"Congratulations on winning the elections!" The old man clapped and stood up to shake hands. "And for your first work as a Student Council President, I want you to conduct a…."

Few weeks ago before the elections results came up, a student was sneakily walking his way through the corridor when he suddenly bump onto something. The object fell and made a huge crash sound. His face started to look pale and cold sweat started to drip on his face.

"This is not good." He said while running away from it in fear. "I have nothing to do with it." He exclaimed while running along the corridor.

"What's up with him?" The short kid said to the girl beside her while they saw the guy shouting and running away from something.

"I think Tidus had a fight with his father again." The girl said and smiled.

"Tidus… I got to remember that na-" He got interrupted when he bump into someone in front him. "WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?" He shouted and pointed to the man in front him.

"Huh?" The guy turned to him and seemed very pissed off.

The kid gulped and shielded the girl beside her.


While a fight had just begun on the hallway, a couple of students on a certain classroom were doing their duties by cleaning their classroom. A tall guy with a recognizable scar on his face was silently sweeping the floor while his classmate with a weird feather as a keychain was talking to one of their classmates –neglecting his duties.

"So Tifa doesn't remember that you were a friend of hers when you were young?" He asked the blonde spiky guy sulking at the corner of the room. The guy didn't replied but he nodded silently. "That's harsh man." He said as he showed his sympathy.

"Bartz stop asking and start cleaning!"

"But Squall…."

"But nothing!" Squall smashed the broom at the floor and glared at Bartz.

"Fine, I'm cleaning." Bartz picked up the broom and continued to clean. "Say Squall."

"What?!" Squall turned to him, irritated.

"What do you think we can do to help Cloud?" He asked, irritating Squall. "I don't care about someone else problems. I can hardly solve mine so why would I bother helping on someone else?" Squall shouted. Bartz scowled and pouted. "I was just asking." He muttered and continued on sweeping.

Zidane then entered the room while waving at some screaming ladies outside. "See you later my precious." He winked and made the girls squealed louder while Bartz and Squall just stood there, disgusted. Zidane closed the door and turned around to them. He flipped his hair and emitted a sparkling smile. "Man, I'm beat. When will you finish cleaning?" He said as he sat on the chair and rest.

Squall glared at him and threw a bucket and mop at him. Zidane fell down from his chair from the intensity of the throw. He quickly regained ground and touched the mop and almost threw up from disgust. He pointed at Squall and shouted. "What was that for?"

"Go talk to a wall."

"Why you cat you!" Zidane clenched his fist and threatened Squall.

"Hey guys…. We need to clean." Bartz said politely as he tried to calm both of them.

The following day, class 2-3 was given a free period due to a business their teacher needed to attend. Lightning used this perfect opportunity to say her announcement. She went in front of the class and tried to gather everyone's attention. With her are several students, smiling and waving casually at them. People started to notice something's up and remained quiet to hear Lightning's announcement.

Lightning called everyone's attention again and sat on the teacher's table. "I'm going to run as a Student Council President."

Bartz sighed and said, "Don't say something as serious as that when you're already breaking one of our school rules."

"I need everyone's support on the upcoming election." She paused and coughed. She pointed to her side and started introducing her party members. "Yuna is my secretary, Vaan is my treasurer and Tifa is my auditor. All we need now is a Vice President"

Bartz then got an idea and called Cloud's attention. He leaned closer to him and whispered, "Hey this is your chance."

"Not interested." Cloud instantly declined.

"Maybe being the vice president might not be that bad. I can make them obey rules as I please." Squall thought –on the sidelines- as he slowly raised his hands.

"Oh!" Lightning snapped her fingers and added, "Laguna is the adviser of the Student Council just so you know."

Yuna laughed weakly and whispered to the girl next to her. "Light didn't even bother adding the "Sir" in Sir Laguna."

"I guess she's not very fond of Sir Laguna." Tifa smiled then replied to Yuna.

"Is there something you want Squall?" Lightning asked after noticing Squall was raising his hands.

Squall then paused for a little bit and slammed his hands on his desk and shouted. "WHY IS THAT IDIOT THERE?"

"Idiot?" Yuna asked in confusion.

"I think he's referring to Laguna. I heard that he hates his father's guts." Vaan told them.

"I guess no one respects Sir Laguna." Tifa sighed and felt sorry for her Professor Laguna.

Squall clutched his head and breathed deeply. "I almost escape hell."

Lightning then completely ignored Squall and looked left and right. "No one wants to? I guess we have no choice but to run without a Vice President."

"Please vote for us." Yuna pleaded to the class causing the boys to shout from excitement.

Two weeks after that announcement, they partake on vigorous way of advertising they party. They tried using Yuna's voice, Tifa's body, Vaan amazing but naïve ideas and everyone's fear of Lightning to gather as many votes as they can. And after all of those hardwork, the day has come to announce the results. It was Monday and everyone was asked to gather at the gymnasium for the announcing of winners.

"The winner for this year's Election is Lightning, Kain, Yuna, Tifa and Vaan." The announcer said and asked everyone to give them a round of applause. He stood down from the podium and let Lightning do her victory speech.

"I want to thank everyone in my class-"

"I'm sorry we didn't win." Cecil said to the man beside him while they look at Lightning giving her speech.

"But to lose landslide? I can't believe Kain was the only one who won on our party." Firion said.

"Not to mention that they don't have a Vice President to begin with." WoL sighed and took a perfect look on the person who defeated them.

"At least we tried our best." Cecil said and tried his best encouraged his friends.

Shortly after the festivity, Lightning and the others were summoned to the Principal's office. There awaiting them was Principal Cid, a long time principal of the school. He welcome them with a smile and approached them.

"Congratulations on winning the elections!" The old man clapped and reached their hand to shake hands. "And for your first work as a Student Council President, I want you to conduct a play." He said and changed the topic. His friendly expression was then replaced by a much more serious aura surrounding him.

"A play?" Lightning repeated in a form of question.

"Yes, a play." The principal nodded and showed a couple of pictures. "You see some of my students are causing trouble or having problems here at my school so I want you to help them."

Lightning picked up the pictures and motioned the rest to look at them as well. "That's a wonderful proposition but don't you think this is a little too complicated Old Man?"

"He-hey Light watch your tongue!" Yuna reminded her.

"I mean sir."

The principal laughed weakly and coughed. "You see this is more effective than scolding them. I bet they will learn something great while doing this play."

"I see. We accept the challenge. Let's go guys we need to find these persons." She said with full confidence in her eyes that made the Principal expect great things from her. Lightning bid goodbye and took the pictures along with her party members.

"What play could that be?" Vaan asked while they're walking at the corridor.

"I think it is up to us." Yuna replied. She then stopped walking after seeing someone and muttered, "Tidus…."

Tidus noticed her as well and approached her, "Yuna congratulations on winning!" He grabbed her hands and shook it violently like he was intending to rip it out of her body.

"Thanks. How are-" Lightning cut her off and grabbed Tidus' polo and glared at him, "You. Student Council Room. NOW." She said.

"Yes Ma'am!" Tidus saluted and ran to the Student Council Room the minute Lightning let go of him.

"Tyranny." Tifa commented at the back, showing her dislike on Lightning's method.

"What's wrong Light?" Yuna asked, worrying about Tidus.

"He's one of the students that the principal wants to be in the play." She said and continued on walking to next destination.

"I see…." Yuna said and didn't asked furthermore but was still very unease at the situation.

"Our next destination is…" She said and stopped at one of the classrooms.

"Our room?"

"Where's Zidane?" She peeked at the classroom and saw Bartz and Zidane throwing paper balls at each other.

"You don't have a date with me today so what brings you here?" Zidane revealed himself, posing like model in one of the chairs.

"Go to the student council room. NO QUESTIONS ASKED."

"I haven't asked one yet."

"Oh…. Bartz, Cloud and Squall come as well." She added and quickly left the room.

"Even all of them?" Tifa asked however Lightning continued walking without giving answers.

"Ouch, Terra that hurts." A young boy shouted from pain. Their next destination was the infirmary. Lightning opened the door and saw the nurse was out of duty. She opened the binds and found the students she was looking for. Terra stood up and bowed for respect while Onion Knight hid his bandages, out of embarrassment.

"I want you two to go to the student council now."

"I see, let's go then Luneth." Terra said and extended her hand to him.

"I demand an explanation!"

"An explanation you will have if you come there." Lightning said and left the room.

With all of the students gathered in the student council, she hastened her way back with her members and said that they gathered everyone on the list. Everyone was completely clueless on why they were called. Lightning opened the door of the student council room and sat on the table the moment she got there. "I think we gathered everyone here."

"Light, sit down properly please." Tifa requested.

"Our school principal wants us to direct a play."

"She ignored you." Vaan said and laughed at Tifa's face.

"Wait a minute! Can you be considerate?! You just ordered us to come here and now you are telling that we are part on a play! We need some explanation." Onion Knight stood up and smashed the table.

Lightning snickered and grinned at him. "I see you have guts. We need to break that from you."

"Wa-wait Luneth is right we still need some explanation on why we are chosen to be at the play." Terra defended and calmed Onion Knight while he sat down and put his feet on the table.

Lightning went on the drawers and took something. She revealed it was a book and started reading it aloud. "Terra Branford reported to be skipping classes regularly. Luneth also known as the delinquent Onion Knight fought a couple of upperclassman just before the election campaign started. Tidus broke the valuable vase that was passed from generation to generation of our principal's family and Zidane Tribal was rumored to have an affair with a school teacher." She closed the book and looked at them waiting for some questions.

"Tidus did you really broke the vase?" Yuna asked to Tidus. He smiled weakly and nodded. "I thought no one noticed."

"In my defense, we never really dated she's just head over heels with me." Zidane flipped his hair and smiled.

"Hey, what about us?!" Bartz shouted while pointing Squall, Cloud and his self.

"Squall and Cloud always isolates themselves so I think this is a great way of letting them interact to others."

"WHAT ABOUT ME?" Bartz cried while pointing at his self.

"You were loitering just a while ago." Lightning bluntly said while Bartz sulked at the corner of the room. "Now then, any objections?"

"I have!" Squall said and raised his hand. "Is that guy over there dead or something?" He asked and pointed out Kain.

"He doesn't speak much." Someone said behind Kain that freaked out everybody. Onion Knight shivered but tried to remain calm while Tidus and Bartz went on the far edge of room and even attempted to jump out of the window.

"Hello." Cecil emerged behind Kain and greeted them while Firion and WoL trailed not far off. "I see you're having fun. What's with all these people?" He smiled while he looked left and right.

"As you see senior we are discussing about the play that our principal requested." Lightning said and approached him.

"A play? That seems fun. Can we join?" Cecil asked shocking the two behind him. "Wait, we are just taking our old stuff here remember?" Firion protested to him.

"But it sounds fun." Cecil turned to him and pouted.

"Our seniors sure are weird." Tifa commented while looking at Cecil and Firion. "Are they really seniors?"

"Sure." Lightning said and shook hands with Cecil. "We need people with experience and keen intellect."

"Is that even necessary? Our Principal never stated to have additional members." Yuna said with a worried face and a hushed tone. Vaan laughed and patted her at the back. "This will work out great. I can guarantee it."

"Yahoo! How is everyone doing?" Laguna said entered the room, enthusiastic as ever. "I hope you haven't done something great without me."



First time doing comedy so please forgive me if it's bad.


Lightning, the stoic and very serious second year student started to run for student council president. She and her party were victorious after winning a landslide victory against their competitors. As the new president she was given the task to come up with a play with her council and some troubled students of the school. After the successful performance they started to get use to each other's companies and decided to put up a club that will make their friendship stronger.