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Rose looked up at the castle. The weather was mild and the wind was carrying the sound of her schoolmates' laughter up through the grounds. Exams were long gone, the farewell feast was over, the trunks were packed and the carriages were waiting to take the students to Hogsmeade station where the train would take them home.

She glanced at the group of students relaxing by the edge of the lake and smiled shortly. Scorpius and Al were trying to push Lily into the water, Lucy and Roxanne were talking animatedly to each other, and Hugo was standing behind the big beech tree snogging the living daylights out of Alice because he thought no one could see.

Rose turned back to the castle and examined its towers and it's turrets and its weathered exterior. Hogwarts had become a second home to her and it felt impossible that she wouldn't be returning. Everything she had known for the majority of her life was ending- her education, her stability, her childhood. She wasn't ready to grow up. She wanted to go back to being that wide-eyed eleven year old girl who believed in everything and depended on her parents to make her decisions- she missed having other people being in control.

She had an internship set up at St. Mungo's for the summer that would allow her to enter the Healer training program in September. Her parents were encouraging her to find a flat in London near the hospital so that she could be close to work and learn responsibility. Scorpius wouldn't stop talking about the future. And all she wanted to do was be a child again.

"Hey Rosie, what're you doing up here? It's time to go." Al threw his arm around his cousin's shoulders and Scorpius grabbed her hand on her other side.

"Just remembering. It's all over, guys. This is it. It's ending."

Scorpius kissed her cheek and Al chuckled. "Yeah, but that just means that something new is beginning."

"Exactly. On to the next great adventure. Scorpius Malfoy, Rose Weasley, and Albus Potter- adults. It's got a nice ring to it, don't you think?"

Rose shook her head and giggled. "You two are far from being adults." She sighed. "I just- I don't want it to end."

Al ruffled her hair and smiled. "Aww don't think of it like that. It's just another beginning, that's all. And who says we have to grow up right away- we can be adults without growing up, right? Our parents still act like children sometimes and they're old."

"I thought I was supposed to be the smart one in this friendship." Rose said poking her cousin in the side.

"Oi! I resent that- I'm smart too!" Scorpius said loudly. Rose threw her arms around both of them and they made their way to the carriages waiting outside the gates.

"Me and my boys, adults in the real world." She kissed them both on their cheeks and then climbed into an empty carriage.

"We aren't her boys." she heard Al say indignantly.

There was silence for a moment and then Al spoke again. "We are her boys, aren't we?"

"We are so her boys."

Rose smiled as they climbed into the carriage with her. She still didn't want her childhood to end. She was still scared half to death about her future. But she realized that something new was starting. A great new adventure was beginning that very moment.

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