So, my inspiration here is that Peppermint Butler is obviously an evil, dark, murderous, traitorous soul. Well, to me. And I'm probably wrong. So…on with the disclaimers. I'll have the Earl do them.


Hmph. Let's say that translates to I own nothing.

Finn and Jake departed into the halls after saying goodbye to the Princess, ready to go home. Crunchy rolled around in the corner, giggling at a piece of lint. Peebles sighed. Crunchy was adorable, but like a lot of Candy People, could use an intelligence boost. Maybe she could start bio engineering their brains…

Peppermint Butler silently sighed in relief, having to not show off his true side to the heroes, and more importantly, the Princess. Then, just as Bubblegum was about to shut the system, off, she paused.

"Wait, Peppermint Butler?"

He bowed. "Yes, mi'lady?"

She smiled. "You know, I would like to see your true aura. I'm sure it's fascinating."

He gulped, all too late. He should've slipped away when he could. So, in a gambit to buy the time, he asked her a question. "Are you sure we should do it now, Princess? Why not tomorrow?"

"I'll be too busy tomorrow! Come on, let's do it now, I really want to see."

Sighing in resignation, he sat down on the chair. Peebles started hooking the stuff up, and then pressed a Yellow Button. Peppermint Butler twitched, while she was staring intently at the screen.

Giant, black wings appeared, grey spikes covering the length of them from the end to where it met at his shoulder. Flames decorated it in a fitting way. Claws sprouted from the wings. Peppermint Butler started to sweat on his Candy Brow.

The Princess remained silent, her mind racing at the sight in front of her.

Peppermint Butler lost his composure. "Turn it off! Turn it of!" And she did without hesitation.

Let your mind run free with whatever happened next.