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Summary: Kuroko is still trying to improve himself and his style in basketball. In desperation to catch up with the rest of his teamates, he looks around for oppurtunities to become stronger. Then one day, he recives a phone call from his middle school coach, saying that The Generation of Miracles were reforming in a summer camp! Kuroko thinks on it long and hard. Will he decide to go back to them to improve himself? Will he return stronger, or will he not improve?!


Chapter 1- Falling Behind

Kuroko sat down on the bench in the gym. He had been benched during this practice game. He was breathing hard. Their practice oppents were really difficult this week, he was unable to maintain his stamina.

Riko crossed her arms as she watched as the rest of the team continued to play with their all. She often glanced at Kuroko. She had noticed that out of all of the other teammates, Kuroko was the one who hadn't made much progress.

She looked down at him, she wanted to ask him how his training was going, but words just didn't seem to form in her mouth. She bit her lip and turned back to the game.

Kuroko noticed her staring, when she looked away, he got up and slipped out of the gym. He walked to the locker room and sat down on the bench in there.

'I want to become stronger...I know I said that I was going to find a new style...but...it's much harder than I thought it'd be.' he thought.

He looked up as he heard the whistle, declaring the end of the game. Seirin had won this match. It was no shock to him though, all the others had improved enough to make the results in this game great. It was only him who done nothing to effect the game.

He stood up and began getting dressed to go home. He heard the door to the locker room open and saw the others were coming in to get dressed.

"Good work." he muttered quietly, but no one seemed to hear him, they were all congradulating each other.

Kuroko looked down and stuffed his gym clothes into his bag and shut his locker and then slipped past them as if he were never there.

Hyuga wiped his face with a towel and then looked around. "Hey, where is Kuroko?" he asked.

The Seirin team looked around and shrugged. "He might have already went home." he said. "Did he even come to practice?" Mitobe asked.

Teppei smiled. "He was here, it may not seem like it, but he played in the game for a short while." he said with a slight laugh. "His lack-of-presence is really scary sometimes." he muttered and finished dressing.

"Kagami, do you know where Kuroko went?" Hyuga asked.

Kagami frowned. "Am I supposed to keep up with him, how should I know." he said and shut his locker and threw his bag over his shoulder and walked out.

"Well you are friends, aren't you?" Hyuga asked and sighed.

Kagami had already left as well. He stopped by the drink machines to get a drink. He took gulps out of the can as he walked home.

Meanwhile Kuroko was on his way home as well. It was night by the time he got home. He wasn't in a rush today, so he walked slowly. He took that time to think about different techniques that he could use to create his new styles. Despite his efforts, once again he had nothing in mind. He went up to his room and sat down on his bed.

Kuroko looked over on his desk. There was a picture of him and Aomine together when they were in middle school. Aomine had his arm around Kuroko's neck and was rubbing his fist to Kuroko's head. He sighed and laid down on his bed and stared at the picture.

"Aomine...I will defeat you." he whispered and closed his eyes. He closed his eyes and sighed again.

A few moments his house phone rang. He turned over and was trying to sleep. He heard footsteps coming up to his room. He then heard a soft knock.

"Tetsuya, you have a phone call." his mother said through the door.

Kuroko blinked and got up curiously and opened the door. He took the phone and went and sat on his bed.

"Hello." he said into the phone.

'Ah, Tetsuya-kun. It's been a while. How have you been?'

"Coach? What is it?" Kuroko asked confused. It was his coach from Teiko. He got up and walked across the room and shut his bedroom door.

'I hear you are looking for a way to improve yourself, am I mistaken?' his old coach said.

Kuroko blinked and then went and stood by his window.

"So?" he said.

'Well I have an idea. Listen, Teiko has decided to have a summer reunion with the Generation of Miracles. We want the six of you to come play for us this summer at a summer camp. I can assure you Kuroko, by the time you get finished with the program, you will be stronger, just like you've wanted right? So what do you say?' he asked.

Kuroko paused for a moment. "Why does this concern me?" he asked.

'Nonsense Kuroko! You were a part of the team to, even though you were often forgotten, you were still there! Just come to the camp and I can guarantee you won't be sorry.' he said.

Kuroko looked out his window. "I can't. Seirin has a summer camp this year to. I can't just leave them." he said.

'Kuroko-chan...this is a big oppurtunity. Your old teamates have all agreed to do it. Won't you come play for us once more, just for this summer camp? After that you can return to Seirin, I mean it's not like we're asking you to leave permantly! You don't even have to transfer here, it's just the summer camp.' he said.

Kuroko shifted and thought for a moment. "I don't know." he said.

He heard his coach sigh on the other end.

'Kuroko-chan, at least think about it. The summer camp begins the day of summer vacation. If you are coming, we are meeting up at the bus station at ten o'clock. If you show up it would mean a lot. If you don't, i'll take it as you declining the offer. This is a really big oppurtunity...don't miss out Kuroko-chan. I hope to see you then. Bye.' he said and hung up.

Kuroko hung up as well and sat down on his bed and stared at the floor. The offer really was a good one, but he felt like he would be betraying his friends. He looked at the clock and shook his head. He had to get to bed, there was a morning practice tomorrow.

He laid down and covered up and tried to find sleep. The thought of the Teiko summer camp was really weighing on his mind...

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