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"I'm fine, don't worry. Good luck and take care you guys. –Naruto"


~ With Naruto – 6 Months Later ~

Naruto huffed as he looked around the realm of the bats, the green tint of his night vision helmet making everything look surreal. The low lighting and damp conditions made this the perfect place to practice agility, accuracy, and maneuvers, but this was getting ridiculous. 'Great, where is she now?' Naruto wondered as he jumped to a large rock off the cliff on a wall. He looked around until a loud screeching made him jump from his perch. A few seconds later, the stone perch was blown as the sonic blast hit it.

Naruto turned to see Sara and Xiomy charging at him at full speed. He quickly made a shadow clone and had said clone toss him to the side. Naruto quickly attached himself to the wall with chakra and watched as Xiomy dispelled the clone with a swipe of her wing. "What's the matter, Naruto-kun?" Sara asked as she licked her wing, an evil smirk gracing her face. "Oh come on, you guys have an unfair advantage!" Naruto shot back. The bat grinned and charged at him, opening her jaw to fire another sonic blast. Naruto quickly charged lightning chakra to his hands as he charged at Sara.

Sara quickly flew upwards to avoid his electricity-charged hands, only for Naruto to make a quick clone that tossed him upwards. He grabbed her by the talons, sending large amounts of chakra through her body. Sara yelled and tried to shove him off as Xiomy charged at Naruto, trying to get him off Sara's back. Naruto grinned as he extended his hand and began molding a small amount of chakra. "Lightning Style: Electricity Gale!" He yelled. A large amount of lightning charged into his hand and he gathered wind chakra to his lungs. With a mighty blow, the large wave of electricity was sent flying to Xiomy.

Xiomy quickly flew downwards and avoided the small wave of lightning. As soon as she looked up, she was met with Naruto's foot slamming into his face. She yelled as she began falling to the ground. Naruto's eyes widened as he felt the sudden rush of air flowing through his hair and the ground getting closer and closer. Before he could make a clone to get him out of the mess, a large hand grabbed the back of his Kevlar vest and safely lowered him to the ground. He turned to where Xiomy was to see the girl being helped to the ground by Sara. "Sorry, Xiomy, did I hurt you?" Naruto asked.

Xiomy shook her head as she turned to him. "Nah, just discombobulated me for a bit." Xiomy said with a grin. Naruto nodded. "You've gotten better." A gruff voice said behind him. He turned to see Logan behind him, the large bat looking down at him. "Yea, these new weights are killer though.." Naruto said as he lifted his arm, the added weight making it harder for him to do so. "Well, you've definitely gotten better at mid-air combat than you were when you got here." Logan said. Naruto nodded and was about to reply until his messenger began vibrating.

He opened it and read: 'Got the Calibration for the gauntlets just right. Need you to come and test them out. –Tony" "Alright guys, I got to get going for something important. I'll be back as soon as I can!" Naruto said and left with a poof of smoke.

~ At the Bunker ~

Naruto quickly arrived and struck a few keys on a nearby keyboard to notify Natalya he was at home. "Naruto, what are you doing here?" Natalya asked, genuinely surprised. "I got a message from Tony to come to the bunker. He said he's got the calibration for the gauntlets just right, but I still have to test his theory." Naruto said as he took off his weighed vest and put on a clean white t-shirt. "Is he sure? I thought since your chakra is denser than most, it was more potent." Natalya said in an uneasy tone. "I have no idea, but it's worth a shot." Naruto replied as he headed towards the work room.

~ Work Room – With Tony ~

Tony sighed as he looked at the simulator. 'With a lot of luck, this calibration should be the one we need to get this project off the ground.' He mused as the door to the work room opened. He turned to see Naruto there, his Kevlar vest taken off and replaced with the white T-shirt. "Alright Tony, what do you have for me today?" Naruto asked as he took a seat near the monitor. Tony quickly pulled up various charts showing how the chakra powered suit worked. "Well, I believe I finally have a way to make your gauntlets and boosters more effective." Tony said as he pulled out a simulation.

Naruto saw as his simulated form pumped a small amount of chakra to the suit and began channeling it, becoming airborne in no time flat. "Alright, what are the odds of this actually working?" Naruto asked in an excited tone as he looked to the metallic gauntlets laid out on his work table. "Well, there's a 10% chance you lose an arm, 25 % chance you get tossed around like a cheap rug, and a 65% chance this is the solution you've been looking for." Tony said in a quiet tone. "Well, it's better than what we have so far." Naruto mused as he made a seal less shadow clone.

"Alright, you go get the fire extinguisher and get ready to put me out in case anything goes wrong." Naruto said to the clone, getting a swift nod in return from the clone. Naruto smirked as he picked up the light gauntlets and put them up. "You know, those are actually lighter and more effective than the ones I had on my Iron Man armor." Tony commented, slightly jealous that the metal Naruto was using wasn't available during his time. "I know Tony. Now, let's try this out." Naruto said with certain mirth in his voice. Naruto quickly moved to a place in the workroom with high ceilings and began channeling small amounts of chakra to the gauntlets.

"VSHH.." A low humming noise emanated from the gauntlets as the small circle in the palm began to glow a bright blue. "Here goes nothing.." Naruto mused as he channeled the small amounts of chakra Tony had calculated. In a split second, he took off like a rocket, slamming into the ceiling, then bounced off and into a nearby wall. Naruto groaned and tried to channel a bit of more chakra, only to fly off into another direction and slam into his work station. As soon as he landed, his clone sprayed him with the extinguisher.

"What was that for?! I wasn't on fire!" Naruto yelled at the clone. "Well, I saw nothing but you crashing and burning." The clone shot back with a smirk. Naruto growled, picked up the extinguisher, and slammed it into his clone, dispelling it. "Sorry about that Naruto." Tony said as he looked to the recording of the failed attempt. "Something must have gone wrong.. That should have worked!" Tony said with a sigh. "It's fine, but we have to find some way to regulate the flow of chakra." Naruto said as he craned his neck around.

Tony nodded and went back to reading the various charts on the screen. "I'm going to take a bath." Naruto replied as he headed to the shower. "Sure, Samui and Yugito should be back in a few." Tony replied. Naruto nodded, grabbed a towel, and went to fill up the bath tub.

~ Meanwhile – With Yugito ~

Yugito huffed as she ducked under her sensei's sai. She then slashed at her sensei, only for him to jump back and avoid the slash. "Remember to keep an eye on your surroundings!" Snake said as a bag of sand with a frowny face fell from the roof . Yugito quickly slashed at the face, ripping the bag of sand. "Now, now Yugito-chan, keep your cool!" Snake said as two more fell down behind Yugito. Yugito quickly turned her Sai into a reverse grip and punched backwards, piercing a hole directly through the bag.

She then heard the sound of metal slicing through air and quickly turned on her heel with her Sai in a defensive stance. Snake stood in front of her with his Sai crossed in front of him. "Your movements are more fluid now. You hesitate less and still rely on those killer instincts of yours. I think we're ready to begin work with those claws of yours." The Anbu complimented, getting a nod from the girl "Thank you, Hebi-sensei." Yugito said with a smile on her face. "Now, we can begin with.." Hebi said, but trailed off as the Nibi spoke.

'Kitten, didn't Tony say he was calling Naruto back today to test the new gauntlets?' Nibi asked, making Yugito's eyes widen with realization. 'You're right!' She said as she got up, getting the attention of her teacher. "Hebi-sensei, I have something really important I need to get done. Would you mind if we quit early today?" She asked the masked man. "Alright Yugi-chan, just don't expect this to be an everyday thing." Hebi said. Yugito nodded and shunshinned away.

~ Meanwhile – With Samui ~

Samui growled as she clashed blades with Bee. 'Dammit, he's too unpredictable!' Samui internally yelled as she caught a flying Karui. "Damn it, what are we supposed to do now?" Karui demanded as she got up and turned her daggers into a reverse grip. Omoi quickly threw kunai around them in a circular shape and watched as a wall of fire exploded around them, keeping Bee out. "Alright, so what's the plan?" Omoi asked as he took a quick breather. "We need to find some way to get those blades away from him. His accuracy is deadly, despite the sheer number of blades." Samui said, getting a nod from Omoi and Karui.

"Alright Omoi. Me and Karui will draw his fire and distract him. You need to use your special shuriken to get those blades away from him!" Samui said, getting quick nods from her team mates. Omoi quickly let the wall of fire drop and resummoned his shuriken to his holster. Bee tensed as he watched his team charge him, with Omoi staying behind to give them support. He quickly threw his blades into the air as Samui charged at him. He deflected her blade with the blade hooked by his shoulder, only to turn on his heel and deflect Karui's oncoming daggers. Samui quickly slashed at one of the blades in mid air, tossing it away.

Bee turned with a blade poised to strike, only for it to be slammed out of his hands and onto the floor. He turned, only to see another three shuriken slam into the blades over his head and push them away. 'Very sneaky, Omoi.' Bee internally mused as he parried Samui's blade and Karui's daggers. With a quick flick of the wrist, Karui crossed her daggers and pulled the blade from Bee's grasp. Before Bee could retaliate, Samui had her blade across his throat and was a small push away from ending it all.

".. You guys have gotten better." Bee said out loud, getting grins from his team. Samui sheathed her blade and fell to the floor, huffing as she tried to catch her breath. Karui and Omoi soon followed after having retrieved and sheathed their respective weapons. "You guys have definitely gotten better with your respective weapons. Samui, good quick thinking. Omoi, great execution of the plan. And Karui, you actually managed to snatch one of my blades from my grip. You've gotten a lot better!" Bee praised, getting blushes from the present Genin. Samui smiled as she looked at her team, only to stop as her messenger vibrated.

She pulled it out and quickly read. 'You're late! Hurry up and get to the Bunker! He's already here! –Yugito" Samui quickly got up and turned to Bee. "Bee-sensei, I have something important I need to get done before the day is over. Mind if I turn in early today?" Samui asked. Before Bee could respond, she had shunshinned out of the clearing.

~ Meanwhile – With Naruto ~

Naruto smiled as he sat in the tub in his bathroom. 'God, I've missed this..' He mused until he heard splashing. He opened his eyes to see the water slowly falling out of the tub as he got in. 'Interesting..' He mused as he slowly lowered himself into the water and watched even more water fall out of the tub. 'Hmm.. Wait, that's it!' He internally yelled as he got up and walked out of the towel. With a huge smirk on his face, he wrapped a towel around himself and stepped out of the tub.

~ With Samui and Yugito ~

"Good, he's finally here!" Samui said in a giddy tone as she stepped through the door and into the bunker. "Yep!" Yugito said in an excited tone as she walked into the living room and shook her jacket off. A sloshing sound made them turn to see Naruto clad in nothing but a towel, spiky blonde hair dripping water and his toned body displayed before them. "Hello.." Yugito said in a sultry tone as Naruto finally noticed them.

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