Something You Need To Know (Part 2 of 3)

In the time passed, Colette and Aimee had found a large doorway to settle down in for the night. They rarely came across a house that would take them, and a doorway was usually the next best thing. Colette took out the blankets from her bag and placed them down, Aimee was stood up, staring out into the distance. She was just reflecting on the past two years, things hadn't gone well since her father died. Sighing, she sat in the door way, shivering as a gust of wind passed.

Colette passed her another blanket and Aimee gratefully wrapped it around her, savouring the warmth. She smiled at her mother, the only thing she had left. The 14 year old didn't know what she would do without her. She sighed yet again, getting comfortable. Her mother however, watched her with caring eyes. The woman was weak, and knew her time to go was soon.

She could see her daughter was growing tired, and Colette had things to get off her chest.

"Aimee...there's something you need to know". Aimee looked up at her mother, curious of what she had to say. It couldn't be anything bad surely. "There has something I've been keeping from you, because I thought you wouldn't need to know, but...the thing is...". Aimee gave her a bewildered look, followed by a gasp at her next words.

"You have a brother". Aimee was taken aback for a moment, surely her parents would have told her.

"What? Who is he? come I've never seen him?". Colette sighed, taking a deep yet shaking breath to talk,

"His name is L-Louis, and...your dad wasn't the f-father. And you have seen him...but you were just a year old. He left with his older friends around the age of 12. He didn't come back".

Aimee had plenty of questions and began to ask them all,

"What does he look like? Do you know where he went? Is...he still alive? And who-" she paused for a moment, "Who was the father?". Colette rubbed the back of her neck nervously, she didn't want to tell Aimee what had happened to her and that the father was still out there.

"He's still alive yes...I haven't seen him exactly but I know he's still alive. I can feel it. A-And don't you worry about who the f-father is. H-He won't bother us anymore". Aimee could tell something was up. She had never seen such a twinkle of fear in her mother's eye. The young girl was left to dwell on the news in silence for a while, until she saw her mother reach for the back of her neck.

She undid her silver cross necklace and took Aimee's hand, placing it into it. "This necklace...was given to me by my grandmother, Lillian Maria, because my mother didn't want it. Now, I want to give it to you". Aimee took the necklace excitedly and put it on,

"It's beautiful, I've always liked it". She admired for a moment before giving her mother a happy grin, "Thanks mum, it means a lot". Colette's lips curved into a smile, she was so glad Aimee wanted it. The woman took her the young girl's hand again,

"Aimee...I'm not sure how long I'm going to be around for", she started, but was interrupted by her daughter,
"Don't say things like that Mum!", her eyes wide with anxiety.

"Hush now, let me finish", Aimee silenced herself, interested in what she was going to say but dreading it at the same time, Colette continued,

"You mean the world to me darling, and we've been through a lot. With your father's passing, I wasn't sure if I was able to look after you on my own. And I did. But, if my time does come soon, I just want you to know...that I love you. I love you more than words can describe. Promise me you'll look after yourself, and you won't let anyone harm you, or do anything to you if you're not ready", she took her daughters face in her hands, "Promise me Aimee".

"I promise", Aimee whispered. Colette relaxed; she had a feeling her daughter would manage on her own, if something bad happened to herself. As much as she didn't want to leave her daughter, and knew it would devastate her, Colette knew she had to say such things. Letting go of her daughter, who she had grasped so gently but in a needy motherly way, she spoke again softly,

"Good night honey, see you in the morning". Aimee gave her mother a small smile,

"Goodnight mum". She lay back against the stone, softened by the blankets but still rather hard. There was silence, just the sound of the wind and the occasional person passing by, taking no notice of them like usual. Aimee was left to reflect. Her emotions were all over the place, but a yawn told her she needed sleep. She slowly drifted off into a sleep, dreaming of her past life. A life of no worries and a life were her family were at one with each other.