Ten Tails Twins

(AN: Hey you all. In case you don't know, I'm awesome. This is like my 6th story! This is actually a story I've had bouncing around in my head for two years. Ever since I started to read . Now any who are writers… have you ever had a story that you literally could tell exactly what you wanted to happen and how it would end, but just could NOT figure out how to start it? Well this is one of those stories. I never started to write it because I could never make a good start to the story. This is what just hit me today in Creative writing class. Title is not permanent)


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Freak quietly limped out of his house on Number 4 Private Drive. Not that he knew that's were he was. The sun was just starting to hide behind the houses that surrounded him, lighting up the summer sky in beautiful shades of red, orange, purple, and pink. The colors blended together and seemed to glisten off the few clouds in the sky.

Freak was a small pale boy with black shoulder length wild hair. He was six years old (as of three days ago) and would soon be starting school in the fall. His lime green eyes were glazed with pain as he limped towards the park at the end of the street.

Freak was a bad boy. At least that was what he was told. If he wasn't bad, why did Uncle hit him and call him names. Freak knew that Freak wasn't really his name, but that was all he was ever called. He also knew that the more bad he was the more he hurt. So he made someone up to help him. She looked like him but was stronger. She had white hair and red eyes. When ever Uncle hurt him his protector took him away. She was called Sister.

Sister once was just a make believe friend of freak's, that was at least till Mother Magic decided to make her real. Sister was Freak's protector, an older twin that lived in his head. She thought for herself and grew as well. She had no body but could sometimes move outside of his head as a ghost.

Right now, Sister was urging Freak to find help. She was aware off the fatal wounds on his body and the life-threatening situation they were in. "Please hurry up. You need help" she whispered.

"I'm trying Sister. I am trying." Freak murmured back. He had just enough money that he took from Aunty and Uncle to use the pay phone at the park. Just a few more minutes and he could call for help.

He never made it to the park.

He was almost there when pain exploded in his head and darkness fell. The last thing he heard was Sister fruitlessly yelling at someone to let him go.

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When freak finally awoke he was in a great room on a stone dais in front of a huge stone archway, filled with swirling blue and white light. The room had rows and rows of benches surrounding the archway like a stadium. He was spread eagle, naked, hanging, seemingly, in the air, in front of the archway.

"Hello, what's going on?" Freak's voice trembled at the end. He was frightened and cold and felt so alone. Not even the comforting whispers of Sister could calm him down. Freak whimpered quietly.

Voices echoed off the walls in the vast room. "Do you think this would cause Our Lord to forgive are indiscretions Lucius?"

Freak looked up and around at who was talking. Six men, all dressed in black robes and white masks, were coming down the steps towards Freak. They surrounded the dais and the one with blonde hair moved to stand directly in front of freak, hiding the view of the archway.

"Of course he will, Macnair. We are making him a weapon out of this muggle trash." Freak could hear the sneer in the blonde one's voice. "Now start the ceremony."

With that five of them started to chant, and with that chanting the room lit up silver and gold. The blonde, Lucius, took a stick out of his sleeves. With a muttered word it glowed red. He started to chant as well. "鬼龍は、これは家臣やライブ生息しています。(1)"as he chanted he drew the stick over Freak's skin. It hurt.

Freak screamed as lines turned red then black on his skin. Blood leaked down from the lines as well. His neck, over his heart, in a ring around his biceps, and thighs were covered with swirls and symbols and lines etched into his flesh. When Lucius came around to his back he did a final incantation that created an extremely detail Japanese dragon on Freak's lower back.

The last thing freak saw was beautiful silver and gold ten tailed Dragon appear out of the veil. Then, nothing.

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When the dragon, called Ryuu, was forced into the small being called freak, it was overwhelmed with the shear torture the child had been through. It was also surprised that three other beings inhabited the body as well; a girl and two Phoenixes.

"Who are you" the Ryuu asked.

"I am Sister and this is Mother Magic." A white haired girl child said indicating herself, the red, orange, and gold phoenix, and the green, purple, and black phoenix. "I am another person created to be Freak's Sister and to protect him, and Mother Magic is the representation of his and my power."

Ryuu thought about that. Five beings inhabiting one body could cause sever damage to the host. "Young one…how would you like to have your own body?"

"I would love it! Can you really give me my own body?" Sister was ecstatic. She'd always wanted her own body. Don't get her wrong…she loves her little brother, but she would love to have a little separation from him.

" in order to do this I would have to split Freak in two and, using my Chakra to keep him alive, push you, half of me, and your phoenix into that half. Because I will literally be remaking the other half of both your bodies there might be physical side effects. Also I will be the main personality attached to freak. So watch out for him. The wild demon instincts are stronger for him." Ryuu explained hurriedly.

"Ok, what do I have to do?"


X Harry Potter X Naruto X Harry Potter X Naruto X Harry Potter X Naruto X Harry Potter X Naruto X

The Deatheaters watched as the glow faded from the room. "So is it done?" Macnair whispered.

"Yes it i…" Lucius was interrupted when the boy suddenly started to glow again. It was so bright that everyone had to look away. When they looked back the small boy was in the arms of a girl, with white hair and gold and silver streaks, about six years old (AN: they thought Harry was like three because of his size). She looked around at them before hissing and jumping into the veil. "I guess I was wrong. It didn't work."


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(1) Demon dragon, inhabit this vassal and live.