Kensi Blye had always been "one of the boys", in a sense. Of course she was a girl, but being the only girl on her team, she became one of the boys. Just to make damn sure they knew she wasn't a push-over, that she could handle herself.

And she proved that pretty quickly.

She hadn't been all to girly, even as a teenager, a young child. She wore make-up, yes, but she didn't look like a Barbie doll when she did. She couldn't remember one time she'd ever worn pink.

So she hadn't ever thought of being a homemaker, a wife, a mother.

But there, laying asleep in her arms, was her brand new baby girl. So small, so perfect... She was the perfect cross between her and Deeks. She had Deeks' blonde hair and her mismatched brown eyes, and she even did that cute little thing with her nose as she slept, just like Deeks. And she was holding onto Kensi's little finger, her grip strong even in her sleep.

Tearing her eyes from her baby, Kensi looked at her husband, who was leaning over to her and their daughter.

"Your going to be just like your mommy, Megs." Deeks murmured, and kissed the little girl tiny forehead.

"Don't listen to him, Megan, you'll be like your daddy." Kensi argued, and Deeks smiled at her, then leaned over to give her a quick kiss on the lips.

Looking down on her Megan, Kensi knew that she would be perfect, and that whether Megan was one of the boys, or the girliest girly girl Kensi would ever know, she would be perfect.

"Welcome to the world, Megan Deeks."