Disclaimer: Harry Potter is not mine by any stretch of the imagination. This is based off Bonds Of Love from the PlotBunny Farm by LucySaxonWrites (her new penname is Somewhere's Sword, although she has now left ffnet, I think)

[EDITED: 2/08/14]


Rustling leaves playfully somersaulted down the road, assisted only by the invisible hands of the wind. Midnight was quickly approaching, and with it a brand new day in a neighbourhood that enjoyed its monotonous life. Every house looked exactly the same as the one that had come before, and would look exactly the same as the one that came after. There seemed to be nothing different or unique about the neighbourhood with an exception to its remarkable neatness, but looks could always be deceiving.

A short gasp and panicked green eyes snapped open, breaths coming in harsh pants as the image of Harry's godfather, Sirius Black's, shocked face remained burned onto the back of his eyelids. The cackling laughter of the insane Bellatrix Lestrange still rung in his ears as he grappled for his glasses on the counter next to him. Sliding his glasses on, Harry glanced around the room, ensuring that the room was as empty as it had been when he had fallen asleep.

Assured that there were no insane Dark witches and wizards in his room, Harry allowed himself to relax, breathing out a nearly inaudible sigh of relief. It was no longer uncommon for him to be woken up by dreams of the latest highlight of his schooling career: the failed Ministry of Magic trip. Harry had been tricked by visions from the Dark Lord into thinking he would be saving his kidnapped godfather. Instead, Harry had been lured into a trap that had ended up killing his previously absent godfather.

The guilt of that reckless decision still weighed heavily on his mind, surrounded only by the helplessness he had felt while watching his godfather, and second last link to his parents, fall through the silvery-white veil. Harry could still clearly remember the whispers calling to him, as his honorary godfather, Remus Lupin, had held him back and saved his life.

His mind had been so filled with revenge and rage as he chased Sirius' murderer into the Atrium, allowing her childish taunts to fuel his already burning fury.

That hadn't been the confusing part though. The feeling of Voldemort's mind in his should have felt strange and utterly foreign, but it hadn't. It had almost felt as if their minds had been joined many times before, and they had merely forgotten. He felt as if he was missing something, when even his magic had not reacted to the strange, foreign-yet-not magic. He felt as if he was missing something important.

Harry had felt Voldemort's mind recoil in surprised shock when it had first made contact with his. Harry could not have told how long it had taken for Voldemort to leave, but it had not felt like a long time at all.

Knowing that he would probably not be getting anymore sleep that night, Harry sighed and rolled out of his warm bed. He was thankful that the Dursleys had allowed him to keep his trunk during the holidays, or Harry was sure he would have ended up going crazy with the amount of time he usually had before the Dursleys woke.

Harry's forehead furrowed as his hand brushed an object he didn't recognize near the bottom of his trunk. Curious, he moved his hand near the bottom of his trunk, hoping to find the strange object once more. As his hand closed around what he believed to be the right object, Harry felt a sudden panic grip him as he felt a pull at his navel that seemed similar to a portkey but also slightly different.

White light filled the small room, and Harry was forced to close his eyes as the light became too bright. No one else was awake to notice the strange light that came from one of the upper windows of Number 4 Privet Drive.

The light disappeared moments afterwards, taking a startled and panicked Harry Potter with it.

Very few witches and wizards were able to pick up the magical pulse that had been released as Harry Potter disappeared but thousands of miles away from each other, and many thousand more from the origin of the disturbance, crimson eyes narrowed and blue eyes twinkled.