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Previously in Growing Stronger: Kuroko had made his decision to go with his old team. A little stirring up occured at the bus stop, will Kagami calm down?

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Chapter 4- The Camp

Kuroko looked out the window as the bus. His didn't really like what he was seeing. Here he was at a mansion-looking place.

"I thought we were going to a training camp, not a luxorious getaway," he mumbled.

Kise laughed and put his arm around Kuroko's shoulder. "Now Kurokocchi, you've been here before! This is the last place we came as a team to train," he said gathering his bags from the top racks of the bus.

Kuroko shifted away from Kise's arm. He said nothing as he gathered his things as well and followed the others of the bus. He stepped down the steps carefully so he wouldn't drop his things. He sat his suitcase on the ground and pulled out the handle to pull it with.

Midorima pushed his glasses up on his face and brought out a huge bag of random items. There was a cat clock, a blue ribbon, a dog toy, and many off the wall stuff.

Kise blinked and was poking through the bag. "Midorimacchi, what is all this stuff?" he asked.

Midorima cleared his throat and yanked the bag away. "My lucky items for this week. It would be bothersome to have to go out and buy them daily, so I prepared ahead of time." he said.

Kise raised a brow and sighed. "There's just no helping someone like you," he sighed.

Midorima frowned. "You have anything else to say, Kise?" he hissed.

Kise waved his hands out in front of him. "Same old Midorimachhi, can't take a joke when he hears one," he laughed. He smiled and then put an arm around Kuroko's head. "Let's work well together, just like old times, eh Kurokocchi?" he said.

Kuroko hesitated for a second and then nodded. He sighed and picked up his bags and followed the others inside. To his unforutunate fate, he was to share a room with Kise.

Kise put an arm on his shoulder and chuckled. "Yay! I get Kurokocchi to myself."

Kuroko pinched Kise's arm, causing him to cry out and turn him loose. "So mean~" Kise whined. Kuroko took his things and headed to his and Kise's stay room. He opened the door and looked around briefly. It really was the same as he remembered. He had this room last time, only Aomine was his roomate last time.

He sat his things down on one of the twin beds that were in the room and sat down and sighed. He could still remember the look of disbelief and betrayel on Kagami's face. "Kagimi-kun." he whispered. He felt bad for what he was doing, but he also knew that this was the only way that he was ever going to get stronger. He laid back on the bed and rested one of his arms over his eyes. 'I can't be a burden to the team anymore...I will get stronger...just wait for me Kagami-kun.' he thought.

Kise walked in then and sat his bags down on his twin bed. "Yoshizuma-sensei said that we are going to to a practice match today. You might want to get ready." he said smiling. He sighed and got dressed into his old uniform. "It feels weird...to be wearing them again, doesn't it Kurokocchi?" he asked and turned to look over at Kuroko but noticed he was completely alone.

"Kurokocchi~! How mean! Don't leave without me!" Kise called and ran out of the room after Kuroko. He huffed when he caught up with him. "You're so mean." he panted.

Kuroko kept walking with his same expressionless face. "You did say that it was time to start." he said. He didn't listen to the rest of Kise's 'friendship' speech. He walked into the gym and began his warm ups.

Midorima and Kise were practicing their throws while Aomine was laying on the floor lazily. Kuroko sighed, the feeling was so familiar. It was as if he went through a time travel experience and ended up back in Junior High, everything was the same, but different as well.

Kuroko shook his head and walked over to the others and the training began.

Kagami threw his bag down in the corner of his stay room. He was still really pissed at Kuroko. He clenched his fist and laid down on his bed. He had just finished up practice with the others. He grumbled and turned over. 'Damn him...after that speech he gave me about winning during our match with that Midorima jerk.' he thought.

He looked up at the cieling before closing his eyes. After a few moments he grumbled and got up and left the room, shutting the door loudly behind him.

Riko looked up from her notebook and watched as Kagami crossed the room to the front door. "Where are you going Kagami-kun?" she asked.

"I'm going for a run." he mumbled and walked out, shutting the front door behind him. He tightened the strings on his shoe before running off.

Riko sighed and shook her head. "He just doesn't know when to let things go." she sighed.

"That's Kagami for you, though." Kiyoshi said and smiled. "He has a bad temper." he chuckled and finished drying his hair and turned in for the night.

Riko sighed. 'Yeah, tell me about it.' she thought and sat her notebook aside. She grabbed her shoes and went out after Kagami. She looked around the camp for him, but he was nowhere to be found. She was about to give up when she heard a slight thumping sound. She turned to look at the courts. There in the court, Kagami was shooting some baskets. She smiled a soft smile and shrugged.

Kagami's face was full of determination. His thoughts were completely focused on the ball. It looked as if he was in his own mental basketball game and that he was facing the toughest enemy. Indeed he was facing his toughest enemy...he was facing himself. He just couldn't get Aomine's words off his mind. He didn't rely to much on Kuroko, did he? Wasn't Kuroko the one relying on him? He ground his teeth together and jumped high in the air and smashed a dunk into the basket.

"You know beating yourself up isn't going to make him come back any sooner." Riko said. She was leaning against the railing of the fence. "He said he would come back, Kagami-kun...as his friend...won't you believe him?" she asked. "I believe in him." she whispered.

Kagami looked over at her. "Coach..." he mumbled. He sighed and looked up at the sky that was filled with stars. 'Yeah...I know Kuroko wouldn't go off like that...but still...why does him being with them make me so angry? Is this feeling anger? No...It's fear...Why am I so afraid that he will change? You're my shadow Kuroko...not anyone else's...you said you'd be my shadow only...is my light really that dim?' he thought. He then sighed and gathered up the ball. "I'm going to bed." he mumbled and walked passed Riko and back into the house.

Riko smiled as he watched him walk away. "You're almost to your answer...neh, Kagami-kun?" she laughed softly and walked into the house.

Kuroko was on the floor huffing. His body was pouring with sweat. He was so tired, he felt drained of every bit of life force he had to stand. His legs were like jelly.

"Kuroko...your in a pitiful state...Your stamina is to weak, your passes have a time limit." Midorima stated, wiping his brow of the little sweat that was actually there.

Kuroko looked up at him. He knew he was right, he was pitiful. He shouldn't even be allowed to play basketball at his state. He stood up, his legs shaking badly. "I will keep going." he whispered. His eyes were full of concentration. They were about to go again one-on-one.

"That's enough for today!" the coach called. He gathered his clipboard and yawned. "Shower up and go to bed. We wake at six tomorrow so you better be getting to sleep. We're taking a run up the mountain and then we are going to camp out there and do some special training." he said and walked out.

Kuroko sighed and walked slowly over to his towel and put it over his head. He felt so helpless. This had to stop. He looked up with determination burning in his eyes. 'There is something I am missing.' he hissed to himself. He clenched his fist and walked out and headed towards his stay room.

Kise watched him as he left. "Kurokocchi...don't be sad." he whispered and soon headed to the room to shower as well.

Midorima looked over at the other two there. They nodded and then turned and headed to their rooms as well.

Midorima pushed his glasses up on his nose and walked out, turning the lights off as he left.

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