"Thank sempai Sam. You make my heart go doki doki." A high pitched noise escaped the ukes lips and tears slowly gathered in the corners of his glistening golden orbs. "But your are my senpai! This is wrong!"

Sam-samas voice was low in his ear, growling like the manly man he was.

"But it feels so right."

Gabriel cried out in a keening way, his feminine eyelashes sweeping across his smooth cheek skin as Sam-kuns throbbing meat wand plunged deeper inside him.

"S-Sam-senpai! Touch me... there."gABRIEL cried out.

Sam-kuns cat ears perked up at the noises \gabriel was making.

it made him so hot

and horny.

He couldn't hold it in any longer.

He came in a hot waterfall of his man seed. It came with such force inside Gabriel that he rocketed across the tent and he hit the canvas siding, his cat tail fluffed out in suprise.

A whimper, small and fragile, punctuated with a little shudder escaped his prone form.

"Gabriel-kun. Did I injure you?" Sam demanded, rushing over to cradle the smaller man in his arms and stroke the hair back from his sweaty brow.

"You could never hurt me Sam-sama. My love for you will heal all wounds. With you by my side I will never feel pain again."

And then they kissed and it was beautiful and magical and puppies started crying tears that turned into rainbow unicorn cakes that had glitter icing and came to life that galloped across fields and into the starry night sky above them because their tent melted because of the heat of their sex.