Hello, now that Captured in her Eyes is finished, I wanted to start a new Naruto story. The story was somewhat inspired by 'One Man Team', but mostly that concerns Naruto's mentality. He won't be an idiot in this story. This story contains Sasuke and Sakura bashing, perhaps it will end after some time and it's mainly Sakura bashing. So who doesn't like that shouldn't read this story. No pairings as of yet.

As usual I don't own Naruto and that holds true for the whole story. now I wish you fun reading.


A person clad in dark grey was rushing from one shadow of a house to another shadow. Nobody noticed as the person was fast. Nothing could be noticed that would identify the person. Just as it was the intention of said person. If he would be identified there would be massive accusations about him doing something illegal. Which would only result in him getting dragged to the old man again. No, he had other plans tonight. The empty streets of his home village, he used the term home very loosely, were working well for his plans. Finally he reached his hideout. He pressed a stone in a wall and said wall glided aside soundlessly, the wonders of silencing seals, and let him in. As soon as he had walked inside, the wall slid back, pretending nothing of interest could be found there.

The person lit a lantern and now features could be identified. The Person was about one meter and fifty in height, slim, male and wearing dark grey pants that were taped with black bandages at the ankles and a long sleeved grey shirt that was kept in place with grey arm guards. He wore black gloves with dull metal plates on the back. His head was hidden by a hood and a mask that only left his eyes uncovered. Now he pulled of the mask from his lower face and the hood down. Spiky yellow hair was revealed as were three whisker like birthmarks on the boy's cheeks.

He walked down the stairs behind the disguised door and reached a room after five minutes of walking down. He lit the lights and now the whole room was visible. The room was massive. It was rectangular and divided in six parts by shoulder high walls. Only one part was closed up completely, the one on the far left. Four parts were about the same size and two were double their size. He walked over to a wall in one of the smaller parts and took three sealing scrolls out of his pouch on his belt. He unrolled one scroll that was labelled with 'weapons' and began unsealing the contents.

Several shuriken and kunai, one short sword, two katanas, four kodachis, a chain sickle, a container with senbons, two windmill shuriken and four daggers were taken out of the sealing scroll and placed, sorted by kinds, in a shelf where other weapons were stored. The bigger weapons like the swords in various sizes went on the wall next to the shelf. Then the boy walked to another shelf in the neighbouring part, which was loaded with scrolls of different kinds. The single shelves were labelled with the category of the information in the scrolls.

One shelf had a sign for water, one for wind, one for fire, one for earth and one for lightning. Then there were non-elemental, taijutsu, kenjutsu, fuinjutsu, clan techniques, politics and noble families, geography, survival, and strategy. He again unsealed the contents of the second scroll and sorted the scrolls he took out into the respective categories. He would need to look them over later, but now he had other things to do. The last scroll he took out revealed to hold bags that jingled when they were moved. There were coins in them. Other bags rustled, there were bills in them. He stored the money in the bags in a safe next to the shelf with the scrolls.

"A good haul tonight." The boy said to himself. "I really like chunin exams. I always get many new supplies that way."

He went to the part that was on the farthest right side of the room. There was a small bathroom with a shower, a sink, a toilet and a bathtub in the back part and a kitchen in the front part. He turned the shower on and while he waited for the water to get warm he undressed. He tested the water and then stepped under the shower. He enjoyed the warm water for some time before he took the shower foam and cleaned his body. When he had washed it off, he shampooed his hair. Once he was clean, he turned off the water, walked out of the shower and took a towel from a stand. He dried his body and his hair before putting on night clothes. The part opposite the bathroom, the one completely separate from the rest of the room, was a bedroom with furniture he had made himself. He had a wardrobe, a bed, a night table and chest of drawers. The carpet, the blanket, the pillows and the mattress he had bought under a transformation jutsu.

Nobody, not even the old man Hokage knew about this hideout. While it was underground and therefore no natural light got inside, it was safe. A fact no other place in the whole village could claim to be for the boy. The least of all his official residence. Well, if anybody would look for him they would only find a shadow clone of his lying in the bed, pretending to be him. It was a really big stroke of luck that he had the habit of observing the true genin tests of the jonin senseis. Three years ago, when he had been nine, he had watched a strange jonin with spiky silver hair and a face mask like his, who only had one eye unveiled of his whole face, using the jutsu. First he had thought it was the normal clone the academy taught, but it was different as the clone could attack like the original. He had seen the handseal the jonin used and then begun training the jutsu.

Shadow clone jutsu had become his favourite jutsu. First, he could do much more with the support of shadow clones. Second, he had found out after two weeks after finally managing to do the jutsu, that whenever one of his clones dispelled, he and the other clones got the memories of the dispelled clone. It had helped him in his training immensely. The village was completely against him, that much he knew since he was a little boy. There were perhaps a handful of people that didn't hate him outright. He didn't know how often he had been in the hospital because of their hatred. But he had found ways to avoid it. He knew the only way to not be beaten up anymore was getting stronger than the ones who beat him. He didn't care if he hurt them anymore. Those who attacked him were going to pay.

But getting strong didn't happen overnight and he also needed to cover all his bases to not be executed on orders of the council, his biggest enemies in the village. He had found out the reason for their hatred five years ago. He had become smarter after stealing scrolls and books from old, unused storages in the academy. In his mind it wasn't wrong what he did, it was simply to survive in this screwed up village. While the Hokage was one of the few that didn't hate him and protected him, otherwise he was sure he would already be dead; he was too old and tired to do his job properly.

He, Naruto Uzumaki, or rather Namikaze, even if nobody knew he had figured that out, was the container of the Kyubi, the nine tailed fox that had attacked the village on the day he had been born. And for some reason the whole village had been informed about that fact and hated him for the connection with the fox. As if he had chosen to become the container of that demon. But no, they saw him as the fox. Stupid bastards. Even he with his self taught knowledge in sealing knew that he and the fox were two separate entities. One day when he had been cleaning the storage rooms in the Hokage Tower after a prank, his only real way to show his frustration with the village, he had found a box with the kanji for fourth on it. He had freed the box of dust when a badly placed nodachi fell from an upper shelf and nicked his arm. Some of the blood from the wound dropped on the seal that kept the box closed and the seal opened much to Naruto's surprise.

He quickly bandaged the wound on his arm with the already ruined sleeve of his jacket and then opened the box. He found a few personal things the Yondaime had left: a marriage certificate and his own birth certificate which stated that his parents were Minato Namikaze and Kushina Namikaze nee Uzumaki. He had been shocked to find that out, but knew he only would have this one chance to see if his father and mother had left him something. For some reason the Hokage had lied to him that he didn't know who his parents were. He was hurt that the old man had lied to him and decided to not tell him that he knew now. In the box were some documents for bank accounts, he saw that he should have inherited quite a fortune, the deed to a bit of land on the outskirts of Konoha, he would check the place out later he decided, and some pictures of his parents, those he took and hid them on his body. He guessed that if there was still a house left much would be kept there.

Checking out the place had been a really good idea. He found a small house, only the ground floor, first floor and a basement, but it was obvious that the one responsible for the interior had chosen it with love to detail. Finding the house had been difficult as it had been hidden with seals again, no wonder with his dad's reputation as a genius, but after four hours of searching he had found the seal that let him inside. He found a small shelf of jutsus, many notes on sealing with the Uzumaki spiral on them, a book about the Uzumaki clan of Whirlpool Country and one about the Namikaze Clan of Fire Country. By now he had read the two books and knew his clans' histories.

It made him all the more resentful towards Konoha's general population. He should have been treated like royalty. Even if he would have been happy enough to be treated like everybody else. From the book of the Namikaze clan he found out that the daughter of the Nidaime Hokage had married the heir of the Namikaze clan, which made his father the grandson of the Nidaime and himself his great-grandson. The Shodai was his great-granduncle. The only Hokage he wasn't related with was the Sandaime and even the old man treated him like a second grandson.

He was also related to the Shodai's wife, Mito, who had been born an Uzumaki and married Hashirama Senju in a political marriage to strengthen the bonds between Konoha and Uzushio more than the distant relationship between the Senju and the Uzumaki already did. Mito Uzumaki had been his mother's grandaunt. He also had found both his parents' journals which informed him that since Mito, it had always been an Uzumaki who contained the Kyubi. His mother had written how she had come to Konoha to take over for the old Mito. How she hadn't been ostracized for the fox as nobody but the Sandaime and the highest advisors knew of it. Why the hell hadn't they done the same for him? Why let the villagers know that he was a jinchuriki? It made no sense.

He lifted the blanket of his bed and climbed into the bed. He lay down after setting the alarm clock. He looked at the picture of his parents on the nightstand and smiled. He would have to be at the academy the next morning and he didn't want to get too much unwanted attention. While he maintained the image of an idiot, it was simply safer to let the villagers think he wasn't a threat until he was ready to just give them hell; he didn't skip classes unless he was thrown out. It had been the constant attempts on sabotage that had him develop his resentments against the village. If he could only get away, but he knew that wouldn't be allowed and he couldn't escape the ANBU. No, he first needed to get to that level. Let them all underestimate him. As long as the Hokage kept the worst attacks at bay, he would persevere. There hadn't been any serious attacks in five years. Logical as the most vicious attackers had always been the Uchiha.

But with them controlling the Military Police there had been nothing done against them. Officially, if one of the attackers had been caught they had been disciplined, but unofficially he knew that they got away with it. He had been one of the few people to be happy about the Uchiha massacre. In his opinion Itachi Uchiha had done a good deed killing them all. And he himself had also profited. He had already found his current hideout three weeks prior to the Uchiha massacre. It had been a big coincidence. He had run from another mob of drunken villagers when he had been looking for a hiding place in the narrow alley. He had leaned against the stone that activated the mechanism, with the stone being really low in the wall it was no wonder that the place hadn't been found already, and had fallen back into the dark corridor, only for the wall to slide back.

At first he had panicked in the dark, then he had calmed down and lit a match to see where he was. The lantern had been there already and he had lit it to explore the place. The whole underground room had been packed with some creepy things; he had thrown most of them out after getting over his queasy stomach, and many useful things. Some of the things were horrible. Like body parts in glasses with some fluid to preserve them. Thankfully those had been really few. Perhaps ten or so. The other things were much more useful to him. A shelf with some jutsu scrolls, some weapons, medical equipment, medical scrolls, information on poisons and the said poisons in bottles, and some machines he was pretty sure were used for torturing people.

The machines were now stored in the second part of the room on the left side. He stored all the things he didn't really need there, but didn't want to throw away. Who knew when something could be useful, even if he didn't know if he would ever go into T&I. The night after the Uchiha massacre he had sneaked into the empty compound and had looked for any left over scrolls or weapons he could add to his possessions in the secret room. He had found quite a lot of them, even if it could be nowhere near the whole amount of jutsus that the Uchiha had possessed. He had a big sack with him and put them all inside. There was no way he would leave that kind of knowledge behind for the bastard village to profit from when the Uchihas in his opinion had to make up a lot to him. Thankfully no guards were placed around the compound so it was easy to sneak in there. They were all busy with hunting the culprit. In that night he had got twenty seven scrolls with jutsus of all kinds. Most were fire jutsus. He didn't want to risk getting caught by accident and returned to his hideout.

Over the coming weeks he had gone to the Uchiha compound twice more, but the cleaning crews had obviously already collected the remaining good things. Well, he had got a good haul himself and now had a lot of jutsus he could learn.

With the scrolls of the hideout, his stolen scrolls and books from the academy and the Uchiha scrolls he learned a lot about taijutsu, the medical scrolls came in very handy as they explained where a body was most vulnerable, genjutsu, he sucked in that area in the beginning, and ninjutsu. He soon realized that his main problem was chakra control. He had so much chakra and so little control that it messed with his jutsus at the academy. Thankfully there was a scroll that described all known chakra control exercises with the medical scrolls. He was really grateful to have found this place. While the previous owner had to be a creep, he obviously had also been a good shinobi.

Since then Naruto had trained in the secret room, learned how to prevent the villagers overcharging him, mainly by hunting in the woods for meat and fish, collecting edible plants and growing some vegetables on a small field he had started four miles away from the village in a part of the woods no normal ninja came usually along. The civilians didn't leave the main roads if they travelled outside of Konoha so his hidden field was safe. He worked out in peace, he knew the exercises by spying on genin teams which were trained by their jonin senseis, trained his weapon techniques as well as it was possible without a training partner, worked through the chakra control exercises and started on low level ninjutsu.

It was morning and Naruto got ready for the next day of torture. He hated having to pretend being an idiot. He should be praised as a genius; he knew he could beat all the chunin in the village by now and most of the jonin. The only ones he was not so sure about were the elite jonin, the ANBU and of course the Hokage. He was just twelve after all and while he was strong and had more physical power than all other kids his age, including the boy that imitated Gai Maito, the best taijutsu master of the village, he was limited in what his body could take. He had the advantage that the Kyubi healed his injuries over night, which included his muscles that tore from training. Over the last year he had prepared massively for his chances to get out of the village on missions. It was the last year he would be a civilian. He had played with the idea to graduate early, but his chances were better with his age group. Being the son of the Yondaime Hokage he would have to be able to defend himself against enemies of his father that could recognize him.

After some time he had come to the conclusion that that probably was the reason for the lies of the Hokage. The old man always tried to protect him, but didn't have that much success. The civilian council had too much political power for the old man to control all parts of the village life. And before he wasn't a ninja, he wouldn't be under the Hokage's power. While the Hokage as his official guardian was always included in his punishments for the pranks, mostly the civilian council tried to screw him over there again. And with the ninja part of the council being mostly neglecting him, there was no chance for him to get back at the civilian council right now. Thankfully the graduation exams were in two days. Then he would finally get out of the academy, get a jonin sensei and could start to show his abilities. Well, depending on the jonin, but he normally could trust the old man to not set him up with another demon hater. There were some jonin that would at least treat him neutrally.

He left the room and turned off the lights. He took the lit lantern and walked up to the entrance. There was a spy hole in the wall to let him check if there were any people outside, but nomally the narrow alley was empty. There were after all no house entrances in the alley and it was too narrow to really store things. A few trash cans were at one end, but that was it. He opened the wall and stepped out. He was wearing the orange abomination that the only shop owner that had even sold him clothes had thought appropriate clothes for him. Of course he had been overcharged, but the next night he had taken the things he had paid for with the money that had been demanded from him illegally. He always did this. If one shop owner overcharged him or kicked him out, he took what the shop owner owed him or pranked the shop that kicked him out.

Of course nobody knew about his compensation. The council would have a field day. But as nobody could prove anything and they never found any of the stolen things in his possession, they had no case and the Hokage had refused to let them punish him without proof. Since the day he had learned shadow clones, he had sent a shadow clone to pretend to train on a training ground everyday. His clone pretended to really suck but to never give up. The only true thing about his personality he showed the village was the never-give-up attitude. Everything else was faked.

Naruto reached the academy and sat down in the back of the room, laying his head on the table and trying to get a bit more sleep. Nobody would really mind it. The only teacher that tried to get him to pay attention was Iruka Umino. Naruto knew that Iruka also disliked him for the fox, but the chunin was at least professional enough to not let it influence his work. For that attitude alone Naruto respected Iruka. He didn't like him, but he respected him.

Naruto woke up again when the class's top Uchiha fangirls, Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka had their daily loud entry. Really, all that effort for an emo whose only ambition in life was to kill Itachi. And the bastard wasn't even that strong. Sure, for an academy student he was strong, but with all the help he had been offered by several ninja in the village he should already be chunin by now. He could have graduated two years ago if he had chosen so, but he didn't. Naruto knew that Sasuke wasn't as good a ninja as his older brother had been and would never be. Itachi was a rare genius. Smart and powerful. It didn't happen often that those two traits came together in somebody as young as Itachi had been when he graduated. Genin with seven, Chunin with ten, Jonin with twelve and ANBU captain with thirteen. That was an impressive record.

Sasuke was too obsessed with revenge to reach his full potential; his hatred of Itachi was holding him back. While he trained a lot, he focused on the things his clan had taught him before they were all killed. Which meant, he had a solid understanding of the Uchiha taijutsu style, which depended on the sharingan, which Sasuke didn't have activated yet. He also knew a C-rank fire jutsu, the great fireball jutsu which Naruto knew the Uchihas had really liked using, when they could get away with it also on him, Sasuke was top in his academics, the basic three ninjutsu taught at the academy and with his thrown weapons. But the whole talking about beating Itachi one day lacked his skills in anything outside that knowledge and skill.

He didn't know genjutsu, which even Naruto after thousands of collective hours of chakra control training (that had become so much easier with shadow clones) had been able to learn, didn't have a weapon besides the standard kunai and shuriken he had learned to use in combat, Naruto had chosen to follow the Sandaime's example and learn to use a bo staff and also knew how to use a tanto as a back-up weapon, he knew nothing about seals, a skill Naruto in the ambition to follow in his parents' footsteps had mastered by now, and his usage of other tools was lacking massively.

No, while Sasuke was skilled for a normal ninja of his age he was far from a genius. That title was given away way too easy nowadays. The Hyuga genius Neji of last year, Sasuke of this year, and probably the other years had also had a genius in them. Naruto hadn't really cared about it.

Now the two cat-fighting girls tried to solve the matter who would be allowed to sit next to their crush. What else was new? If they would have looked they would have noticed that there were two seats next to the bastard. And said emo didn't even give them any attention. He just brooded as always.

Finally Iruka arrived and sent both girls to seats away from Sasuke and started with repetition for the exams. Naruto would do what was necessary to pass the test, but not much more. He wanted to score low to be put on the same team as Sasuke, the only one that would be guaranteed to be passed. There was simply no way that the precious Uchiha would be allowed to fail his true genin exam. And to keep him happy he would be assigned a strong jonin that could teach him a lot. Well, with Naruto's perfected espionage skills he would get the same advantages once he got the team to pass. He knew a bit about the jonins that normally took on teams. To pass a test he would only have to know which one he got as a sensei and act accordingly. He even knew what Kakashi Hatake, the strange jonin he had copied the shadow clone jutsu from, wanted from his teams. The man was a great believer in teamwork. Not that hard to achieve, if he got the emo to cooperate to pass.

The jutsu they were repeating today was the transformation. Well, Naruto had his own version which he used to embarrass Iruka. The Sexy jutsu. A real transformation contrary to the normal illusion. Not that anybody knew about this difference. Naruto had created that jutsu to distract pursuers and knock them out. He swore the village was made of over ninety-five percent perverts. Iruka was blown back by a giant nosebleed. Naruto then took the safe option and fled the classroom where nearly all the girls wanted to castrate him for using such a jutsu in their presence. He went to Ichiraku's and ordered seven bowls of ramen. While it was part of his mask, Naruto really liked the ramen at Ichiraku's. He disliked the packed ramen that the stores sold. He just had had too much of it when he was younger. It was the only food he could afford and cook with his limited skills. The ramen at Ichiraku's were better and healthier. He got some of the meat, fish and vegetables his body needed from here. While there was a lot of salt in the broth, with the Kyubi's chakra helping keeping him healthy, there was not much to fear.

He had started hunting and fishing two months after finding the secret room, which gave the fox more nutrients to work with. His vegetable field then added to his diet once his efforts to grow vegetables bore fruit. Naruto learned how to live of the land. With the mild climate in Fire Country he didn't have to fear about massively cold weather that would make it impossible to grow things. He also collected nuts and fruits from the trees and bushes in the forest to add to his diet. It showed in him finally having a growth spurt. When he had started at the academy he had been one of the smallest children in class. Once he turned nine he was one of the tallest. Understandable when he saw the pictures of his father. Minato Namikaze had been tall.

While getting fresh milk and eggs had been a bit of a problem in the beginning, once he had mastered the transformation jutsu that problem had been solved. He went to buy the things he needed and couldn't hunt or grow in disguise and got them without a problem. He didn't buy everything he needed because he didn't want to give the people that hated him his money. He could do better things with them, like waiting for the merchant caravan that came to Konoha twice a year and buy the things he wanted from them. He had bought his new outfit, one that he would use once he became a ninja, during their last visit. In one week and two days, the day when the teams were assigned he would present it the first time.

Finally it was the day of the graduation exams. Naruto answered just enough questions correctly to pass this part and not get in trouble if he didn't do too well on the ninjutsu part. He didn't know how the teachers would take his clone jutsu. Weapon throwing and taijutsu he did average in, it was okay for him to beat a student from a civilian family with his street brawler style. He wouldn't reveal that he was proficient in both the Uzumaki and the Namikaze taijutsu styles. That would wait until he was sure nobody could screw him over anymore. Then it was time for the last part. Iruka announced that they would have to show the clone jutsu. Naruto sighed. This was definitely another attempt of the council to screw him over. It was well-known that he was lousy at this jutsu. But with all his control training he would be able to deceive them.

He went into the room where Iruka and Mizuki were waiting to test him on the jutsu. Naruto, who wanted to graduate, concentrated hard to reduce the amount of chakra he used to the least possible amount he could manage.

"Clone jutsu." He shouted and a cloud of smoke appeared.

When the smoke cleared, there were twenty Naruto's that could just be called proper clones. The coloration was a little bit too weak, but they were workable clones. Naruto breathed out in relief. Iruka would accept this, even if it wasn't perfect.

"Well, that's a surprise Naruto. There was no need to make so many clones." Iruka said surprised that Naruto had managed to do the jutsu. He had never got it down before.

"Well, Iruka sensei. I trained really hard for this jutsu and somehow this is the least possible amount of clones I can make and it is still really hard." Naruto said rubbing his head embarrassedly.

'Damn that demon brat. This is an acceptable result. Iruka will pass him now and I can forget my plan to use him to steal the scroll. I was sure he would fail.' Mizuki mentally ranted.

"Hm, you definitely improved a lot. You pass, Naruto, even if you should still continue to work on this jutsu until you can make your clones perfect. They need a little bit more colour." Iruka commented and held out a headband.

"Will do, Iruka sensei, thanks." Naruto said, not even faking his happiness for graduating.

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