-Chapter 4-

Oh peoplez, just a note that Lucrecia is now Sephiroth's sister. xD Mahaha :P Oh! And the mother's name, yeahhhh well I forgot to mention it on the three chapters before but her name is Laurine Todd okay? :D

She removes her jacket gently as she hangs it in the closet. All the lights are switched off other than one in the living room. She walks over and sees her mother sleeping in the couch. She sighs and kisses her mother's forehead gently before waking her up.

"Mom? You'll catch a cold like this… Please go and sleep in your room." Her mother slowly wakes up and looks at Roxanne. She places a hand on Roxanne's cold cheeks and smiles.

"Welcome home, dear." Roxanne smiles and places her cold hand on her mother's hand. Her mother sits up and yawns. "Food is on the table, dear. I'll accompany you eat first, okay?"

Roxanne shakes her head. "Mom, you should go to sleep, I'll be fine." Roxanne smiles as she stands up and holds her mother's hands. Her mother sits there in silent before nodding and heads upstairs after kissing Roxanne's forehead. Roxanne watches as her mother ascends up the stairs before heading towards the kitchen. She looks at the wrapped in tin foil food before removing it gently.

Spaghetti with mushroom; her favorite. She smiles satisfyingly before starting to eat. While eating, she thinks about the file. Dawn town. She stares out the window in front of the sink and sighs. She needs to find out about it. She quickly finishes up and washes the dish before taking her bag and heads upstairs.

After washing herself up and dressed in her pajamas, she slumps herself on her bed and lets out a tiring sigh. She stares at the clock. 1:20A.M. She puts a blanket over her as she turns on her side and stares at the window. She couldn't get the file out of her head. She needs to find out. She closes her eyes trying to sleep.

-The Next Morning-

Roxanne stares at the ceiling, wide awake, not being able to sleep the whole night. Thinking about the file. She hears a soft knock and looks at the door. The door opens and her mother walks in.

"Roxanne? A phone call for you…" Roxanne widens her eyes and looks at the clock. 8:45A.M. She shoots up her bed and about to run to the bathroom when her mother stopped her.

"It's only Amelia. She said about you bringing her to the mall to buy candies for her? Today is Sunday, sweetheart." Her mother smiles sweetly. Roxanne blushes in embarrassment before rubbing the back of her head.

"Uhh, right. Uhm tell her I'll pick her up in one hour. I'm gonna get ready now." Roxanne smiles and heads out her room into the bathroom and starts to clean herself up. After half an hour of getting ready, Roxanne comes down all dressed and ready. She's wearing a blouse with jeans and her hair was tied in a ponytail. Jacob is wearing his t-shirt and short pants. He looks at her and smiles.

"Morning, Sis." He says and continues to read his newspaper. "Going out with Amelia again today?"

Roxanne chuckles and nodded. "Yeah, I promised her that I'll bring her to the mall if she behaves yesterday. Jacob looks at her and nodded before handing Roxanne a cup of hot chocolate. She smiles happily as she takes it and drinks it slowly after sitting on a chair across from Jacob.

She looks at her brother. But before she could open her mouth, Jacob hands her his car keys. She smiles and takes it and leans over and kisses her brother's cheeks. He laughs and pats her head and takes a sip on his coffee.

"Just be careful when you drive and come back home safely."

"Yeah, I will, don't worry. You guys need me to buy anything?"

"No, but we'll call you when we do." Her mother replies as she sits next to Jacob. Jacob smiles at his mother before continuing to read the newspaper. Roxanne finishes her hot chocolate and quickly washes it. She kisses both her brother and mother's cheek before heading out.

She starts her engine and starts to drive carefully towards the Resident. She turns on the radio and listens to the song that's playing that morning. She thinks about the file again and desperately wanting to know its contents. If only she read it before she hands it to the President. Soon after that, she arrives at the Resident. Amelia was already there, sitting on the front porch, waiting for her. Amelia jumps and smiles happily as she runs towards her car.

She was wearing a pink jacket along with a cute jeans skirt and leggings. She's also carrying a small hello kitty bag. The president and the first lady come out by the front door and look at Roxanne. She steps out from her car and bows down and looks at them. The president nods before heading back in.

"Be careful and bring Amelia back safely." The first lady says before heading back inside before Roxanne could nod. She looks at Amelia and smiles.

"Ready?" Amelia nodded in reply and heads towards the passenger seat and sits down. She smiles happily when Roxanne looks at her. "Wear your seatbelt." Amelia nodded and starts to wear her seatbelt before Roxanne drives towards the mall. Amelia changes the radio station to her favorite one and listens to the music that's playing.

After 10 minutes of driving, they arrived at the mall. Amelia holds onto Roxanne's hand tightly as they walk in the mall. They start to look around for the candy shop. They find the candy shop and buy as much candy as Amelia wants. She smiles happily holding her bag of candy and place it in her bag.

After an hour of walking, they decide to eat at a fast food restaurant. Amelia insisted to go in one of those restaurants that have the small playground in them. Roxanne nodded and starts looking for the one that Amelia talked about. They found it and start ordering the food. After Amelia finishes her food, she runs towards the playground that's close to their table and Roxanne watches as she plays with kids there.

She suddenly hears a familiar laugh coming from the table behind her and turns around. It was Zack! With Sephiroth and Genesis. Not to mention, Angeal. And, also a little boy that's on Sephiroth's lap. Oh, that's his nephew, Drake. He's about the same age as Amelia.

She gasps and turns around pretending to not notice them. She sighs and drinks her soda. She notices Amelia is running towards her.

"Anne! Anne! Come play with me!" She says to her with her cute tone. Roxanne laughs and shakes her head.

"No, no, I can't fit in there sweety, just go and play okay?" Amelia gives a pouting face. Suddenly a voice calls Amelia. Amelia turns around and sees Drake.

"Draky!" She runs over to the table where the soldiers are and hugs Drake, who came down from Sephiroth's lap when he called her name. Roxanne curses under her breath and turns around and looks at Amelia. By the time she turned around, the soldiers were already looking at her. She waves at them nervously before looking at Amelia who is running with Drake to the playground.

Zack slumps himself on the chair in front of Roxanne and smiles.

"Hey! Didn't know you were here!"

"Yeah, well I promised Amelia to bring her here today." Roxanne replies smiling.

"Oh, okay. You know, Sephiroth was laughing before he saw you. He suddenly gets into a sour mood. Something happened?" Roxanne sits silently before shaking her head.

"Just a fight. I mean, we've always been fighting, right?"

"Well yes, but after two or three days, you made up. Is it about your birthday?" She shakes her head again. She sits there silently before starting to talk again.

"You really think that I'm still mad at him about it? I just don't want to see him, Zack. Not after I called him stupid yesterday." She whispered her last sentence to herself.

"Not after what…?" Zack asks her. She shakes her head in reply. She stands up and heads to the playground.

"Amelia, come on, let's go home. It's going to rain soon." She smiles. Amelia groans before giving Roxanne the puppy dog eyes. Roxanne laughs and shakes her head as she waits for Amelia to come. Amelia bid Drake good bye before running towards Roxanne. She holds onto Roxanne's hands and heads out.

Roxanne walks silently with her head down. She then hears her phone ring and looks at it. The resident. She answers her phone.

"Hello? Ah yes. I'll bring her back now. Okay. See you soon." She closes her phone and looks at Amelia who is singing a song. She smiles and brings her to the car and drives back to the resident.

-That night-

Roxanne shoots up from her bed, covered in sweat as she breaths heavily. The same dream again. She lies back down and sighing while staring at the ceiling. She couldn't understand what it was trying to tell her. That little girl, she couldn't be her. She turns on her side staring at the window. She has to investigate about that. Something is not right. She slowly closes her eyes back trying her best to get a good night's rest.

-The next day-

Roxanne stretches on her chair at the cafeteria as she looks at the clock. 1:46P.M. She throws her sandwich wrap in the trash and finishes her juice box before heading back to her desk. She's been trying to get the file that she saw couple days ago, but no luck. She sighs lightly as she feels the urge of needing to see that file.

"Roxanne!" she hears a voice coming from behind her. She turns around and looks at the person.

"Director Lazard!" She goes over to him and smiles. "How are you?"

"I'm fine, thanks. Uhm I need a little help, could you come with me?" She nodded in reply and follows after him. They come into the Briefing Room and there were files everywhere. Roxanne widens her eyes.

"Did a tornado pass through here?"

"Yes as you can see, the briefing room's a mess… Is it okay if you help me clean up? I'll let the President know. And no, there are no tornadoes." Lazard replied chuckling. Roxanne chuckles before nodding as she heads towards the corner of the room to pick up some files. Lazard looks at her for a while before heading to the other side and starts cleaning up.

"Roxanne, a couple days ago, I asked Angeal to come a pick up a file from the President's room right?" Roxanne freezes as she looks at Lazard.

"Yes… Is there a problem with the file?" Lazard keeps organizing the files silently, thinking of what to say.

"No. Angeal told me about how you reacted. Do you, somehow knew about Dawn town?" Lazard finally speak after a couple minutes of silent. Roxanne thinks over for a while. 'Should I tell him? Or should I not? Well at least someone has to know about it right? But what if he thinks I'm crazy? Well it's worth a try.'

"Yes well…" Roxanne turns around and picks up some more files from the floor. "I've been having dreams about that town… When it burnt down and destroyed… The soldiers, the screams, everything was real…" She stops for a while as she remembers the dream. Lazard looks at her before continuing to organize.

"I see." Lazard stands there in silent before retrieving a file from the stack. He walks over to Roxanne and hands it over. "Here… I was reading this file. No one survived from the genocide, but something tells me that someone did. I saw a little girl hidden behind the flames when the photographer was taking pictures." He takes out the picture and shows it to her. The little girl looks exactly like the one in her dream.

"Yes! I know her! She was in my dream the whole time! But… but I think she's dead…" Roxanne says after examining the picture. Lazard looks at her and shakes his head.

"She might not be dead. Something tells me that she isn't." Roxanne stares at Lazard confused.

"Why? What makes you think she's alive?" Lazard looks at her before going through the files again. He takes out a slip of paper and hands it to her.

"The report said that they have wiped every single living soul in the town, but they missed one girl. I believe she's still alive."

Roxanne reads over the paper. She's still confused. "But, Lazard, I don't get it. Why did they wiped out that village?"

"Disease… Incurable and contagious disease started to spread in that town and they decided to wipe the village out before it spreads anymore further. The girl, if she's still alive, she'll be a deadly threat to our lives, we have to find her and get rid of her. Either that, or bring her in for experiment." Roxanne stares at him shocked before looking back at the picture.

"How are we ever going to find her, Lazard? It's like finding a needle in a haystack. It's just way impossible. And besides, why are you telling me this? Why not the Turks?"

"The Turks, they already sent some staff, but we lost contact with all of them. I was hoping that you could help us." Lazard said to her. Roxanne looks at him with a "what-the-hell" look. "You have an unclear past right Roxanne? This might help you. Maybe you knew this girl from back then."

"What? All I remember was waking up at a hospital."

"Yes, it might either be that you're the girl, but I doubt that because Jacob claimed that you were his real sister that his father took away after you were born." Roxanne stands there in silent before nodding.

"Well, what should I do then, Lazard?"

"This is your first mission, I know you are a secretary, but I know you are capable of doing this. You trained for soldier couple of years back right?" Roxanne nodded as a reply. She might be a secretary, but she knows how to handle swords and guns since her brother was a first rank soldier. He helped her and she mastered it pretty well. It's in her blood.

"All right. I'll do it, but I need someone to be with me." Lazard nodded. Before he could speak, his phone rings. He picks it up as he heads outside. Roxanne waits as she reads over the file. The door suddenly opens. Sephiroth walks in and looks at her.

"Roxanne? What are you doing in here? Do you even have permission to get in here?" Sephiroth pounds her with his questions. Roxanne glares at him before snapping the file close.

"Yes, I'm here under Lazard's orders. And yes I do have permission to get in here. Now are you done?" She says to him setting the file down and secretly tucking a picture in her pocket. Sephiroth sees her hand and pulls it out before she could fully tuck the picture in. He takes the picture and shows it to her.

"What do you think you're doing?" He says to her as he looks into her eyes. She yanks her arm away and tries to take the picture away. Sephiroth holds the picture up as Roxanne tries to reach it. He pushes her away and looks at the picture. Sephiroth freezes for a while before looking at Roxanne.

"The Dawn Town Genocide?" He asks her. Roxanne folds her arms before nodding and looking away.

"Yeah. I'm going to investigate it." Sephiroth stands still for a while before handing the picture to her.

"How would a lame secretary like you know what to do in the field when you have to deal with monsters and unknown soldiers?" Without a warning, Roxanne pinned Sephiroth down to the ground. Sephiroth widens his eyes before looking at Roxanne. Her eyes flash a crystal white color before back to her grayish blue eye color.

Roxanne gasps before getting off Sephiroth and looks at him. She didn't know what she just did. Sephiroth sits up and looks at her surprised by her speed and strength. Roxanne moves back, frighten what Sephiroth might do to her for pinning him down like that all of the sudden. At that moment, Lazard walks in and looks at Sephiroth who was still on the floor.

"Sephiroth? What are you doing?" He stares at him before helping him up.

"I just slipped. You asked for me Lazard?" He says as he dusts his coat off before shooting a glare at Roxanne. She stands there in silent as she rubs her left arm with her right hand.

"Ah yes, I want you to go with Roxanne to the location where Dawn town used to be." Roxanne drops her jaw as she stares at Lazard. 'You gotta be kidding me! Anyone but him! I'll be dead even before we leave for Dawn town!' Roxanne thought to herself. Sephiroth stands there in silent before letting out a sigh.

"Is something the matter?" Lazard asks as he looks at both of their reactions.

"Yes, we—" before Roxanne could finish the sentence, Sephiroth cuts her off.

"No, of course not. We'll leave tomorrow morning." Sephiroth says before heading out. "If there's anything that we have to bring for this mission, let Roxanne know, she will come to my house and tell me." With that Sephiroth leaves the briefing room, leaving puzzled Lazard with angered Roxanne.

Lazard looks at Roxanne and can see the rage in her eyes. He lets out a sigh before shaking his head.

"There's nothing much to be brought, just some clothes for a couple of nights and phones to keep in contact. Make sure to try your best not to lose this phone and tracking device okay?" He said handing her two phones and small tracking devices. Roxanne takes it and nods to him.

"Okay I will give this to Sephiroth tonight" She says as she sighs lightly. Lazard looks at her.

"Are you guys okay with this? You want me to change?" Roxanne shakes her head and smiles.

"It's okay. I can handle him; he's my friend after all." She said with a close to a whispered tone at 'friend'. She nodded at Lazard before heading out the room to finish up her paper works.

-That night-

Roxanne slowly approaches Sephiroth's house. She sighs and rings the bell as she waits for someone to answer. The air that night was freezing cold. She shivers lightly as she zips up her jacket further and tucks her hands in her pocket.

She hears pads of footsteps running to the door. The door opens and she can see no one. She looks down and sees Drake. She smiles as she looks at the little kid.

"Hi Drakey. Is your Uncle Sephiroth in?" She smiles at him. Drake nodded and runs off before Lucrecia comes to the door.

"Oh why if it isn't Roxanne. How are you dear?" She smiles and hugs Roxanne. Roxanne returns her hug and smiles.

"I'm good thank you, and yourself Lucrecia?" She smiles at her as she sees Drake come running back down.

"I'm good too thank you dear. Please come in." She smiles as she moves out of the way. Roxanne walks in and looks around the house. She sees Vincent and she nodded at him. He nodded back before continuing to read his paper. Drake tugs Roxanne's shirt, getting her attention. Roxanne looks down at him and smiles.

"Uncle Sephiroth tells you to come upstairs." He says with his cute accent. Lucrecia lets out a sigh.

"Man, that guy, he never learns. I'll call him down." Roxanne stops Lucrecia before she goes to the stairs.

"It's okay, I'm used to it." She smiles before patting Drake's head and heads up to Sephiroth's room. She walks silently to his room before knocking it.

"Come in."

Roxanne opens the door as she sees Sephiroth lying on his bed with his shirt and long pants on. He sits up and looks at her.

"So? What are the stuffs that have to bring?" She stares at him before throwing the phone and tracking device on his bed.

"Those! Lazard asks to not lose them! That's all. I don't know why you can't just stay for another minute to retrieve them yourself!" She says to him, getting angry. Sephiroth looks at her before shrugging and examines the phone and tracking device. Roxanne clenches her fist, holding back the urge to punch him. She lets out a frustrated sigh.

"I'm going back now. See you later… jerk." She whispers the last word before heading towards the door. Sephiroth suddenly appears in front of her, blocking the door.

"I'm sorry; I didn't quite catch the last part. What did you said?" He said to her as he stares at her with his cat like eyes. She glares at him as she tries to push him away. He holds both of her wrists before pinning her down on his bed.

Roxanne gasps as she looks up at him. He stares back into her eyes. His silver hair falls down as it touches her soft skin giving her a tingly sensation. His hairs smells like lime mixed with his body scent; the scent of roses mixed with lavender. His cat like eyes stares deep into her grayish blue ones as her eyes travel down to his jaw line and neck, down to his chest where she listens to his rapid heartbeat. She looks into his eyes and notices that their lips were inches apart.

He slowly closes the gap in between their lips and kisses her passionately. Roxanne kisses him back softly as she closes her eyes. He slowly lets his grip on her wrists go and laces his fingers with hers. She holds his hand back slowly. They were buried in their passionate kiss for a while before Sephiroth pulls back to take some air.

Roxanne stares into his eyes lovingly. Sephiroth stares back before standing up and wipes his lips. He places his phone and tracking device on the table.

"Go." He simply said to her. She stares at him surprised. She was confused, he was sweet before but now, he changed completely, as if it was all a joke. "What are you waiting for? You're done your job here." Those words stab her heart like a thousand needles. She takes his pillow and throws it at him hard; enough to make Sephiroth stagger. He looks at her shocked by the sudden blow. Her eyes were flashing the crystal white color again before back to her gray one.

"You stupid a**hole! I hate you!" She cries as she runs out of his room and immediately out of the house leaving Lucrecia with thousands of questions. Sephiroth stands there in silent and picks up the pillow before throwing it back on the bed. He thinks about Roxanne's eyes that just flashed the white color. 'What is that?' Lucrecia comes up the stairs and looks at him. Sephiroth didn't look at her at all but instead he sits at his table and looks over his paper works.