Remember when we were little and Mom and Dad took us to the lake? Uncle Chris brought his jet ski and we each took turns on it, but I kept falling off, so you went on with me? Remember how I ended up flopping off anyway, but I accidentally pulled you off with me? I thought you'd refuse to ever ride it again with me, but you didn't.

Remember on your first day of second grade, I got jealous that you were going to school and I still wasn't old enough, so I purposely spilled bright red cranberry juice all over your white shirt? I thought you would kill me, but you didn't.

Remember when I was in sixth grade and I dated that badass jerk? You warned me that he would break my heart, but I didn't listen and loved him anyway, and then he did break my heart. I thought you'd smirk and shame me even more than Mom and Dad, but you didn't.

Remember that time I dropped your brand new Iphone in the toilet because I was angry at you. God, I thought you would destroy my Ipod, but you didn't.

And remember when you got your first girlfriend, Bailey, but she annoyed me, so I broke you guys up? I thought you would hold it against me forever, but you didn't.

Remember all those times I slammed the door in your face and yelled at you? I thought you would do the same to me, but you didn't.

Remember how I cried when Mom and Dad sent you off to boarding school? I was so devastated, but I'd never show it...pride was always ahead of me. Then at the airport, you went to hug me goodbye, and I broke, sobs and everything. I thought you were definitely going to use it as an excuse to make fun of me, but you didn't.

Remember how I used to write to you all the time, and even in my letters, I'd ask how your fainting fits were going just to annoy you. After all those snide letters, I thought you'd stop replying, but you didn't.

Remember how when we were little, you promised that you'd always be my big brother, and you'd always catch me in my darkest hour? But you didn't.

There were so many things we missed out on as siblings...visiting the lake again, first day of high school, meeting each other's future fiancees, growing old and saying, "That there's my brother, and he is honestly the best brother a girl could ever want." There were lots of things you didn't do, but you put up with your little sister's whinging and stupid tantrums, my hysterical cries and pettish problems, and even my teases and my taunts. But you always loved me, even when no one else did. And when I found out that the plane carrying you home had crashed, I had never felt more alone in my entire life.

There were tons of things that I wanted to say to you, wanted to apologize for, when you returned from boarding school and was rescued from that island.

But you didn't