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Chapter 3- The Training Begins!

Kuroko had woken up early the next morning. He glanced tiredly at his clock and yawned. He stretched and got up and walked over to his dresser and looked for something to wear. He paused for a moment as he spotted a familiar uniform in his dresser. He sighed and picked it up and laid it across his bed. It was his old uniform from middle school. He felt weird by just looking at it. He sighed and grabbed a towel and went to take a quick shower.

When he finished his shower, Kuroko got dressed in his old uniform and looked in the mirror. It still fit him well. He felt uncomfortable in these clothes; he felt like he was betraying his current team. Kuroko shook his head of all the negative thoughts and packed up and left for the station.

Meanwhile Seirin was on their way to the bus station. Riko yawned and stretched as she walked beside the boys. Kagami was walking in the back, a grumpy frown on his face. Ever since he had yelled at Kuroko, everyone was giving him a bit of the cold shoulder. He was upset too! He didn't mean to yell at Kuroko the way he did. He had just been really agitated lately with his training.

It wasn't like he didn't feel bad for what he said - he did. Kuroko was his friend, and he knew that he shouldn't have lashed out like he did. He was just really irritated for some reason. He knew he should've apologized. But Kagami, being the person he was, he's just too pigheaded to admit he was wrong out loud.

He gave a silent sigh as they approached the benches to the bus stop. He let out a sleepy yawn and shoved his hands into his pockets. He had a scowl on his face that made people passing by think he was an average punk.

Kiyoshi walked over to Riko and yawned. "What time will the bus be here?" he asked smiling his usual grin.

Riko looked at her watch. "It shouldn't be much longer," she said sighing. She shifted a little bit, and that is when she spotted a group of boys walking towards the bus station. Riko blinked and her arms that were crossed across her stomach fell to her side. Walking towards them was the whole former team of the Generation of Miracles; well almost, she didn't see Kuroko anywhere. But then again, who ever sees him at first?

Aomine smirked as he saw Kagami glaring at him. He went and stood beside the sign as Teikou's coach made his way over to Riko.

"You must be the young lady coach that Kise was talking about," he said.

Riko blinked and then nodded. "U-um, yes," she said. She looked at him closely. This was the man that was in charge of the famous basketball team.

The coach smiled and looked at her. "I see. My name is Yoshizumi Kaito, pleased to meet you. I hear that Kuroko is slowly improving," he said.

Riko nodded and ran a hand through her hair. "I guess so," she whispered.

Kaito smirked and turned away from her. "I am looking forward to seeing how much he has improved," he muttered. Riko frowned; she didn't like this man very much. She completely felt like he was looking down on her.

Kagami glanced over at the former teammates of Kuroko's. He didn't like seeing them, especially this early in the morning. He saw that same smirk on Aomine's face and it made him want to walk over there and slam his fist into his tan cheek. He grumbled and shoved his hands into his pockets.

Kaito sighed and looked over at his watch. It was almost time for the bus to be here, he hoped that Kuroko wouldn't show him up and not come. He crossed his arms, making sure to keep his face looking confident.

Kise yawned loudly and stretched. He shook off his stretch and hit something lightly with his elbow. He turned to apologized and jumped. "Kurokocchi!" he gasped. "When did you get here!?" he said and put an arm on his shoulders and rubbed his fist against his head.

Kuroko shifted uncomfortably. "Ouch," he mumbled.

Kagami's arms fell to his side silently. He was beyond enraged. He couldn't believe that Kuroko was actually going to do it. He clenched his fist and gritted his teeth.

Midorima pushed his glasses up on his face and then looked at Kuroko. "Don't get in our way," he said as the bus pulled up.

Kuroko nodded. "Of course," he mumbled and gathered up with his old teammates and was about to board the bus.

"Kuroko!" Kagami growled and walked quickly over to him and grabbed the collar of the Teikō uniform. "You are actually going through with this? Look at this uniform... I thought you said you didn't want to be like them," he hissed.

Kuroko just stared calmly back at Kagami. He then reached up and gripped Kagami's wrist and pulled his shirt free. "I did say that... And I still think that way. Just because I am training with them doesn't mean I will become like them," he responded and looked Kagami in the eyes.

Aomine smirked and walked by them. "Too bad, Kagami, your light is too dim for him to train with you," he whispered and boarded the bus.

Aomine's remark only added fuel to the fire in Kagami. "You bastard, that has nothing to do with this!" he yelled and was trying to follow him on the bus.

Hyuga and Teppei grabbed Kagami and pulled him back. "Enough Kagami!" Hyuga hissed. Kagami growled and brushed them off and stormed over to the bench and sat down. He stared hard at the ground and clenched his fist tightly.

Riko sighed and shook her head. She walked over to Kuroko and looked into his eyes. "I hope your training goes well... If you finish early, come to our training camp," she sighed again.

Kuroko nodded. "I will," he responded and then turned at the sound of his name being called. He bowed slightly to Riko and the others and then boarded the bus.

Riko waved them off and then turned back to the others. They were looking at Kagami and scowling. "Kagami, it's not like Kuroko is leaving us for good," she whispered.

Kagami clenched his fist tighter and said nothing. He couldn't stand how the others interacted with Kuroko. He noticed the former teammates of Kuroko's were looking down on him, the way they smirked at him as Kuroko was boarding the bus.

Hyuga frowned and then waved the bus down. "Come on, let's get on."

Kagami got up and got on the bus and slumped into a seat. The bus ride was pretty quiet. Hyuga, Teppei, and Riko were talking amongst themselves about the training menu while the others were either playing cards or watching the TVs on the bus. He didn't like how calm they were about the whole Kuroko issue. It was as if they didn't care!

Riko sighed and glanced at the dagger looks she was receiving from Kagami. It's all right, Kagami-kun... He will come back.It's just temporary, she thought. She sighed and turned back to her conversation with Hyuga and Teppei, worrying about how this training was going to go with Kagami in a sour mood and Kuroko off at another camp.

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Chapter 4- Kuroko and the Generation of Miracles arrive at the training camp and immediately begin intensive training! Will Kuroko be able to keep up with his teammates? Will passing the ball to them feel natural!?