Some notes from Archsage:

Hello audience! This is a SYOC fic, which I've been DYING to write. The form for the main characters is at the bottom of this chapter, while the form for the minor characters is in chapter 2. I'm going to explain to you a little about the story arcs and whatnot, and I will be putting my progress in this chapter.

So, if you noticed, this chapter should be entitled 'Arc 1: Suspicion - 1 Prologue'. Yes, this story is in Arcs, and each Arc is pretty long... XD Each Arc has a kind of central theme to it, and the Arc number will be written at the beginning of each Arc. Next, there is a 1 which is the chapter number, and the name of the chapter. I'm going to give you a list of the Arcs in which I kind of have idea already planned out, as well as how long I expect each of them to be, but the approximatations aren't accurate at all XD:

Arc 1: Suspicion (7-10 chapters)

Arc 2: Collapse (7-10 chapters)

Arc 3: Portal (17-25 chapters)

Arc 4: Showdown (10-13 chapters)

Arc 5: Destruction (1-3 chapters)


And that's the info for the Arcs. Now, something I like to call the soundtrack... :) I will basically be putting some OSTs from various video games at some of the beginning of chapters and chapter breaks in this story, and I recommend you turning those songs on while reading te section. I will probably start to introduce this once things start crashing down.

Now, please enjoy! :D

"I have gathered you all here for an important announcement." Master Hand paused for a moment, then continued, "As you all know, we are going to begin the production of the fourth installment of our Super Smash Bros. Series." A chorus of nods and murmurs echoed through the audience chamber. "...And thus, we are going to be welcoming 10 newcomers to the Smash Mansion."

"Are you insane?! There are already 35 of us here, and we've already burnt down the mansion, set multiple people's hair on fire, had rebuilt the mansion, then got half of it exploded, and every single day there's so much noise that I can't even here myself think! And you want to add another 10 people?!" Falco protested.

After the anthro's speech, the volume of murmurs and grumbling gradually increased to shouting and throwing things at each other, along with a lot of screaming and yelling of colourful language.

"SILENCE!" Master Hand shouted, using magic to greatly enhance the volume of his voice. The chamber was then immediately shrouded in silence. Master Hand cleared his throat and continued.

"As I was saying, before you so rudely interrupted me... We will be having 10 newcomers, AND we will be completely renovating the Smash Mansion. We are doubling the size of the current mansion. Everybody will be able to have their own rooms now, instead of having roommates, including the newcomers. The smash arena will be able to hold 6 Smashers at once, and we have increased the size of the library, training area and cafeteria for your comfort."

A few whoops and cheers were heard.

"... I am glad everybody agrees to that. Now, about these new Smashers. I an currently choosing 10 of the most promising Smashers from many different universes to add to our team. I have already chosen some of them, and expect a few more new guests to arrive for the next week or so. Would the first few newcomers I have chosen please step forward..."

Only the best of the best are being accepted now that the 10 starter Newcomers have been accepted.

~~~OC Submission Form~~~


Name: (you don't have to have a last name, but you can if you want)
Gender: (self explanatory)
Age: (No younger than 14, unless you're from Mother/Earthbound)
Universe of Origin: (Is your character from Fire Emblem? Mario? Legend of Zelda? Metroid? They can also be from Earth or from 'unknown' if you want :D)
Open to romance?: (yes or no)
Open to death of OC?: (yes or no, and be sure the death of the OC, if I decide to include it, will be much later in the story)


Physical appearance: (just what the character looks like, don't put their clothes here)
Casual attire: (Clothing when they are not battling and just chilling at the Mansion)
Fighting attire: (Clothes they wear when they are fighting)


Overall personality: (Just kind of a basic overview)
Likes what kinds of people as friends?: (You can name some people they would be friends with)
Dislikes what kinds of people?: (Name some people they won't really like)
Pet peeves: (come on, we all have some XD)
Talents: (other than combat)
Weaknesses: (not in combat)
OPTIONAL Any phobias or fears?:
Why do they want to be a Smasher?: (Two or three sentences is enough)


Any special techniques/secret moves?:
Weapon(s) of choice:
Final Smash:


(Here you can put a backstory, any family members, etc...)

Here's an example of a filled-out form (this is my character, who is a mix of a bunch of other characters I made XD):


Name: Glaive Ailyer

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Universe of Origin: Unknown

Open to romance?: Sort of, only if someone really catches his attention

Open to death of OC?: Yes


Physical appearance: 5 foot 9 inches, slender and well-built. He has tanned skin and unkempt black hair with a few brown streaks. His hair is shoulder length and has bangs that cover his forehead and parts of his eyes, as well as bangs that frams his face. Right eye is gold and left eye is dark blue.

Casual attire: An undershirt with either a sweater or dress shirt over it, sometimes a cloak when it gets colder. Dark coloured pants, socks and a pair of boots. Also has his fingerless gloves and weapons on him.

Fighting attire: Dark blue tunic with a gold trim. The sleeves reach a little past the elbows and the tunic ends rust above the knees. Has white pants under that with black boots that reach mid-shin. Has a shoulder guard and two arm guards, along with having both of his hands bandaged up with a black fingerless glove on his left arm. Has a belt tied to his waist, and this is where he keeps his two swords. Also hides his dagger-chain in his left arm guard.


Overall personality: Glaive is extremely calm and composed all the time, usually seen with a hint of a smile. He prefers to keep to himself but will politely make small chat with anyone who approaces him. He trusts nobody, but if you somehow manage to gain his trust, he becomes slightly clingy, overprotective and chattier. He is respectful to people of authority, but if they were to start annoying him, he'd send them sarcastic retorts. If anyone else were to insult him, he'd either ignore them or calmy send an insult back. He may be composed and calm, but if someone were to compliment him a lot, he'd get flustered.

Likes what kinds of people as friends?: People who are fun, smart and work hard. Also calm and quiet people. Someone who could listen to him and not talk for hours on end. Some friends would be Marth, Link, Wolf, Snake and Zelda.

Dislikes what kinds of people?: Overly hyper, too cutesy, rude, obnoxious and too energetic people. In other words, people who can't calm down. A few examples would be Peach, Jigglypuff, Bowser and Wario.

Pet peeves: Overly cutesly people or things bother him. A lot.

Talents: Painting/sketching, writing fiction, singing

Weaknesses: Terrible swimmer, terrible cook, very clumsy outside of battle

Any phobias or fears?: Very scared of heights, will start freaking out if higher than 2 meters off the ground

Why do they want to be a Smasher?: He wants to become stronger, and he thinks that this is the perfect oppotunity. He also wants to train with the elite, and protect the people he cares about.


Any special techniques/secret moves?: His chain and dagger are used for grappling and choking. Also, he has the ability to cut shadows. For example, if he were to run his sword along the shadow of someone's neck gently, a scratch would appear on that person's neck. If they were to stab the person's shadow's chest, HARD, the victim would get stabbed. Whatever happens ot the shadows happens ot the victim. He saves this surprise technique for a finishing blow or if he's on the losing side.

Weapon(s) of choice: 2 twin blades, called the 'Shadow Hunters' (get it? I'm clever ain't I XD), and a chain attached to a dagger.

Strengths: Very swift and agile, can dodge a lot.

Weaknesses: Not very powerful and if he gets hit, it hurts him. A LOT.

Final Smash: Dark Plague - Anyone on the stage who is on the ground when he does his attack gets hit. They each take 80% damage and are momentarily stunned, but with no knockback. While they are stunned, Glaive can charge up an attack near them and send them flying. Fairly easy to dodge if you know its coming, if not, WATCH OUT.


Nothing much. XD

And that's all, folks! :D Send those in through PM, folks, and I'll go through all of them!