Tears of the Heavens

It was a dreary sunday afternoon in Tuscany Italy, Flea De Cassetonia a woman who until recently was a signals analyst with the Carbinieri Military Police. Was put into employment with the secretive Social Welfare Agency, a man named Jose Croce had taken her to a hospital's Intensive Care Unit here in Tuscany. "Why are we here?" She thought as she glanced down at the little girl named Henrietta, Jose spoked with a doctor nearby and then directed Flea to a small room. Inside there was a desk very similar to what you would see in any office with a lamp and notepads and various computer equipment nearby; "Jose, i know we just met but why are we in a Hospital of all places?" She asked, for her age only being 25 she was the tallest of any of her other female friends standing at six foot two; she was just a few inches taller than Jose. "We are here for your new Cyborg, behind this glass is a young boy, before we had only chosen young girls no older than fourteen. That is why the commander wanted to bring you into the Agency, for a signals analyst you received high marks in the Military for your expertise in hand to hand combat and weapons proficiency."

Flear cringed, "I only got that good so the men in my unit would get off my back about being such a tall woman, they made me a laughing stock because i was so timid when i first enlisted." Jose smirked, tapping the glass signaling the doctor to come inside. When the doctor came in, he looked at the two people inside. "So your from the Social Welfare Agency correct?" Jose and Flea nodded apprehensibly, "Good; cause this boy needs your help. You see, only a couple weeks ago he mother and father were killed in a robbery attempt at a local grocery store, his father was a member of the U.S. Military and tried to stop the suspect from robbing the old man at the counter, and got a bullet in the heart for his actions. The robber killed his mother when she ran over to her husband, only a few days after that his older sister became a sad victim of rape by a group of thugs at a train station. One night when he was leaving the apartment the parents left them, the same thugs cornered him outside; verbally badgering him about how innocent his sister was while they attacked her. Calling his sister and mother a pair of whores" Flea looked through the glass at the young boy, as he breathed through the tube in his throat. "What did he do?" She asked, "What would any thirteen year old boy do? He lunged at them with everything he had, but instead was stabbed well over eighty times with a six inch knife, by my estimates he won't live to see his fourteenth birthday." Flea sat down in the chair nearby, "What about the sister?" Jose nodded to the doctor telling him to leave, though he remained quiet. "Jose! What happened to her?!"

Jose looked at her "When she was released from the hospital, she was killed. Stabbed in the heart, yesterday evening...by the same group of miscreants...he doesn't know his sister is dead, not that it will matter anyway. If you choose him as your cyborg, the conditioning will erase his memory; both good and bad, so are you in? If not then the boy will die and you will leave the Agency..." Flea walked out of the small room, catching up to the doctor. "Can he speak doctor?" She asked, to which the doctor nodded. Flea turned around and walked inside the room. There weren't any nurses inside, so she sat down on the small stool next to his bed, looking in his sleeping eyes. The young boy opened his eyes a few hours later, seeing a young woman staring so intently at him. "Wh...who..are" Flea smiled, "My name is Flea De-Cassetonia, but you can call me Flea; whats yours?" She asked with a smile, it was hard to smile seeing such a young boy go through so much pain and sadness all at once would drive most people to suicide. "Its...J..James De Spagna Renard...my dad named me when i was a baby...my family went to Piazza De Spagna when i was a baby, he named me there.

Flea scratched the back of her head trying to find an easy way wasn't so easy after all, "James...theres something i have to tell you, a couple days ago...your sister was released from the hospital." Jame smiled, "Thats great, i hope she's all right..." Flea frowned, tears welling in her eyes. "I shouldn't be the one to tell you..." James looked at her "Tell me what?" Flea set her hand on his, "Your sister was killed...yesterday..." James' eyes went blank, "no...your lying, she can't be dead..." Flea let him squeeze her hand while he cried, "James...i work at a place called The Social Welfare Agency, we are a part of the government that helps children like yourself, we fix up injuries. Give you a place to live, but in order for us to help you...it has to be your dicision, if you say no you could die this time next week. And...I don't want your life to be ended in vain." James nodded, he was still crying when she crossed paths with the doctors who came to administer pain medication and sedatives. Flea walked into the next room "I'm in..." Jose smiled, "Good; if you wish you can change his name" Flea nodded.