"I wouldn't dare Sandra." He walked up to her room with her, it was clear to see just how hurt she was, the look of sadness in her eyes was almost to hard for him to cope with but he had to remain strong for her. It was getting late and she'd taken all her make-up off by this point, the pain was clear.

Her face was ghostly colour of pale, while her normally bright sparkly eyes looked dull and sunken. The tears in her eyes were unmistakable but they weren't spilling out of her eyes. Her hair was up in a messy bun like she just wasn't bothered anymore.

"Sandra, you can tell me anything you know." She looked at Gerry and gave him a smile, it wasn't a proper one. With the mood in the she wasn't capable of properly smiling but the fake one plastered slightly across her face proved she was trying.

"Come on, get into bed." She did as she was told, it seemed like she'd just given up. There was no fight left in her. This worried Gerry, he had a fear of just how low she was feeling but was scared of asking for fear of the answer. But she knew he was there for her, he'd told her so.

Gerry got into the bed next to her and his actions took him by surprise. She rolled over and faced him and then moved herself closer to him. She was desperate to feel some warmth, to feel a positive feeling most of all though she just needed to be with someone, to be near them, to feel like someone cared. To feel like she was important to someone and not as useless as she felt.

"Thank you." She whispered as she just lay there with her eyes closed, pretending to be asleep so Gerry would go to sleep. She felt bad for letting herself be like this around him. What was he going to think of her? But most of all she felt bad for bringing him down with her mood and relying on him to help her. She felt selfish. She was scared he'd leave her and then she really would be alone.

Once she had made sure Gerry was sound asleep she got up out of bed and walked down the stairs. She wasn't entirely sure what she was doing but being in bed trying to sleep was not helping in the slightest, in fact it was making things worse. It gave her time to think, she didn't want to think. She sat on the floor not knowing what to do and now she was alone she let the tears flow.

"Sandra? What are you doing?" Gerry asked from behind her, which scared her. She turned to face him, the fact she'd been crying just a second before quite evident from the reddy colour of her face. "What's wrong?" Gerry asked.

"Nothing, I'm fine, I'm just tired." Sandra replied trying to keep her voice steady so he couldn't tell that she was lying to him. She'd told him this quite simply because it was the easiest things she could say that seemed even slightly believable.

"I don't believe you. Tell me the truth." Now she knew he cared and that he'd never leave her. Normally people accepted her story because she felt they weren't bothered about the truth. Now she'd found someone who was bothered, he was going to help her no matter what she did or how bad she felt about it. He was there.

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