The New Arrival

Chapter One

Board with a capital B

The reflection of the rain appeared in Carmen and Lilly's eyes as they stared out of the window of the dumping ground. "If we don't find something to do, I think I will actually die of boredom!" Lilly moaned at Carmen, who slightly leaned her body forwards in order to get a better look of the front garden.

"We could go back to your dads flat?" Carmen replied, "To see Shadow?" She then realised that if Lilly did say yes, it would mean they would both get drench by the rain.

"Wait a minute, who's that?" Lilly wondered to herself, not even recognizing that Carmen had spoken. At that moment, two figures walked out of a car. They seemed roughly the same size. Just as the figures were getting close enough for Lilly to see, Elektra stormed down the stairs knocking both Carmen and Lilly. "Watch out Elektra!" Shouted Lilly, while she began to stand.

"Yea, and what you ganna do about it?" Elektra bellowed, quickly lowering the volume of her voice as she left the hall and went into the living room. Suddenly a knock came at the door. Lilly and Carmen looked at each other and ran towards to the door. Slowly Carmen grasped held of the shiny door handle and pulled it towards her.

"Right, come on in." A familiar voice said from the other side of the door. Lilly face brightened up, she knew who's voice belong to.

"Tracy!" Lilly cheered. "You've come back!" The figure was indeed Tracy but who was the other figure? It was not someone Lilly had seen before. However, she did not seem very interested in finding out. Tracy walked in, but the second figure stay back and out of sight. Tracy was wearing a knee length pencil skirt, a black blazer and a clean white shirt. However, all her cloths had been damaged in the rain. She had her hair tied back in a messy bun and she had black shadows circling at the bottom of her eyes. As well as these strange features she did not seem to be wearing any make-up. This was unusual for Tracy, although she never seemed to wear a lot before; she had always found time before work to put a bit on. Carmen almost had to look twice, as she didn't seem to recognize that it was in fact Tracy.

"Hiya, girls!" Tracy said, in a friendly manner.

"What are you doing here? Have you come back to stay? "You not going to leave are you?" Lilly questioned, while hugging Tracy tightly.

"I just need to see Mike about something" Tracy replied hugging Lilly back. "Is he in?" Not long after she finished her reply, Mike came out of his office. In shock, he dropped his coffee down his shirt, leaving a light brown mark. However, he did not seem to mind, instead he ran to Tracy, with a large grin covering his face.

"Tracy, what are you doing here? I thought you'd gone to work in another care home." Mike asked.

"Yer I had, but…Well….I kinda became a social worker"

"Wow, that's great Tracy, well done. You know, I always knew you'd do great!" Mike claimed. Tracy gave him a quick smile, and then began to rub her nose. A second went passed, where there was complete silence. For Tracy, it seemed like the longest second ever. "What is it Tracy? What's the matter? Tracy come on, please, tell me." Mike pleaded, lifting his arms and placing them on Tracy damp shoulders. Tracy looked at Carmen and Lilly, and then back up at Mike. "Why don't you girls, go to the living room, while me and Tracy talked in the office for a minute.