for the current clan head to disown the current clan knew this, and apparently, so did his godparents, judging from the looks they had on their faces.

This..this..this bastard not only stole his parents and any attention he might have attained, but also took his birth right! Naruto stomped out and ran, heading to who knows where. He jumped over a large chain link fence, and kept running into the forest of death. As he ran, he couldn't see in front of him and fell into a pond of quicksand. He tried struggling against it, but it just swallowed him faster. 'Damn it, so this is how it ends?' Naruto asked himself as he sunk in, the world going black.

~ Underground Cave ~

Naruto awoke with a severe headache and looked around. He was in a dark dank cave. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he made out various skeletons that looked human-like and some animal-like. He groaned as he cracked his neck back into place, for once thankful for his Uzumaki regenerative abilities. He looked around and saw a large metal door. He approached it slowly, and tried to push it open, but couldn't. after half an hour of trying to open the door, he leaned against a wall and a beep sounded. As the door screeched open, Naruto stared in awe.

Inside, Naruto marveled at the cleanliness of the place. While the hallways were sterile and metallic, he couldn't help but stare. As he walked in, he saw a large " A " insignia against the wall. As he walked further, he came into a room with 6 large mannequins standing in a circle. One was a large, almost inhuman green man in a pose that looked like he was about to smash a wall. Another was a man in red, white, and blue uniform holding a shield with stripes around it and a star in the middle. In his other hand, he had a gauntlet like metal contraption that seemed lightweight.

Naruto turned to see what looked like a suit of armor in red and yellow. He then turned to see a man in a black military issue uniform with a quiver strapped to his back and what looked to be like a collapsible bow in his hands. Besides him was a man wearing seemingly ancient armor with long flowing hair and a giant hammer in his hand. Finally, he turned to see the statue of a woman with beautiful eyes, red hair, and clothes that seemed to be painted on. She was holding some kind of bracers and had pockets full of knives.

Over the statues was only one word. " AVENGERS ". "Who are you?" Naruto turned and looked as a man who seemed to be transparent and blue walked towards him. "AHH! What are you?" "My name is Jarvis, I am the main program in charge of the upkeep of this place and the main system operator. Now who are you?" "My name is Naruto…so surname, not anymore anyway. I'm sorry for intruding." He said. "It is quite fine. May I get you something to drink?" "No, I'm fine, but what is this place?" "This was once the proud bunker of the Avengers, the greatest defenders of the free world."

"The Avengers? Who are they?" "If you follow me, I will show you." Jarvis said as he led him to the screening area, where he accessed the avenger profiles and some of their fights and projected them onto the big screen. Naruto watched in awe as these Heroes took on some of the world's most powerful villains and survived. "Where are they now?" "Dead, I'm afraid. Their time has long since past." "How long ago?" "Approximately 500 years." Jarvis replied. "Then why are you still here?"

"They instructed me to pass on what I could of the Avengers to future generations. I run on a nuclear reactor, so I can literally go on forever." Jarvis replied. "Ne, Jarvis-san. Could I be an Avenger?" he asked. Jarvis watched him with interest and took him to the medical bay for a scan.

~ After said scan ~

"Amazing, you have the same kind of energy coursing through your body that Tony had after his accident. You certainly meet the qualifications of being an Avenger, but if I may ask, why do you want to become one?" "Well, I've been neglected since childhood, so I've always been on my own. My parents finally disowned me today because of a disability, and now I've got nothing left. I want to show the world that I'm just as good as any of them, even if I can't use chakra yet!" Jarvis smiled, seeing a literal copy of captain America and Tony standing in front of him.

"Well Naruto-san, we just need your parents approval and we can begin." "My parents don't really care much for me. They're always doting over my younger brother more. I once left the compound for a week and they didn't even notice. And they just disowned me today." Jarvis frowned at this kid. Had he really had it this bad? "Come, lets go." Jarvis said as he led Naruto to another section of the med bay. "Lay down here." Naruto complied and laid down, only to have a big helmet placed on his head.

"What's this gonna do?" Naruto asked as he looked at Jarvis. "It will access your brain and display your memories on the monitor, but you must be asleep. We will talk more later." Jarvis said. Naruto slowly nodded and fell asleep, his first memory begging of when he was born. Jarvis saw as he grew up happy for a while. But after the newborn came, his parents completely forgot about him. They barely fed him, kept him in a room more resembling a closet, and neglected his education. After today, not only was his world shattered, but he had been disowned in favor of his more fit brother.

"…This child has the drive to become one of the best Avengers to have ever been, but I'm not sure of the rest of this world. It seems like he's one of a few in a war torn world." Jarvis said as the memories ended when his parents named their youngest clan heir. Jarvis walked out and accessed the library files. "… interesting.." he said as he looked through the collection of books he had since before the changing of the world and the few scattered volumes he had managed to retrieve from dead genin in the Forest of Death.

He began cataloguing the screenshots of the memories of the books Naruto had read. The world had changed, and this child seemed like the one that would remind them of who the Avengers were….. his memory would be Avenged, and his parents would finally see what they threw away.

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