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"You look really pretty, Megs." Cleo said quietly. The five-year-old was sitting on her older sister's double bed, watching her get ready. Megan turned around and smiled at her.

"Well." She started. "You look beautiful, Cleopatra."

Cleo made a face. "Not like you are."

Megs sighed. She had figured her sister had gone into her self-concious phase way to early. A five-year-old shouldn't be worrying about her looks. Any year-old shoundn't be worrying about her looks. She'd talked to her friend, Sasha, who said it was probably normal for little girls with teenage sisters.

"Cleo Veronica Deeks." Megs said sternly. "You are the most adorable thing in the whole world." Cleo smiled at her sister. "Now, you'd better keep that smile on all night, or else."

Cleo giggled. "Okay, Megan Ariel Deeks."

"Now c'mere, cutie, and help me pick out my outfit." Megan said, holding her arms out to her sister. Cleo came right to her and Megan picked her up and carried her into the small walk-in closet. Cleo looked through a few before selecting a light purple dress that ended before her knees and had one thick strap and one thin one. Megs went to get changed and put on her make-up in the bathroom while Cleo listened to the radio in the bedroom. Most of her friends liked Justin Bieber, but Cleo was very fond of Maroon 5. Megs found their lyrics to be inappropriate for a young child, but her sister just liked the sound of them and couldn't piece together what the words were suggesting.

Megs could hear the radio clearly and could hear it paying Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe", when the phone rang. Cleo yelled "I'll get it!" and ran downstairs to grab the phone.

"Hello?" She said.

"Hi, baby." Deeks said.

"Daddy!" She exclaimed, happy to hear from her father.

"Mommy and I are going to leave work in ten minutes. Uncle Callen, Uncle Sam, and Gradma will be following us to the restaurant." He continued.

"Is Mommy's mommy coming, too?" She asked.

"Yes, she is." He paused. "Where's the birthday girl?"

"Upstairs getting ready." Cleo answered, and Megs came walking into the kitchen then. "No! She's in the kitchen with me now!"

"Can you hand her the phone, sweetie?"

"Yes, yes, yes!"

"Bye, I love you, Cleo."

"I love you, too, Daddy." Cleo answered then handed the phone to Megs, who'd pulled a yogurt from the fridge.

She put the phone to her ear, using her shoulder to keep it there. "Hi, Dad." She said as she opened the container and grabbed a spoon.

"How's the birthday girl?" Deeks asked.

"She's good." Megs answered, handing the yogurt and spoon to Cleo. "Eat." She commanded.

"What am I eating?" Deeks asked as Cleo scopped up a spoonful of yogurt and popped it into her mouth.

Megs laughed. "Not you, Dad. I'm talking to Cleo." She took the phone in her hand.

"Ah. You know we're eating in less than half an hour, right?"

"Yes, but Cleo always has a little snack at five."

"Well, I wanted to say 'happy birthday' to my not-so-little girl." He said. "Happy birthday, Megan."

"Thank you, Daddy." Megs said sweetly. "When are you and Mom coming to pick us up?"

"We're not coming to pick you up."

"In case you forgot, we're going to a restaurant on the other side of town."

"Yeah, it is." She could practically see her dad smiling on the other end of the phone. "Go outside."

Megs' brow puckered in confusion. "Okay?" She held her hand out to Cleo, who had finished her yogurt. Cleo took her sister's hand happily, skipping along side her as they headed to the door. Cleo opened the door with her free hand, as both of her sister's were filled.

They stepped out onto the step, down the little one-step onto the walkway and stared in shock at the sight before them.

Parked in their driveway was a new Ford Escape, the bluish green color Megan was fond of.

"What is that?" Megs asked in shock.

"It's a car, silly!" Cleo said at the same time Deeks said, "Your birthday present."

"My birthday present?"

"Yep." Deeks said. "You passed your driving test, and you've been getting great grades in school, and you are always taking Cleo to school and all her things. A nice, safe car is just what you need, princess."

"Thank you!" Megan bubbled. "Where's Mom?"

"One minute." Deeks said, then was away from the phone for a few minutes before saying, "Okay, your on speaker."

"Hi, Mom!" Megs exclaimed.

"Mommy?" Cleo looked up intently. Megs nodded and put their phone on speaker, too. "Hi, Mommy!"

"Hi, babies." Kensi said, in the way that when she first met Deeks would never of said anything. Let alone "hi, babies".

"Thank you, Mom!" Megs said enthusically.

"Your welcome, Megs."

Megs and Cleo talked to Kensi and Deeks for a few more minutes before they had to hang up to get Cleo ready and meet their parents on-time. Before hanging up, Deeks told Megs were to find the keys to her new Escape.

"Do you know what you want to wear, Cle-Cle?" Megs asked as they walked back up the stairs.

"Uh-huh." Cleo answered then ran into her room and pulled out a pink sparkly dress. Megs laughed and told Cleo to go change.

When the two of them were ready, Megs went and grabbed the keys from their hiding place, behind a stack of vegetables, and they went outside. Megs opened the back door for Cleo, who had wanted to sit up front, but Megs was worried it wouldn't be safe for her. She got in and turned the radio to KissFM, where they were playing yet another Carly Rae Jepsen song, although this time she was being featured by Owl City in "Good Time". As they drove to the restaurant, Cleo sang in the backseat.

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