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Chapter 41

"It seems many people in Central Continuant refuse to accept Prince as well..." Zui said slowly as he looked around at everyone gathered in the room.

I was seated at a random table nearby doing my usual as everyone talked about and around me.

"I believe it's because Prince's level isn't high enough and there are many who are jealous of him being Second Life's spokesman." Wicked added with a small nod as he crossed his arms thoughtfully.

"Besides the level, I believe the Lord lacks reputation." Swan stated as she joined in the conversation.

"Reputation?" A few people asked in confusion. "What do you mean?"

"I mean that Prince's reputation still isn't enough despite his Blood Elf image in public. Maybe...it's the appearance." Swan explained before everyone turned to stare at me as I sipped at my chocolate.

"Is it because Prince doesn't look capable enough?"

"Yes," Swan said as she moved closer to me before gently touching my shoulder to bring my attention to her. "If I may ask, how old will you be this year?"

"...I'll be 21." I said slowly as I raised a curious eyebrow.

"'21'...?" Swan repeated, slightly surprised before she became thoughtful. "Looks like you are the youngest of all the Landlords."

"Looks wise, he's fine, but he needs to be more involved in city affairs." Gui said as he held up a photo of me, causing me to raise an eyebrow at the fact that he even HAD one. "Most people have only seen him as a photo on the official site."

"I can't be blamed for this." I said smoothly into the conversation which was, as I had been expecting, instantly ignored as the conversation kept going.

"Our Lord's reputation must be established at all costs!" Swan declared with everyone agreeing, eagerly.


"I, Yulian,"

"Ugly wolf,"





"Nan Gong Zui,"

"Swan Beauty,"


I was standing on a platform as one by one everyone in my large group knelt at my feet, pledging their lives and loyalties to me.

"Swear to serve Prince, Lord of Infinite city, with undying loyalty!"

"...I accept your oaths." I said slowly, actually feeling slightly uncomfortable with this new development of my life.

"Yeah! Now we can definitely establish out Lord's reputation!" Everyone cheered as they all headed out to go do what they wished. "Ahahahaha...this is great!"

"My Lord, how are you doing?" Wolf-bro asked me as he walked up to me, finding me still standing on the platform, gazing after my new subjects.

"...I'm not used to all this to tell you the truth, Wolf-bro." I said honestly as I looked over at him, with a sad smile. "All of the members of Odd Squad kneeling before me even though we have gone through so much together…"

"Heh...I actually rather have you guys bully and tease me the way before then kneel before me like common underlings when I see you all like my right hands that I cannot fight without." I finished softly with a humorless laugh.

"Prince..." Wolf-bro said softly, but before he could continue, Loli showed up.

"It's 'my Lord' now! Don't forget Swan's orders!" Loli scolded as she smacked Wolf-bro on the back of the head.

"Don't think we kneel because we want to, if it wasn't for your reputation, there's no way I'd knee down to a brat like you!" Loli said defiantly as she crossed her arms and looked away from me, I couldn't help the pleased smile that appeared on my face.

"Loli, don't speak to our Lord with that tone!" Swan scolded next as she appeared next to Loli.

"...No, Loli is correct, Swan. Kneeling before me gives a disgusting image of you all worshiping me like some kind of God." I stated bluntly as my eyes grew sad and distant. "And that feeling isn't so pleasant to feel..."

"My Lord..." Everyone who had heard my heart felt words, all whispered, quietly. "My Lordship..."

"It's fine!" I said quickly when I noticed their stares.

"I just need time to adjust to this new responsibility. I'll see you all later; keep up with the good work!" I said over my shoulder before I headed out to my favorite tavern in Infinite City...


"Hmm…Pledging loyalty…huh…" Jing, Wen, Huan, and Mei all said together thoughtfully when I had happened upon them in the tavern which I then explained what had happened a while ago.

"Cloud, the only advice I can give you, at this moment, is that unless you want to give it all up, you've got to see it through to the end." Wen said seriously as he patted my shoulder from across the table.

"Exactly!" Jing added as she looked at me from next to Wen. "Infinite City's population is growing larger and larger, what we need now is a ruler, not a friend."

"I...I am willing to continue, but...everything is going by too fast!" I said nervously, hoping that at least one of the might understand what I was feeling.

Only to be proven wrong.

"What's happened to you!? This isn't like you! You should be fighting on bravely!" Wen said angrily as he grabbed my shoulders and shook them. "Not going around sulking like a child!"

"Wen, wait!" Huan tried to say, but was interrupted as Wen kept going.

"No! Look, Yun, you're the heart of this city-tears and anxiety don't suit you!" Wen said cruelly even thought it was very true at the moment.

"...Excuse me; I suddenly just remembered something I need to do." I said as I jerked out of Wen's hands and stormed off, my bangs covering my eyes as I left.

"Yun, wait!" I hear Mei yell, but no one pursuit me, though just as I turned the corner, I heard the familiar sound of someone punching someone else which instantly caught my attention as I paused to listen.


"What was that for!?" I heard Jing demand so I guess it was Wen who had gotten struck with Huan being the puncher.

"That's for opening your big mouth when you don't even know Yun!" I heard Huan snarl and I felt my heart lightened slightly.

"I-I don't get it…" Wen asked slowly, sounding very confused.

"That's because you don't KNOW Yun Yin Min, not personally." Huan said coldly which softened as Mei continued, quietly, "Not to the point where she will let you in…"

Now with the knowledge that at least one of my friends understood me, I continued on only to see two familiar people sitting at a table, drinking.

'Ah, Arctic Fox and Kenshin…'

"Hello you two, mind if I have a seat?" I asked politely as I walked up next to them. They both shook their head in respond to my question.


Taking a seat, I tried to think of something to take about as it was slightly awkward with two very non-talkative and non-social people.

"So…What's that you're drinking?" I asked at random, seeing Kenshin raise his cup to take a sip.

"…It's a mixture of vodka and whiskey." Kenshin answered smoothly before he took a sip.

"Hmm...I would like to try some myself, but..." I said slowly with a grimace at the sudden memory of when I had last drunk alcohol and the consequences that came with it when someone interrupted me.

"You'd risk the wrath of Yulian if you did." Loli said as she came up next to me before slamming a hand down in front of me as she demanded, "What's the big deal? We only swore our loyalties, you don't need to sulk."

"Heh...if you call this sulking, heaven forbid if I start pouting!" I shot back as I leaned back in my seat and looked away from her, crossing my arms.

"This is no joking matter!" Loli said angrily. "You're no longer just Prince; you now bear the duties of a ruler—a City Lord."


I didn't answer her though I did feel my forehead pulse a few times in my growing frustration.

"Prince…" Loli said slowly before she grabbed my chin and forced me to look at her. "When we first met, didn't you wish to create a legend—to live life to the fullest? Now when things start to get hard, you don't intend to bear the burden nor the hardships?!"

"I do intend to bear the responsibilities that comes this job description, but no one seems to realize that I'm not trying to avoid my duty!" I snapped as I knocked the GM's hand off my chin and got to my feet so that I was standing face-to-face with her. "I'm just feeling overwhelmed, alright?!"

"Now, if you'll excuse me," I snarled as I shoved past the GM. "It's suddenly very crowded in here…"

As I stormed off to go calm down, I missed the expression of realization dawning on Loli's face as well as the burning look that both Huan and Mei had shot her as they went past her after me only to lose me…


"Prince...Are you alright?" A quiet voice asked in front of me as I was storming down a hallway on my way outside.

"...Hello, Ice Phoenix." I greeted with a polite bow to her before I moved to go past her as I didn't want to deal with her at the moment-or anyone for that matter. "Please don't bother me right now."

"Prince...You've never really taken me seriously before, have you?" Ice Phoenix asked softly, causing me to stop mid-step as I tried to rein in my sudden temper flare.

"...In what way?" I asked slowly, taking deep breaths to try and cool my head. "...In love?"

"Yes. My feelings of love burn like the flames of a phoenix, yet the ones I love, always bathe me with the chill of an iceberg..." Ice Phoenix said in such a whining tone that I lost the hold that I had on my temper.

"Then I'll ask you a question back!" I said quietly as I slowly turned around to look at her. "When have you ever come straight up me, and with all seriousness declared that you were in love with me? If I recalled correctly, you've never have so why should I return feelings when I cannot be even sure that you are serious about me. Has it ever really occurred to you that maybe, just maybe, your so called 'pure' affections are merely just some childish crush?!"

As realization to my words hit home to Ice Phoenix, I pressed on merciless as I moved closer to her so that I was towering over her. "I can't know for certain, yet you are determined to put the blame of this "crush" of yours on my shoulders?! Ice Phoenix, I highly recommend that you truly think deeply about what you really feel about me! Now, I bid you good-day, Ice Phoenix! Come back when you actually know what the h*** you feel!"

With that, I whirled around and stormed on, praying that I would be interrupted again…


'Can't I just be alone for even a few seconds?!' I asked myself, now completely frustrated and greatly annoyed with everyone meddling.

"Gui...Wicked..." I said slowly as I made sure to keep my back to them.

"Prince...You don't have to shoulder all these responsibilities. If you think it's too much of a burden, then don't do it." Wicked said as I felt him place a hand onto my shoulder in what felt like comfort, but I wasn't in the mood.

"I'm not a coward, Wicked!" I said harshly as I jerked out from under his hold and glared over at him before looked away as I pinched the bridge of my nose, sighing heavily. "Sorry, but I have to do this…I must…"

"Prince..." Wicked said softly, apparently trying to think of something he could say that would be of comfort when my world spun as I suddenly found myself being hugged Gui.

"Your Highness, if you wish to shed tears, Gui shall lend you his shoulder." Gui said in his typical way as I stared up at him.

"...Are you doing this on purpose?" I asked slowly as my eyes slowly narrowed at him.

"Eh? What? I couldn't hold back, your Highness." Gui said as he quickly released me while rubbing the back of his head in slightly embarrassment/nervousness.

"Obviously…" I said slowly before I reached up and grabbed the front of Gui tunic as I looked up at him.

'…I give up.' I thought to myself as I stared into his surprised, but beautiful eyes. 'I have truly fallen for this clumsy fool, but if he really knew me in real life, would he still care for me? Still love and adore me like he does now?'

"Always being so perverted…are you trying to make me hit you on purpose?" I asked him with a sad glare before my mouth finally ran away with me. "It's to help me vent my anger and frustration, right!? Why do you sacrifice so much!? Why suffer the pain and humiliation?!

In great desire for these answers, I yanked him closer to me with both hands even as I felt my hands tremble.

"Is it really worth it to go such extents for me?! YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW THE REAL ME!" I roared loudly before silence filled the hallway as I searched Gui's eyes.

"If..." Gui said slowly as he lifted his hands to softly touch the sides of my face. "If I can use my tears to make you smile...then it's more than worthwhile."

Completely shocked at his response, I just about gaped at Gui as my hands limply fall to my sides as my heart started thumping loudly in my chest.

Gui and I stared at each other when Gui slowly started leaning down closer to me, but before he could (apparently) kiss me, he was suddenly yanked to the side by a large hand.

Blinking free of my state, I looked over to find that I had completely forgotten all about Wicked which completely embarrassed me as I felt my face heat hotly.

Luckily for me, they were too focused on glaring hatefully at each other, to notice my red face.

Not waiting to see if they could start fighting again, I turn and took off down the hallway, face bright red.

"Prince!?" I heard them ask in surprise as I fled.

"I'm fine, I'm fine! I'll see you guys around! Later!" I yelled back as I turned around a corner, pressing a hand to my red face as I went…


I was sitting at a window looking out at my city, having calmed down a lot from everyone's meddling as well as calmed down to the point that I didn't go red every time I thought about Gui and that almost kiss.

From behind me, supposedly 'hidden', I could hear everyone worrying about me before I heard a familiar voice ordering, "Make room! Make room!"

"Now, go fix him, Huan!" I heard Mei said which made me smile slightly.

"Alright, alright! I'm going! I'm going! No need to push-WHOA!"


Looking over, I found Huan sprawled out on the ground at my feet where he had tripped and fallen when Mei had shoved him.

I stared at him for a couple seconds before I smirked slightly, unable to resist this golden opportunity to tease him.

"Um…Huan? When I said that I didn't want them to kneel at my feet like I was some kind of God-you do know, Huan, that I was including you." I told him, my smirk growing on my face.

"...Shut up." Huan grumbled as he glared at me while he got to his feet, dusting himself off.

I laughed at him for a couple minutes before I let him off the hook to look outside once again. Huan joined me as he took a seat at my feet as he too examined outside before he turned his searching gaze to my face for a few seconds.

"...Eh-hem, well, my Lord..." Huan said slowly as he cleared his throat while glancing over at the eavesdropping group who all waved at him, encouragingly.

"…Yeah?" I asked as I rolled my eyes, internally at everyone actions.

"There's been something that's been on my mind for a while now and I've been meaning to ask you this..." Huan said with all seriousness as he looked back at me and tightened his grip on his knees.

"…And?" I asked as I turned my gaze from outside to him.

"I really want to know how you met each of the Odd Squad members!" Huan blurted out and I laughed as just about everyone eavesdropping fell over in shock and exasperation; I think I even saw Mei face-palm.

"Ha-ha…sure, why not? Though the entire thing will take a few days to complete, Huan, so I'll give you the shorten version." I told him as I readjusted my position on the window seat, so that my body was now facing more towards Huan then outside.

"In your point of view?" Huan asked with a smile.

"…Sure." I said with a small shrug before I began my tale.

"I met Loli right after I had changed my job. Well, I should say re-met as I had met her before—well, anyway, she was ticked at me because I didn't want to PM so she came looking for me and found me. The way she found me was a straight kick right in the back for my troubles. From there, she continued to follow me around so, I decided to take care of her as a new companion."

"Your first…" Huan asked slowly as I paused in memory.

"Yeah, my first companion in Second Life. Later, we met Wolf-bro when I had gotten in a fight protecting Loli from a group of thugs that a little too pushy Fairsky who had, at that time, hired to get rid of Loli. Ugly Wolf healed me up and I thought that, that would be the last time I saw him, but I had to happen to looked up into Loli's begging eyes and Ugly Wolf suddenly became my second companion—Wolf-bro."

"Women's eyes are creepy sometimes." Huan said with a small grimace and a lightly shudder.

"Tell me about it!" I said with a small laugh before I tipped my head back as I continued, "Well, afterwards, because the team needed money, we headed to a grave yard to smash up skulls for money when we all heard someone screaming for help. It was Doll."

I chuckled softly as the memory surfaced as I continued.

"She was running away from her own summonings which I figured out when I saved her, destroying the skeletons that were "chasing her", causing the system to announce that I had lost some reputation points. Later, Wolf-bro mentioned to me about us having more protection if she was on the team, but I was really reluctant..."

I once again paused to chuckle again as I smiled fondly.

"But what really sealed the deal for me was when Wolf-bro asked her to summon some skulls for a test and she did before they proceeded to grope the living daylights out of Loli."

"You're kidding me!" Huan gasped in horror/amusement before he pressed a hand to his mouth so he wouldn't laugh, but I knew that he was smiling though.

"Nope!" I said with a large grin. "So, as Loli killed one undead pervert to the next that came at her, Doll became my new baby sister and she was welcomed into the group."

"...Gui comes next, doesn't he?" Huan said when I didn't say anything after a while.

"Yeah..." I said before I got to my feet, noticing that only a few people were still listening in.

"Hey, you can't stop now!" Huan protested, his tone saying that he was interested in this just like everyone else eavesdropping. "I want to know how the heck you got yourself stuck with someone like that."

"...I met Gui right after our team had gotten ambushed by some leopards including their Boss." I said slowly as I played with butt of my sword.

"Ouch." Huan whimpered even as he looked at me with interest.

"Yeah…" I agreed slowly before I turned away from his slightly as I continued on with my tale. "Anyway, I was searching for my team when I heard a very nice voice singing with a harp. I'll admit to it, I was curious and you know, I really like harp music, so I headed to where the music was coming from to find Gui singing."

"...And~?" Huan said as he stretched the word with a big grin on his face.

I sigh in exasperation as I whirled back around to glare at him. "Huan! I shouldn't have to spell it out to you!"

"So you were caught in a music trance and he caught you staring?" Huan teased as he propped an arm on his knee as he leaned back slightly.

"Hardly…" I drawled as I coolly put a hand on my waist and raised an eyebrow at him. "Gui had stopped playing before he even looked over at me. No, I had snapped out of that the second he stopped playing, but the reason why I was still looking at him was because, Loli had PMed me and I was describing him to her."

"Oh, no..." Huan laughed as the situation dawned on him.

"'Oh, no' is right!" I growled slightly at the remembered annoyance. "So because I was staring, he decided to have a little fun and to pretend to be homo towards me."

"Pretend?" Huan asked in surprise.

"Yeah, Gui was just playing around at that time—I'll explain later. Anyway, he was doing all these flowery words and the more he said, the madder I got."

"…You remember what I did to that guy in real life back in junior high that one who had done the same to me, but he groped my backside as well?" I asked as I pointed a finger at Huan who looked thoughtful as he tried to remember.

"...The one where you send him to the hospital for…5 months then to rehab for 8 months just to recover?" Huan asked slowly as the memory returned.

"That one," I said with a nod as I snapped my fingers before I shrugged casually. "You can only image what I did to Gui."

"You sent him to the Rebirth Point." Huan stated with an amused shake of his head.

"That I did." I agreed as I smiled fondly.

"…But that wasn't the last time you saw him since he's still here." Huan said as he gestured towards where everyone body listening was still hiding.

"…After meeting up with my group again," I reluctantly continued with a sigh. "We decided to go do some more training with some zombies. Well, I went off somewhere to do something before I headed after my group in time to hear Loli-once again-screaming for help."

"...You know that girl gets into more trouble than anyone I know?" I asked Huan as I shook myself in disbelief.


"Yeah, sometimes I wonder why I put up with her." I joked as I winked teasingly toward where I knew that Loli was hiding who glared back as Huan laughed.

"...Anyway, I get there just in time to push back the Zombie King so that my group could defeat it only to find out that I had accidently protected that blast bard!" I said as I pinched the bridge on my nose as I remembered how furious I had been that I had accidently done so.

"I was so mad! I just knew that my team would ask him to join us and I couldn't do anything otherwise because having him on the team-I'll admit it-made us a lot more protected, but it meant that I would had to have dealt with his over affection, touchy-feely personality!"

"I'm sorry." Huan snickered as I stuck my tongue out at him.

"Su~re, you are, Huan!" I said sarcastically.

"But you eventually grew used to him." Huan stated with a small smile.

"…I did." I said honestly as I laughed softly, throwing my head back as I continued, "Gui eventually became just as irreplaceable in my group as the others were."

I chuckled darkly as I added with a blood lustful grin, "Gui, my fourth companion, the one in the group who always seemed to know when I needed someone to vent on..."

"You know, lately I've noticed that you've been more relaxed in the real world, but I didn't think it was because you have someone to beat up on whenever you please!" Huan said as he got to his feet and gestured to the side. "Poor guy!"

"Huan, Gui is the only one that I beat up like I do, even when the rest of the team annoyed me, I've never hit them like I do with Gui." I informed him as I leaned back against a pillar.

"Why's that?" Huan asked curiously.

"Because I'm a Sadist and he's my Masochist." I answered cruelly with a bloodthirsty smirk.

"…You're terrible." Huan said as he easily translated what I had meant.

Meaning: "The man likes to be hit, so why can't I take advantage of that fact?"

I chuckled at Huan's expression before I instantly sobered at Huan's next words.

"Makes me wonder what would happen if Gui met you in real life..."

"He would never talk to me again and he'd avoid me at all costs." I answered instantly without any kind of hesitation whatsoever. "Guaranteed,"

"Cl-Prince," Huan said stuttering over my nickname. "You don't..."

"Don't what? Don't know that he wouldn't do that?" I asked bitterly, firing off questions before I continued, looking away. "Huan, he would so do that! I mean, Zhou's parents moved because of me-didn't want their perfect son to hang out with a freak like me so they upped and moved 8 years ago!"

"Prince..." I heard Huan as well as everyone else whisper sadly at my bitterness.

"Anyway, I don't have to worry about Gui recognize me." I said with a smirk as I moved past Huan to pick up my usual drink.

"Why do you say that?" Huan asked as he turned slightly to follow me.

"Easy," I said after I took a sip before turning slightly to look at him. "I've literally stood right in front of him and he didn't even recognize me."

"…You mean you want him to recognize you?" Huan asked in astonishment which made me start as I realized what I had just almost gave away.

"Alright, back to the main topic now, shall we?" I said quickly, hoping that no one, Gui especially, hadn't caught that. "Yulian, right? Ok, Yulian happened on our group right after we have a bad fight with the Dark Phantom team and we were talking about needing a wizard and she just so happened to overhear our group needing one to join our group."

"What convinced you to let her join officially?" Huan asked curiously as I calmed down slightly as no one jumped on my slip.

"Her very obvious crush for Wolf-bro who was very oblivious to that fact." I answered with an amused laugh. "Yeah, I had a great time watching everyone trying their best to get them together before I had to help them out to finally get Wolf-bro and Yulian hitched. That and she wasn't at all attracted me-bonus for her."

"Knowing you, it is!"

"So are you done analyzing me yet, Huan?" I asked as I put my empty cup down and looked over at him.

"You know that you've got everyone worried, right?" Huan asked as he nodded to where everyone had been.

"I told them I was fine!" I said, my annoyance rising.

"Cl-Prince." Huan said as he threw an arm around my shoulders before playfully messing my hair up, using the action to calm me down. "They don't know you like Mei and I do. They can't read your signals and hints that you give them like I can."

I sigh tiredly as I slowly nodded.

"Prince, give them some slack. It took me a while to learn how to read them."

"...I know, Huan, but…" I said slowly before I decided to answer honestly. "But I'm feeling overwhelmed at the moment!"

"I would think so!" Huan said as he ruffled my hair once again before playfully nudging me as we left the room. "To a person who's gone from only having to take care of, what, 5...6 people in your little team, to now having all the responsibilities of a City's Lord...being "overwhelmed" is the least of your problems right now."

"I know," I said as I sighed once again, raking a hand through my thorough messed up hair. "I just need a couple days to let the responsibilities and let the very idea sink in!"

"…I know!" Huan said as he snapped his fingers. "Why don't you go grind some monsters for a couple days and vent out that way?"

"Not a bad idea…" I said thoughtfully as I started thinking it over carefully. "I'll take Doll with me."

"Doll?" Huan asked in confusion. "Why Doll?"

"'Cause she's cute?" I asked innocently before it melted into my usual smirk.

"Was that a statement or a question?" Huan asked with a raised eyebrow.

My response was to only laugh out loud with Huan quickly following me…

Couple hours later...

"Hey, Yulian," I called as I finished tucking supplies into my multiple pouches which adorned my waist. "I'm taking Doll with me and we're going to be gone for a while, K? PM me if you need us."

"Right, be careful!" Yulian yelled back and I smiled pleased.

"Will do! Come on, Doll!" I shouted as I gestured for Doll to follow me.

"Right, Prince-bro!"

Chapter 42

"Wow! So beautiful! What is this place?" Doll said excitedly as I led up into the nymph country.

"It's the Valley of the Wandering Nymphs." I told her with a smile.

"W-Wandering Nymphs...? Are we here to train?" Doll asked nervously.

"Yeah! I need to vent for a while, I hope you don't mind, Doll." I told her as I petted her hair soothingly.

"I don't." Doll said with a happily blush.

"I figured as you are a princess in real life, aren't you?" I asked bluntly, completely catching Doll off guard.


"Don't worry, little sis!" I told her with a softly smile as I pinched her cheek before taking her hand and leading her further inside the woods. "I've known for a while now, but I'm sure you'd rather that I be your older brother figure then some servant so I'll be just that!"

"Prince-bro..." Doll said happily as she smiled at me as I smiled back at her…

-Nymphs, they are divided into level 60-red robes, level 70-blue robes and level 80-purple robes. The perverts who come here never make it out alive, and yet not one manages to resist the temptation.-

"Don't worry, Doll. I'll be fine." I told her as she whimpered in fear at the sight of all the different types on nymphs.


To reassure her, I gently kissed her on the forehead before giving her a sideways hug.

-Legend has it there's a boss level nymph in the valley through no one's ever seen it, I doubt I'd be that unlucky!-

"YAAHHH!" I roared as I killed the last nymph.

'It's only a bonus that the beauty of the nymphs have no effect on me...'

"How refreshing!" I said feeling less stressed since I had gotten here before I added towards Doll who was safely a good distance away. "You know it's a good thing that I told Yulian where we'd be, 'causes it's been days since we've been back to Infinite City."

"Ah! There's a purple robed nymph!" Doll said as she pointed at it.

"Doll, I'm going to Solo* this one," I said as I moved to get closer. "So stay back!" (A/N Solo is a gamer term for taking on an opponent alone.)

Well, I would have if someone hadn't interrupted me…


Along with that shout, a chain of ice coiled around the body of the purple-robed nymph, who struggled to break free.

"Hurry up, honey, hit her with a fatal strike before she breaks free."

"No problem, darling."

I frowned upon hearing this exchange and turned my head to who the heck would even dare to interrupt me when I was in a killing mood.

For you see, the nymphs in this valley were all rare beauties beyond compare.

So when the game was newly released, perverts kept swarming here to gawk at them. Yet, all those perverts, whether they had come alone, in pairs, or in teams, would never make it out alive…ever.

Although the perverts wanted to ogle continuously at beautiful girls, they couldn't just throw away their levels and so they all gradually stopped coming to the Valley of the Wandering Nymphs.

Moreover, the number of regular players training here had also dwindling as well, hence the reason for why I was so upset.

So stopping to look for the morons who had interrupted me, I saw a man carrying an intimidatingly large claymore walking towards my nymph who couldn't move.

While waving around his claymore, he muttered, "Hey, gorgeous, don't blame me for showing no mercy. The only one to blame is yourself for being so pretty that my lovely darling couldn't resist, but have you as a pet…"

Two or three hits were enough to make the pitiful purple-robed nymph fall flat to the ground.

"Capture! Yay, we've caught it! Honey, you're the best." A woman wearing a magician's robe was cheering which after she called out "capture"; the purple robe vanished without a trace.

'I can't believe someone stole my kill!' I thought in annoyance, a vein pulsing as I continued to watch the couple.

"YAY! We did it! My sugar plum is the best!"

"Aww, sweetie, you're embarrassing me..."

Feeling Doll come up next to me, I looked over at Doll before rolling my eyes, causing Doll to giggle as I did so.

Jerking my head to the side, signaling for her to follow me, I turned to walk away…

"Honey, look, there's a very handsome person near you!" the woman shouted behind me and I felt my neck prick in warning of danger.

I turned slightly to glance over my shoulder at the now very threatening couple as they gaped at me.

"The rumors were right; the legendary Caelus really is male!"

"Right, that's just splendid. Honey, it looks like we didn't come all the way here to the Central Continent in vain; Caelus really is very handsome." The woman gazed intensely at me, her face gushing with excitement, causing my eyes to narrow in warning which they didn't notice.

"But do be careful, darling. Rumors has it that Caelus is strong beyond belief, and he is one of the top three Bosses!" The man scrutinized my every move, very carefully.

'They've mistaking me for Caelus, haven't they…' I thought to myself before I glanced over at Doll who was looking at me then to them in worry. 'But if they attack me with Doll here…!'

"Chains of Ice!"

Moving quickly, I grabbed Doll's shoulder, shoved her out of the way while dodging the incoming attacks.

Pushing the stupid claymore wielding warrior away from me and into his own companion's magical attack, I crouch in place waiting for their new attack which came as the Claymore Idiot swing downwards at me.

"Prince-bro!" Doll screamed in fear for me before she threw her entire body in front of mine, completely intending to block the incoming attack.

"Doll, get out of the way!" I shouted, terror-stricken by the possibility of Doll getting hurt on my watch.

Caught off guard, Claymore Idiot couldn't stop his swing so I completely lifted Doll up and over my shoulder so that she was on my back like a small child—piggy-back style—before I slipped completely past the claymore that was coming down, only to stop with my blade at the Idiot's throat as Idiot's weapon smashed into the ground just beside us, stirring up a large cloud of dust.

I glared at the Idiot for quite a while before I snarled coldly, "I'm a player, you Moron!"

On the spot, I watched as large beads of cold sweat appeared on the claymore warrior's face, but since I already furious as he had endangered Doll and had attacked me without a reason, I proceeded to smash the heel of my boot right into his face—hard.

He flew through the air, only to land painfully at the feet of his companion.

"HONEY!" The woman cried out in worry as she went to see if her husband was alright.

"Humph!" I snorted coldly as I allowed Doll to slide off my back, only to find her now attached to my chest, trembling in fear, sobbing.

"You have my sincere apologies – this is all a misunderstanding, I swear!" Idiot said nasally as he got to his feet, now sporting a black eye and a broken nose.

Internally, I smirked cruelly in pleasure at the sight which vanished as his companion passed him a healing potion.

"My wife and I are here to find out whether the rumored Caelus is a male or not. Moreover, my wife is a summoner; so if possible, she really wanted to capture Caelus as a summoning pet. That's the only reason we attacked you, so please don't be offended!" The claymore wielding Moron apologized with a sheepish smile.

My only response was to glare as I stroked Doll's hair with one hand, trying to calm her down while my other hand clutched my blade, ready for anything.

"Oh my, you forgot to introduce yourself, honey! Greetings, my name is Dan-Dan and I am a summoner." The woman, Dan-Dan, said as she smiled brilliantly, but I wasn't impressed. "This is my hubby. His name is Wacko and he's a warrior."

"A warrior with the strength to move mountains, with a huge claymore nobody else can wield as weapon. This is my claymore, Ultima Sword." As if afraid that his in-depth clarification wasn't clear enough, Wacko started brandishing the claymore flamboyantly, stirring up wind with each swing.

As he started swinging, I instantly moved Doll and me a good distance away so we wouldn't get hit by his random swinging. Personally, the image this Idiot, Wacko, made, since he was about the same height as myself, and his build was not that much stockier than my own slender elf body either, look like, to me, like that of a small child fooling around with a large sword.

"…We're leaving." I stated as I picked a still crying Doll in my arms, turned on my heel, and walked away without looking back.

"Bide a moment, brave champion," Dan-Dan cried out in surprise.

I ignored her as I kept walking, since I really wanted nothing more to do with them.

My mood was bad enough already, and the fact that they had attacked me without a good sound reason, in my opinion, and they had attacked Doll as a consequence only adding fuel to the fire.

"Wait a moment, ultra-handsome fellow, strong and charming young lad, honorable and righteous warrior, uh…luckiest man alive with the world's cutest wife…" Having completely exhausted his supply of titles, Wacko has no choice but to start babbling rubbish.

I instantly stopped in my tracks and whirled around to angrily rebuke them. "What nonsense are you spouting?! This is my little sister, not my wife!"

The pair were evidently quite shocked, but recovered their senses right away as Wacko replied with a sickly sweet smile. "Oh, in that case, luckiest man alive with the world's cutest little sister, can you please tell us of your exalted name? It gets pretty exhausting referring to you like this."

Doll, who was still being carried in my arms, suddenly spoke out over my shoulder as it became obvious that I wouldn't be answer as I continued silently walking away. "How could you two not recognize him?"

"What? Is our esteemed brother actually quite famous in the Central Continent?" Wacko asked, his voice showing his confusion.

Dan-Dan even let out a "Oh my," her voice full of regret from behind me as she added, "We are truly sorry then. My hubby and I have just arrived from the Western Continent, and we are still not quite familiar with Central Continent. We probably haven't heard of your renowned name yet."

"It doesn't matter where you came from. As long as you're a player in Second Life, then it's impossible for you not to know the Spokesperson of Second Life—Prince!" Doll proclaimed, brimming with confidence.

The two of them breathed a sound of puzzlement upon hearing that. Dan-Dan even muttered to herself, making me snort quietly in amusement, "Second Life's Spokesperson? I haven't been on the official site for a while, so now Second Life actually has a Spokesperson!"

However, Wacko asked me skeptically, "I haven't been on the official site for a while either so I don't know about this spokesperson business, but Prince is a name that I've heard many times before. Are you the Blood Elf of Infinite City?

I stopped walked and turned to look at them, not wanting to say anything, so Doll replied on my behalf, "That's right, Prince-bro is the Lord of Infinite City."

"…Fancy finding by sheer luck what we have been searching for far and wide for!" Wacko suddenly said, as he and his wife both stared at me intently with bright eyes. "Besides confirming that the rumored Caelus of the Valley of Wandering Nymphs is a male, our second reason for coming to the Central Continent was to check out the man who is famous throughout Second Life for his handsomeness – the Lord of Infinite City."

"…I must say, you present yourself quite nicely, I might add..." I said coolly as I looked at them and they winced at the reminder.

"Again, we are terrible sorry!" Wacko and Dan-Dan both said together as they bowed in apology.

I sighed slowly before looked over at Doll to see she had recovered which she had, so I put her down before gesturing for her to follow me and then promptly turned and left as I sheathed my sword.

Behind me, Doll hesitantly explained to the other two, "I'm really sorry about this. Prince-bro is at this very moment training, but do come and visit us at Infinite City some other time!" As she finished her explanation, I heard Doll run up to my side, and take my hand.

I smiled over at her slightly before facing forwards once again, but I was also keeping an ear out on the pair behind us.

"But I still haven't seen enough yet." I heard the sound of Wacko's regretful voice say.

"Oh, come on, darling, he's in a bad mood, so let's not bother them anymore."


"This is why we should just quietly follow them from behind. We won't bother them with our chit-chat anymore."

"That makes sense. I only wanted to see what Prince looks like anyway, so not speaking is fine."

Hearing their discussion, I couldn't help snorting softly, causing Doll to look up at me questioningly.

'Seems like I have acquired some more fans…' I thought in amusement as I let things be as them watching didn't really bother me…

2 hours later...

"How are we doing, Doll?" I asked as I killed the last nymph that was nearby.

"We're doing just fine!"

"Oh, he's very good!" I heard Dan-Dan exclaim in awe with Wacko adding in glee, "As to be expected from the Lord of Infinite City!"

"Um, Prince?" Doll asked timidly,

"What's wrong, Doll?" I asked as I straightened up and moved towards her.

"Prince-bro, have we gone in too far? It seems a bit dangerous here."

Looking to the left and the right, I found there were purple-robed nymphs close to us no matter where I looked. If I were to continue going forward, they would definitely attack us in groups now.

"…Probably. Let's go back before we run into trouble far beyond my abilities. I don't want you to get hurt, Doll." I told her as I squished her cheeks playfully before putting an arm around her shoulders, turning her so we could leave only to find Dan-Dan and Wacko blocking the way.

"Eh? You're not going to go find the Nymph boss?" Dan-Dan asked disappointed. "I'm sure that you could so take him on!"

Wacko also added, praising, "Simply miraculous! We were both attacked by the nymphs several times already, but Prince here is actually able to maintain his distance and kept both his sister and himself safe the entire time, not getting attacked by a single nymph. This ability to determine the safe distance is just too astounding."

'Loli always did praise my 100% BS luck.' I thought as I suddenly thought of an image of Loli's astonished, jaw-dropping expression, I couldn't help but to raise the corners of my mouth in a mocking smirk.

"Ahh! He looks even more handsome with a smile!" Dan-Dan stared at me, drooling.

Upon hearing that, I immediately wiped the smile from my face, and glared at her a little.

"That angry glaring expression is not bad, either!" Wacko and Dan-Dan furiously nodded in agreement.

The two of them sighed in unison, "Ah, this trip is really proving to be worthwhile."

Curious now as I was certain that I would be with them for a while, I couldn't help asking as I dropping my hand down to my side where Doll then interlocked our fingers, "I can excuse Dan-Dan's behavior, but what is wrong with you, Wacko? You do realize that I'm a guy, right?"

Wacko nodded before stating matter-of-factly, "Beauty can be appreciated by anyone! My darling and I are both obsessed with beauty, which is why we joined hands in search of beauty together! This time is no different; we've come all the way to the Central Continent in search of the nymphs and Caelus of the Valley of Wandering Nymphs, and of course you as well."

"Crazy couple," I muttered softly while chuckling lowly as I shook my head, in disbelief.

"You're finally willing to talk to us. The risk of being killed by the surrounding nymphs that we took in persistently following you was not wasted," A deeply moved Dan-Dan exclaimed while looking at me.

"…Oh really?" I asked as I raised an eyebrow at them, smirking, but before I could hear their answer, Doll suddenly let out a shriek of alarm before she vanished from my side.

I whirled around to see not far away from me, a person with a bewitchingly sexless face holding Doll tightly as Doll turned pale with fright.

"DOLL!" I yelled in horror.

"Let me go!" Doll screamed as she tried to get free.

"Beautiful…" The thing with an unclear gender murmured in a mesmerized way as he looked at Doll before he had the nerve to stick out its tongue to lick Doll on the cheek!

Doll herself was looking quite nauseated, struggling only harder to break free from the hands of this pervert, but to no avail.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?!" I roared in absolute fury as my brain finally caught up with me as I now recognized the pervert as Caelus—the third strongest Boss in Second Life.

Furious, I started to charge towards them, but Wacko grabbed my shoulder to stop me, causing me whirl my head back to glare angrily at him.


However, Wacko was looking with uncertainty at the androgynous being.

"Caelus?" Wacko asked with great uncertainty.

"Yes, you twit, that's Caelus!" I roared furious as I jabbed at the floating pair; one a prisoner, the other the jailer.

"…Fair maiden…why don't you become my bride?" Caelus asked before rubbing his face against Doll's cheek.

Doll was petrified with fear as she screamed, "Waaaaa! Prince-bro, hurry up and save Doll! Doll is very scared of this person."

"I'm coming, Doll! Hang on!" I told her before I thought to myself, thinking furiously, 'Ok, think, think, Cloud, think! Wait—the strange couple!'

I whirled around to look at Wacko and Dan-Dan, my eyes serious, "You both said that you came here with the sole purpose of challenging Caelus, right? If so, I beseech you, help me save my baby sister!"

Both Wacko and Dan-Dan nodded the heads in agreement while saying, "No problem!"

Dan-Dan even laughed confidently, saying, "Don't worry, Prince. My honey is actually an elite warrior who is ranked ninth in the official ranking. He'll definitely help you save that cute girl."

"I am nothing compared to you, darling. You're an elite summoner ranked fifth in the official ranking." Wacko replied with a face full of reverence.

"That's nice, but seriously, Doll now!" I ordered as I drew my blade and whirled around to glare up at Caelus.

"Right!" Dan-Dan and Wacko shouted together in harmony.

Not waiting for them, I took off towards Caelus who was apparently waiting for us as he smirked at us as I came at him.

"Ha!" Caelus suddenly laughed scornfully. After reciting a phrase that I couldn't understand, roughly ten purple-robed nymphs suddenly appeared in the space between us and Caelus.

Wacko and Dan-Dan both gasped in shock before muttering upon seeing this, "This is going to be bad."

"TCH!" I snarled as I kept going, slicing as I went, but I was slightly over-whelmed.

"Flame armored skeletons, hurry and help!" Doll ordered for even captured, Doll was not one to sit idle.

"Necromancer!?" Dan-Dan and Wacko opened their mouths in surprise.

"Good girl, Doll!" I praised, smiling and when I saw that they were still stunned, I shouted out to them angrily, "Focus!" before I went back to hacking at the nymphs with Doll's skeletons all around me.

"Right!" Wacko snapped out of it after hearing my ordering.

After roaring loudly, he got into a heated brawl with the ten purple-robed nymphs.

Nodding my head at him, I turned my attention to Doll as I could tell that the purple robes would not be a problem for Wacko, and so I started searching for a chance to rescue Doll.

Apparently upon seeing my intention to save Doll, Dan-Dan summoned the snow woman as well. The snow woman activated her Chains of Ice in an attempt to tie down Caelus so that I could successfully rescue Doll.

"Chains of Ice!"

"Dispel!" Caelus snorted coldly. With just one word, not only did the snow woman's Chains of Ice disappear, but she was also hit with an intense counterattack, making her spit out a mouthful of blood.

Ignoring the fact that Caelus did not get restrained, I still charged forward to rescue Doll anyway.

As I almost reached Caelus, a white shape suddenly flew out towards me, forcing me to either get hit, badly or dodge away from Caelus.

"RRAAAHH!" I shouted in my rage as I was forced back.

Hearing my frustration, Dan-Dan called back the snow woman, and summoned forth another one, this time a katana covered in blood.

"Let's see if you can deal with a level 95 summoning – Blade of Blood." Dan-Dan shouted as she fired the spell/creature at Caelus.

Blade of Blood hovered in midair, and then flew like lightning towards Caelus, but it wasn't any good.

Caelus's fury was radiating as he angrily shouted, "Celestial Satin!"

That white thing flew out again, blocking the Blade of Blood. Only now could I see it clearly, it turned out to be a strip of silk.

Blade of Blood and Caelus Satin squared off against each other in midair, each trying to drive the other back. Blade of Blood desperately tried to cut Caelus Satin in half, but unfortunately, Caelus Satin's ability to change from being fluidly flexible to being as stiff as steel negated all of Blade of Blood's attacks.

"Pierce!" I suddenly heard Caelus command and another white shape sprang forth, targeting…Dan-Dan!

"Dodge it, Dan-Dan!" I screamed loudly but when she just froze in place, I threw Sky (who I just so happened to have in my many pockets) as hard as I could at Dan-Dan's foot, causing Dan-Dan to fall, just in time for the attack to go right over her head, barely missing her.

"Darling?" Wacko looked back worriedly as he heard his wife's yelp of pain. When he saw that Dan-Dan was fallen on the ground, he shook off the purple-robed nymphs with great force before he sprinted over to his wife.

Without Wacko, the pressure on the skeletons increased greatly. Doll could only direct the skeletons to temporarily hold off the attacks of the pursuing purple-robed nymphs.

Caelus laughed once again, reciting the same incantation that I couldn't understand earlier.

As I cursed in my mind, sure enough, another ten purple-robed nymphs appeared in front of us. Including the ones that Wacko still hadn't finished off, there were now a grand total of seventeen purple robes. Dan-Dan, Wacko and Doll's faces changed drastically at the situation that was now present.

As for me?

I only tightened my resolve that I was going to save Doll or die trying!

"You guys run away right now." I told Dan-Dan and Wacko who both looked at me in surprise and shock. "If it's just escaping, it shouldn't be too difficult for you two."

"Then what will you do?" Wacko asked in confusion.

"I'm going to stay. Even if I die, I will not abandon my companion," I said with determination as I glared up at Caelus.

"Good!" Wacko gave me a thumbs-up, and waved around his claymore. "But we're not going to leave."

Startled, I turned to them to ask, "What?"

"You heard us, Prince. I, Wacko, would never ever abandon my teammates, except by dying in battle." Wacko laughed without restraint.

I smirked pleased, "Then let's do this!"

"Prince—" Before Dan-Dan could finish her sentence; she suddenly pointed towards Caelus's direction in fright, just as Doll also let out a startled scream.

I whirled my head around only to see Caelus who was still holding Doll, begin moving upwards.

Only then did I see that there was a strange looking magic circle right above him and from the looks of Caelus flying up…

'Don't tell me he intends to fly inside?!' I asked myself in panic and as soon as this thought entered my head, I immediately made a mad dash towards Caelus and jumped with all my might, but I couldn't even grab a corner of his clothes.

I watched in horror as both Caelus and Doll disappeared inside the portal…


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