Title: A Kiss; That's All It Was? – Part 2
Genre: NCIS – Romance
Pairing: Abby and Gibbs
Rating: T leaning more to M, but not quite there yet.
Timeline: None, current, whenever… It's one of those.
Spoilers: Vaguely, but nothing that would spoil anything.
Summery: Waking up next to her was the best start to any day.
Disclaimer: It's nice borrowing someone else's toys – I'll put them back, unharmed, I promise.
A/N: Missy just couldn't let them be… I really need to conclude some of my stories, and she just pops out new ones – Grrr.
Written: October 2012
Word Count: 2,300


Abby was woken by gentle caresses along her side. The warmth from his body combined with his unique scent filled her senses as she slowly drifted back from the realm of sleep, causing a lazy smile form on her lips. She stretched slightly, shifting against him, allowing a soft, contented moan to escape her lips. His hand brushed over her abdomen at her movement, the contact heating her skin, sending a trill of sensations through her body.

His arm closed possessively around her pulling her closer to him, his arousal evident even before their lower bodies made full contact. She gasped slightly, and felt rather than heard his low growl against her neck.

'Better stop that.' he huskily warned, his warm breath caressing her neck, causing gooseflesh to erupt and another low moan to slip from her lips. His response was to push his body more against hers, grunting at the contact.

Abby contemplated challenging his caveat, but knew they were in the middle of a case, that he would be easily distracted, that they could be interrupted, and the last thing she wanted was for them to be interrupted. She also did not want it to be over quickly, before work, possibly leaving her buzzing in anticipation for more, distracting her from her work, which would slow down the case She wanted him all to herself, wanted his focus on only them, and only them, when they made love for the first time.

So instead she moved slightly, wanting to place some distance between them, and felt his arm tighten around, firmly her holding her in place. 'Not time to get up yet.' he husked, before his lips lightly brushed the bare skin of her shoulder. Abby for a moment had to fight the desire to push back against him, just to see what he would do, but instead started turning towards him, stopping when she came to rest on her back. His hand moved as she did, before finally coming to rest on her abdomen, then moving to possessively grip her hip, encouraging her to turn the rest of the way. She followed his direction, turning towards him, lifting her leg slightly so he could insert his thigh between hers.

She smiled warmly at him when their eyes met. 'Morning Gibbs.' she happily greeted.

'Heya Abbs.' He replied, pulling her closer.

'I should to go home to get changed.' She reasoned, her hand coming to rest on his cheek.

'There's plenty time for that still.' he replied, moving his hand from her hip, running it along her side until it came to rest behind her head. Her eyes slid shut as he closed the distance between them, brushing her lips lightly, then nothing. Abby fought the heavy sensation in her lids, opening them enough to see him gazing amorously at her. his hand moved from her neck brushing a trail along her shoulder, over her one breast, setting her skin alight, burning with awareness. His hand moved up again, its path more direct, before it came to rest on her cheek. Instinctively she leaned into his touch, her eyes once again slipping shut, a low moan of appreciation slipping from her lips.

'Abby.' Her grumbled, his voice heady with desire, his body pushing into her again, confirming his need. This time his lips claimed hers, firmly insistently, demanding of her to let him in. She instinctively responded to the request, allowing him to plunder her lips as his body pressed more into hers, pushing it back until he lay partially over her. He braced himself on an elbow, his other hand moving reverently, yet provokingly, across her body. Touching every bit of her it could reach, his rigid arousal nudging insistently into her hip.

Both gasped for air as they separated, his body's instinctive rocking against hers as his forehead came to rest against hers. Her eyes were mere slits as she took in the sight of him, his eyes dark with desire, yet his jaw firmly clenched in attempt to contain his desire.

A groan, sounding almost like he was in pain escaped his lips as his body pushed against her, his knee wedging between her legs, asking her to open them more.

He lifted his weight off her slightly, allowing his hand to move between them, once again coming to rest on her cheek as his gaze remained locked with hers. 'You're temptation itself.' he husked against her lips, his hand reaching for hers, taking hold of it before pulling it down his body, a moan escaping his lips as her hand came into contact with his rigid manhood, lowly husking, 'Done this for years already.' His hips instinctively pushed into her touch and he let go of her hand when she moved it to touch him. A trill of sensation ran through her when he sharply hissed in response to her hand pressing firmly against him, as she tried to mould her fingers around him, the fabric of his boxers restricting. Her body immediately started throbbing, an ache low in her groin smarting as she shifted under him.

'Need your touch Abs.' he growled as his hips pushed into her touch, 'Need to touch.' he decreed, his hands once again starting their exploration, running over her sides before slipping under her pyjama top, his fingers caressing her warm skin, his slightly roughened fingertips strumming an immediate response from her body, head coursing from the contact. A low frustrated grunt escaped her lips as she instinctively pressed up more against him, the ache between her thighs demanding satisfaction.

'Need you.' he professed as he once again closed the distance between them, his lips once again taking possession of hers. His hands tugging at her clothing, growling in frustration as it defied him.

Just then, Abby's phone bleeped, causing him to jolt to a halt and dropping his head on her shoulder, groaning in frustration. 'Wanna do things to you,' he grunted as he pulled from her, dropping next to her on the bed.

Abby immediately felt the chill left from his retreating body, a tightening sensation forming in her chest, his retraction from her felt too much like rejection, until he pulled her closer encouraging her to lie with her head on his chest.

He took her hand in his and lifted it to his lips, lightly brushing his lips over it. 'Wanna kiss every inch of you,' he professed before lowering it to rest over his pounding heart, leaving his to rest over it. 'Not enough time.' He concluded. Abby sharing his sentiments, treaded her fingers through his, lying still in order for their passion to simmer down.

'Come home with me tonight.' Gibbs spoke up a few moments later, his lips brushing against the top of her head, 'And bring a change of clothes.'

Abby's nodded in response, before whispered, 'only if we get off early enough.' impishly adding, 'I have plans for you, Marine.'

'Not as many as I have for you,' he teased in return, the air between then suddenly growing thick.

'I should go.' Abby said moving slightly, reluctantly. Gibbs this time loosened his hold and allowing her to slip from the bed, following her up and she slipped her feet back into her slippers. He helped her with her jacket, handing her her phone and slipping on a pair of denims before accompanying her to the door. He walked her to her car and stood watching as she drove down the road.

Later that morning, Tony entered the lab and Abby could see from the perplexed look on his face that something was amiss, that something was bothering him. Immediately, like on so many previous occasions, her heart sped up, pounding relentlessly in her chest, thinking something had happened to Gibbs. Her movements immediately became irritated, especially since they had left earlier to apprehend a suspect. Gibbs was always the first one down for results, and she had results for him, which meant something was wrong, especially since Tony was there instead.

'Heya Abbs.' Tony greeted, his voice was slightly hesitant, causing a tightening sensation to close around her chest, constricting her ability to breathe properly.

'Tony?' Abby hesitantly returned, turning her attention from the screen in front of her, her heart dropping at the confused look on his face.

'You're quite close to Gibbs?' Tony started, resulting in a cold bolt of dread to shoot through her body.

'Tony, What happened?' She choked out, swallowing at the bile that seemed to rise in her throat, bracing herself against the worktop.

'Oh! No, nothing's happened to him,' Tony quickly returned. Relief coursed through her, momentarily weakening her legs as her eyes closed in gratitude. 'At least nothing life threatening, he's upstairs.' Abby felt the frown forming on her forehead at his words. 'It's just that he's weird today.' Tony added.

'Weird? How?' Abby quickly asked, moving slightly from the workbench.

'I can't put my finger on it, he seems happy, genuinely happy.' Tony started perplexed, 'I've never known Gibbs to be happy when we've got a case.' He added, Abby's eyes moved past him for a moment. 'I think he bumped his head too hard, or it was maybe spent one night too many down in his basement… he's behind me isn't he?' Tony asked lowly.

At his words Abby nodded slightly, sincerely smiling as Gibbs spoke up, 'Ya think Dinozzo?' Tony visibly prepared for his head slap, however Gibbs just barked, get back to work DiNozzo,'

'On it boss,' Tony said doing an about turn and leaving the lab.

Gibbs smiled warmly at Abby as she teasingly spoke up, 'So you seem happier this morning?'

'I have reason to be.' he warmly replied, 'Whatcha got Abbs?' he asked, handing he her usual Caf-Pow.

Abby took it from him before starting, 'The fibres collected match the jacked Tim pulled from the dumpster,' turning towards the screen in front of her. 'I managed to extract some epithelials and Major Mass-spec is currently analysing them,' she continued as Gibbs came to stand behind her, closer than usual, his breath brushing against the back of her neck.

'Gibbs?' she questioningly spoke up, moving her head slightly to look at him.

'Just stand still Abbs,' he husked into her ear as his hands settled on her thighs, just below her skirt line. 'Been wanting to do this for years,' he husked as his hands moved up her thighs, slipping under her skirt. Her body immediately responded. The still lingering arousal of earlier flared up, her skin burning at his contact. The skin on skin contact of his roughened fingertips, tracing their way along her thigh, sent heat pooling to her groin in anticipation.

'Gibbs.' she moaned, as tingling sensations coursed over her body. The skin on her thighs alight with awareness as his hands moved up further. 'Carry on Abbs.' he husked into her neck

Gasping slightly she continued, 'The fingerprints you collected at the scene are not in the system so I'm running them against naval and forces databases to see if we get a hit.' Her voice hitching as his hands moved higher,

'Abbs,' Gibbs gasped, 'Lace?' he groaned deeply, longingly into her neck. The gravely tone of his voice caused instant heat to flair between her legs, the sudden gush of moisture there caused her abdomen muscles to contract.

'Gibbs.' She moaned, pushing back against him, feeling his obvious desire pushing against her.

'Gonna have to learn to keep my hands off you at work.' he grunted into he shoulder, his body pushing into hers. 'I want to see you in these.' he moaned against her neck, before firmly adding, 'tonight.' whilst his fingers traced the line of her panties.

'I'll let you take them off.' Abby lowly husked, pushing back against him.

'I plan to.' he huskily professed, before brushing his hands down her thighs again, gripping them slightly. 'I want these around me.' he grunted lowly. 'Anything else?'

'Can't think with you so close.' Abby finally gasped. She felt his lips curve into a smile against the bare skin of her shoulder, before kissing it. His hands came to rest on her hips, before he moved from her. Her body immediately missed the heat of his.

'Need a few myself, see ya later.' He replied before moving from her and leaving the lab. Abby saw the way he clenched his fists as he left and smiled, knowing his infamous control was under strain. His words warming her, she had fantasized so often about having him make love to her, wondering what it would be like. The thought had her suddenly still, Gibbs has always shown a preference for sophisticated women, that dressed and acted entirely different to her… Would his expectations in bed be any different? She wanted to please him, wanted to experience it all with him. But what if it didn't pan out, what if things went hinky? Would he expect her to behave like a sophisticated woman in bed? Uncertain if there was some code of conduct she knew nothing about. Could she chance it? Gibbs liked women with curves, Jenny had had curves…and it was no secret that they had shared something in the past, that he had formed a strong emotional attachment to her. Abby knew she had all the right parts, but not the fairing hips that so many men seemed to prefer. Also, unlike Ziva, who could entice men to lustful thoughts simply by walking, she depended on clothing to help her get the desired result.

Would she be enough for him? His women all having been so mature, would he expect that from her if she were to stand at his side? Abby slumped into her chair, maybe I shouldn't.