Alright then, well ever since, like, last year, I've been totally obsessed with anime. A friend introduced me to Darker than Black and I totally fell in love with Hei and Yin right away.

Well, since I love anime and Fanfiction, I decided to finally act on my urge to write a fanfic about Hei and Yin. Hei is just amazing and Yin is so powerful in her own way, and through her emotionless being she still finds an undying love for Hei.

My Fanfic, Imprisoned, doesn't exactly branch off of any area of Darker than Black, the first season nor the second season. It's kinda based in my own little story, but Hei and Yin's past are still the same. This time though, it's not the syndicate they're running from, it's a deadly disease that has already wiped out half the planet.

Yin is no longer a doll but Hei still has his contractor powers. Even though Yin is not a doll I wanted to still have her slightly monotone, but she can show emotion when she truly wants to.

I've already written three chapters to this story and I realize that I get better at writing for Hei and Yin as I go along, so hopefully by the end things will be really great!

I hope you guys enjoy it!

The cold winter air hit me like a bullet the moment I opened the hotel window. There was snow everywhere; I knew there was because I could feel it around the rim of the window. I may be blind, but my hands can see the world in a way totally unique from the sighted ones, therefore I envy no one.

It's been a year since it happened. "It" being the mysterious epidemic that has already wiped out half the world's population and it's claiming more lives each and every second.

Nobody is sure of what caused the disease; it came too quick for anyone to really take the time to understand it. All they knew was that left and right, people who thought they originally had the flu were suddenly experiencing deadly symptoms. Vomiting blood was one of the more gruesome consequences for having come in contact with the virus. After that, you'd have maybe a week before you bled to death out of your ears, nose, eyes, and mouth.

Some scientists came up with experimental drugs that, when used early enough, could cure someone of the virus. However, the drugs are very partial and could either cure or worsen the patient, speeding up the disease's course and killing them instantly.

Everybody soon feared the worst for themselves and riots were started, people would simply go insane while letting the thought of death control them to the point where the world was almost deserted.

Me and Hei have been living in this little abandoned hotel for a few months now. We've been hopping around from city to city, staying in places where the disease already ran it's terror into the land. Not everyone knows that you cannot catch the virus from a body that died of it, so not many people hide out in the places where it truly is safe.

Even though the places we stay are most certainly the least dangerous, they're still very deadly. Hei goes out every few days for food and supplies, but I'm stuck here, imprisoned in a locked hotel room, spending my time sticking my hands out the window to feel the nice winter air, and waiting for him to return to me.

He says I shouldn't feel confined and that he'd try to find something I could entertain myself with while he's gone. All I want though… is for him to stay with me.

I could hear his footsteps as he neared the door. My heart skipped a beat at the excitement of being around him again, at hearing his voice and feeling his touch when he comforts me. The only reason I stay sane in this world is because of the thought of being near him and remaining his partner all this time.

I hear the click of the lock and the squeak of the door as it swings open. I feel his presence and I know it is no stranger. It's him.

"We're going to have to leave again soon, Yin."

"Okay." I learned a long time ago not to ask any questions when it came to his decisions, especially since I no longer have a specter to help survey the location anymore. I had to do as he said, and I couldn't help him know which areas are safe or not.

"The area is safe, there aren't any people anywhere near this hotel. But it's the food, there's very little left."

"I understand." There was a long pause, a silence so deep it mimicked a walk through the forest during winter, not a sound in the world, nothing interrupted. Then, suddenly, I heard him behind me, he placed his hands on my shoulders, and brought them down to my stomach, embracing me from behind. He placed his head upon my right shoulder and spoke softly and sweetly, unlike his usual tone of voice.

"I don't want to lose you anymore." He remained there for a while, just embracing me and keeping me warm. I felt his eyelids close as they were pressed upon my cheek, and I brought my hands up to hold his arms closer to me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed every second of this lovely embrace.

Words held themselves inside, three little words that I wanted to say so badly, but my mouth couldn't bring them to form. I then felt his lips travel to my cheek, although it wasn't a kiss quite, and he stopped before it became one. He let go, and no matter how much I wanted him to stay, he still left me alone again in my chair.

"Yin, did you open the window?" He asked as he went in front of me and closed it. His sweet tone was gone and he was back to his usual voice.

"I did."

"I told you not to do that, the virus is airborne, you can get sick if you keep doing it."

"I like the snow."

"I don't care. I don't want you doing it again." He walked away from me, signaling that those were his last words on the subject. I got up from the chair, and stood still, facing him.

"Yes?" He noticed my stance and expected me to say something, but I didn't, not immediately at least.

"Why did you hold me like that?"

"Because I… Care. I care about you…" He paused again, "Go take a bath and get ready for bed."

I nodded him a yes, and then headed past him for the bathroom.

I stood in the cold shower, covering myself and wondering why I was feeling like this. My heart was beating so fast I could barely breathe, and my stomach felt tingly and tight. I've felt like this since he held me, and suddenly I wanted more. I wanted for him to hold me like that forever, just like that. It was a wonderful feeling, but also overbearing. I couldn't think at all, I just focused on this feeling and on different ways he could make me feel special. Special, that's how I felt right now.

I knew I shouldn't have done that, I shouldn't have held her like that. I shouldn't even have tried to kiss her. What on earth was I thinking? Affection is the very last thing me and Yin have to be worried about right now.

But lately she's been so sad, I wanted to cheer her up, but still, I went too far. What if I made her excited? What if she wants me to do it again? She's different now; she's not a doll anymore. I need to be more careful with how I touch her now, anything could set her off.

To feel her, though. To feel her soft, porcelain body under me, it was magical. I couldn't help but imagine it again, and I looked over at the bed and imagined more. I couldn't catch myself in time, and I just stood there, holding a shirt that I was folding, and staring at the bed next to me.

I was so absorbed by my daydream that I didn't even notice when Yin came out of the bathroom.

"Hei?" I didn't respond.

"Hei?" This time I looked, noticing her dripping wet, in only her bath towel, "Do you have my nightgown?"

"Um, yes." I handed her the purple silk gown in front of me, and couldn't help but feel how soft it was, and how it must feel when warmed by her body… But after handing it to her, I looked at her face, and noticed something.


"Yes?" Blood, dripping down from her nose onto her towel, leaving a huge red stain by her breasts.

"You're… bleeding…" She panicked and began wiping at her body, looking for the area she was bleeding at. I came over to her and held her shaking hands.

"You're infected."

So, this is my first chapter of my first story for this show. I should probably mention that I won't be adding any other characters from the show (Except maybe Mao :3) because I'm trying to focus mainly on Hei and Yin's relationship.

Another thing is that I didn't truly get to explain the disease very well, so I will now. The disease starts off like a slight cold, Yin didn't even notice she was sick until Hei pointed out her bloody nose. Once the disease progress's, areas such as the nose and ears will begin bleeding. It takes around two to five days for a victim to begin bleeding from the nose. After that, more areas will begin bleeding (Eyes, pores, nails, just about everywhere) and once you begin vomiting blood, there is no hope and the victim dies within a week.

So what the virus really does is it eats at veins and arteries, causing this bloody death. It continues to eat until the victim is dead, however once the victim dies, the virus dies with it, therefore a dead body cannot infect others if they touch it.

I'm not a doctor so if my invented "Virus" seems faulty don't yell at me, lol.

I hope I can continue to write this and I hope you guys will continue to like it!