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PRIDE (Maka, Kid, and BlackStar)

We couldn't believe our eyes when this strange little Kishin egg, a little boy, started shooting black tendrils of energy at us that sliced through brick walls like a knife through warm butter. Every time BlackStar and Maka would slice him, or Kid would land a shot, the little brat would just smirk and heal himself. Every time we got too close, we were pushed back by a wall of shadows. Finally we stopped and panted, catching our breath. 'Pride' stood there and watched us, smirking lazily.

"What now?" Maka panted.

Kid and BlackStar shook their heads. "I think we've only got one option," ground out the latter.

"I agree," the smooth reaper murmured. "It's our only chance."

"Fine," smiled Maka, and asked her weapon, "You ready, Soul?"

"Thought you'd never ask."

Striking a few chords on his piano, the demon scythe grinned with his shark-like teeth, and began twirling his fingers on the keys, playing a random little tune he'd been composing the other day. It was fast-paced and rather (as he liked to call it) 'epic', perfect for battle.

ROUND ONE (BlackStar)

I snorted in anticipation. This punk, Pride or whatever the hell he called himself, could smirk all he wanted. I was about to blow him out of the water. Soul's newest piece quickened my battle-lust, and I chuckled inwardly, letting Tsubaki hear. I could feel her smile through our link, strengthening as the Resonance poured through our wavenlengths. I felt the usual thrill of power as I connected with Maka's pure white soul, and again with Kid's dark-and-golden one.

We were ready. "Let's do this," I muttered, and charged.


I watched BlackStar run forward, strikes with his Enchanted Sword matching the blows Pride sent his way perfectly. I knew I was giving off a little bit of a smug aura as I prepared Death Cannon, and Liz and Patty picked up on it.

"I still think we should be more careful," Liz fretted.

"Don't worry, we'll be fine!" cheered her sister.

I shushed them and concentrated, allowing the sleek silver-and black cannons to form around my forearms. The familiar slight weight of the metal was reassuring, and I basked in its symmetry for a moment before focusing the barrels in Pride's direction.

"Looks like he doesn't even know how to part his hair symmetrically. Let's rectify that."


Clenching my teeth and letting out a gritted sound of concentration, I made Genie Hunter's glowing white blade take over Soul's usual red and black, forcing it to expand with our combined wavelengths. As BlackStar kept him distracted, I rushed the creature from behind, slicing it clean through him.

"Genie Hunter!" I yelled for emphasis.

Staggering the slightest bit, Pride's eyes widened and he dropped his guard. BlackStar's sword and Kid's cannon blast met him at the same moment, obscuring him in a cloud of skull-shaped smoke which the blue-haired assassin leaped cleanly out of, skidding to a stop next to Kid and myself. We waited, weapons still poised, for the smoke to clear. For several tense moments, all was still. Then an enraged shriek split the air and three large shadow-blades, complete with white teeth, erupted from the gray clouds and shot at the three of us faster than we could blink.

I could only stare in horror as my leg hit the ground.

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