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Altercation of Perception


Being the Autobot base's one and only super computer was a full time job. Though emotionless, and often monotone to reflect that lack of emotion, Teletraan 1 had a strange way of showing enthusiasm for its job. Quite simply, it got mundane tasks accomplished first to provoke negative reactions out of the Autobots, and carefully documented their displays of displeasure. It was the closest thing the super computer had to amusement.

Granted in the past viruses and other such unknowns had messed with Teletraan 1's software, and temporarily given it emotional responses. However, thanks to Wheeljack and the other Autobots, Teletraan 1 was always successfully returned to its original state of emotional neutrality.

The lack of emotion was logically preferable due to the priorities the super computer had. Emotions could interfere with the reliability of information, and that was not something Teletraan 1 could afford to risk. Its warnings were the Autobot's first line of defense. Concern, fear, or apprehension all had to be ruled out of base programming.

Teletraan 1 for the most part kept itself out of the daily lives of the Autobots, and silently observed. It was not designed to socialize amongst others, nor would it start now that they were all stranded on an alien planet. Simply, it was their ship, and shelter. Still, sometimes Teletraan 1 found itself with an unusual amount of…interest, in the Autobots.

Such as mechs like Jazz, who would bebop around like he hadn't a care in the world, talk with everyone, get along with everyone, and then return to his quarters at the end of the day where he would drop like a deadbeat. It was an unusual and extreme cycle that was repeated every day. But as it was programmed, Teletraan 1 never interfered with Jazz's life.

Then of course, there was Prowl, who the super computer would observe until the late hours of the night, slaving away at his work. Both being highly logical, Teletraan 1 fully understood Prowl's need to get work done, but could not understand why the mech would allow himself to physically suffer from the work load. He'd neglect drinking energon, socializing, and exercise just to accomplish his daily quota, and begin the cycle anew the very next day. To the logical computer, the assistance of another mech was obviously required. But Teletraan 1 would never tell Prowl its conclusion, nor suggest it had ever come up with the idea. It was an observer and only that.

There was also the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime, whom Teletraan 1 found itself observing the most. Calm, even tempered, and ever wise, in front of his fellow Autobots, Optimus looked like nothing could ever break him. Teletraan 1 knew better. Optimus Prime was far more like his soldiers than anyone seemed or cared to realize. Alone in his quarters, his impressive stature would sink, and all the centuries of war would suddenly show its wear and tear. Teletraan 1 predicted that one day Optimus Prime would reach a breaking point and a new leader would be required, but for now, the position of Prime was in good hands, and Teletraan 1 was more than able to aid the leader.

Teletraan 1's list of observations only grew larger, from Bumblebee's near hostile behavior when he was alone after making a mistake on a recent mission, to Mirage's emotional breakdowns that only Hound was able to soothe. It witnessed Ratchet drown himself in high grade whenever he'd barely managed to save an Autobot, and had seen Red Alert act level headed in front of a emotionally taxed Inferno. The computer had observed Brawn grudgingly hug Huffer when he'd been trying to cheer him up, and watched Grimlock cradle Swoop in his arms until the smaller Dinobot had fallen into recharge after a fierce battle.

Teletraan 1 was always there watching, never partaking, and always aware of every activity. Super computer as it was though, it was subject to malfunction and hacking, and thoroughly decided that Sideswipe was the last mech it would ask for assistance if anything went awry in its programming. After all, the red hellion was always there trying to get past the firewalls it set up to damage the information Teletraan 1 had gathered so he could cover up a prank.

At present, the base was quite, most bots deep in recharge, and safely tucked away in their quarters. Teletraan 1 checked through its readings, making sure there was no activity outside of base, with Red Alert's constant aid. If a computer could be grateful for assistance, Teletraan 1 certainly would have been.

With nothing out of the ordinary appearing on any scans, or on any broadcasts, the super computer moved on to organizing the information it had compiled during the day, sorting out what was significant, and what could be filed away as fodder. The process was as close as Teletraan 1 could get to any form of recharge without shutting down all functions.

But suddenly Teletraan 1 noticed movement in the security director's room, and saw that the paranoid mech was having a mild form of panic attack. Swiftly the computer shifted through all the data the mech had been observing, and swiftly concluded that Ravage was trying to infiltrate. Wasting no time, the super computer swiftly activated a warning throughout the base, awakening those in recharge, and alerting those on night duty.

As anticipated, Optimus Prime was immediately at the main console.

"Teletraan, what is it?" voice disguising his true grogginess, the Prime wasted no time getting down to business. Shortly to arrive after him was Prowl, followed by a sleepy Jazz and recharge deprived Red Alert, as well as Trailbreaker and Hound.

Rather than responding through speech, Teletraan 1 simply pulled up the footage of Ravage sneaking around on the main monitor. That snapped everyone to alert, although Red Alert suddenly passed out. The super computer found Red Alert's reaction was the one it had been aiming for, and was admittedly fascinated by the result. Although the Autobots would never know it had intentionally tried to make Red Alert faint.

"Trailbreaker, get Red Alert to Ratchet immediately, Jazz, round up Bumblebee and Mirage to deal with Ravage. Prowl take over Red Alert's post and make sure there is no other Decepticon activity nearby," Prime ordered his mechs into action with practiced ease.

"Anomaly detected at the Ark entrance," Teletraan 1 suddenly voiced to recapture the leader's attention, just as everyone else headed out to carry out their orders.

"Affirmative Teletraan, Hound, come with me," Optimus Prime began to depart, the green mech hot on his heels. The leader quickly activated his comm, "This is Optimus Prime, there is a Decepticon threat at the Ark entrance. All soldiers report to the entrance immediately."

With that, the Prime was gone, leaving Teletraan 1 to monitor the situation from his multitude of cameras and detectors. The super computer observed Megatron undergoing a full on assault with all his troops. Though unusual, Teletraan 1 simply recorded the information, but drew no conclusions from it. After all, drawing conclusions was not the computer's job.

As the battle raged on outside, and heavy damage was applied to Teletraan 1's orange hull, a new anomaly made itself present to the super computer. A state that could almost be called confusion caused Teletraan 1 to reevaluate the situation, only to conclude that Soundwave was indeed standing in the Autobot command room, and was syncing with the super computer's main console.

Immediately firewalls went up to protect information, layer after layer putting distance between Teletraan 1's processes and Soundwave's invasive presence. However, the act of obtaining information did not appear to be the Decepticon's primary objective. Rather, an unknown spherical device was plugged into the super computer, and within moments, systems began to fail, and quite suddenly, everything cut out, leaving the super computer's thought processes stuck in a continuous loop, suspended in a great unknown. It had no way to fathom what was in store for it.