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Me: This is the redo of Pokemon Plasma Strikes, but this time you get to feel like Nick!

Nick: You get to feel me?!

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Season 1 – Pokemon Unova Capers!

Episode 1 – Celebration!

"Bo-ar!" my Emboar barked as a warning roar. Charizard, our opponent, could just hear him over the crowds cheering. I need to beat him, if I want to face the Elite Four, and hopefully the Champion. I could barely contain my excitement; the Final Round of the league was proving to be tough.

"Hammer Arm!" I command. Emboar stampeded at Charizard, but nearly slipped. Its leg was in agony after the numerous attacks that'd been fired there. Emboar lifted his arm as he got into Charizard's face, his arm glowed a fierce red. Emboar slammed his arm down on Charizard head, almost crushing his skull as he fell flat to the floor. Charizard was immediately knocked unconscious. It grunted to show its power, we'd been training all night before and he liked his new move of Hammer Arm. Emboar punched his chest with one arm and gave a fierce look at the trainer of the Charizard, who nearly whimpered at Emboar's Scary Face.

"Don't use attacks at people!" I scolded my Pokemon, ever since he evolved into his final form he's become sort of a bitch.

"And that's it folks! Our winner of the Unova League this year is Nick!" Mr. Goodshow announced; he was the owner of all the leagues around the world. I waved out at the crowd, my Emboar did the same. I felt heat rush to my cheeks; hopefully no one saw I was blushing. I must have looked strong, and maybe in Lilly's eyes cute. I hoped she was watching this; I actually won the Unova League! I, myself could believe it!

Abruptly, my thoughts were interrupted by a high pitched bell noise. The crowd, the Pokemon and soon the whole stadium faded away. Everything turned white; I became restless, and started to get a headache then all of a sudden I awoke to sunlight.

"Crap! It was just another dream!" I groaned as I lifted myself out of bed and opened the curtains. I looked out to see many houses like mine surrounding me, the one right next door was Lilly's. Through my other window, you could see the beach, the waves crashing on the shore and making ripples. Every kid here spends all summer on the beach, but usually it's bombarded by travelers. I realize my 13th birthday is tomorrow! I just can't qait to get my first Pokemon! Unova has put the age up if you want a Pokemon license; they want kids to be more mature when they're on the road. This law came into effect a week before I turned ten, I was so bummed out! Undella Town was such a peaceful place; it's a shame I have to leave here today…

"Nick, I heard that language! You know the rules!" My mother, Diana called.

"Sorry mum! I won't do it again!" I assured her, but we both know I will.

"You say that every time!" Mum countered. I sure saw that coming! I look into my closet; I have my turquoise top, that's stylish in our town at the moment, and a black t-shirt left in my wardrobe. Which one should I save for my journey? Oh who cares, my mum will do the washing tonight so I can wear the same thing again if I really want too.

"The blue one," I mutter to myself as I take it out. I chuck my pajamas off and put on my top. I put some short grey jeans on as well; we all like the sun here so we're always in some shorts, t-shirt and jandals (Flip-flops).

I go into my bathroom and do all the necessary procedures. I brush my teeth, with my Tepig toothbrush, put on deodorant and wash my face. I see my father staring back at me in the mirror; I looked just like he did when he started his journey. I have a photo to prove it, but his tops weren't quite so bright. My father trained two types of Pokemon; fire-types and dragon-types. They are the two most powerful, as they kept him the reigning champion for years. I was about five when Alder came along and defeated him, then my mother and I never saw him again. I just know on my quest I will find him, but no one knows that that's my journey's purpose.

I started to comb back my rough brown hair, but it doesn't make a difference. It's just naturally messy; well that's what I tell my mother. Gel doesn't help either; I've tried on several occasions.

"Hurry up Nick! You're going to be late!" Mum screamed, she's got a hot temper so don't mess with her.

"Late for what?" I questioned. I shouldn't have asked that, she does tell me stuff but I don't listen. Here comes more yelling.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN 'late for what?'!" she yelled, imitating me half way through her sentence. I should've just shut up. "In case you haven't realized you're turning thirteen tomorrow. Well, since you're leaving your whole family is having a celebration for you in Nuvema Town!" I forgot about Nuvema Town, it was my birth place but after my dad went missing my mum wanted a new location. Most of my relatives lived there, apart from my Aunt that lives in Sinnoh. She told me she was coming over to Unova just for my birthday; we had quite a close relationship even though she was in a different land.

"Oh that," I replied, and I hear my mum grunt from the kitchen. I run downstairs to see my mum pointing at her watch, but I caught the aroma up my nose of freshly cooked Pancakes.

"Mum, I love you!" I gobbled up my Pancakes in no time flat. Some of the Golden Syrup still lingered on my plate. My mum wasn't looking, so I quickly licked it up, but she turned around just when I was licking up the last blob. She looked disgusted!

"Nick Batlam, you stop that right this instant!" My mother scolded. I whimpered as I put my plate into the sink. She gave me 'that look', that meant "Put it in the dishwasher!" so I rinsed it then placed it in and set the almost full dishwasher on, fresh and clean for when my mum comes home.

"Oh god," My mum sighed as we started walking out the door.

"What?" I asked. I'm sick of her scolding me all day every day, I'll actually be happy to leave this hell hole!

"Just about to leave for you journey and you don't have your backpack," mum groaned.

"Oh yeah, I'll go grab it. But do you have the dirty washing?" I questioned her as I run up the stairs. I grab my black and sky blue backpack and chuck it around my shoulders as I bombard down the stairs I get a reply.

"Yes, I'm going to wash them when we get to the hotel we're staying in, so you can have lots of clean clothes when you start your journey."

"Thanks mum…" I mumbled, I always have to use my manners or she'll scold me. We walk out onto the street; we live in the suburb area of Undella Town. It's not as well-known as the clubs and hotels on the other side of our little city, but this is closer to the port for the community's convenience. I spot the hottest girl in our neighborhood.

"Hi Nick!" she called out.

"Hi Casey," I reply. Her soft blonde hair waved in the wind. Her blue dress showed off her curves in all the right places, and it was concealed nicely with a white ribbon. Normally the colours would be switched but she's a bit out there. We liked each other in Pokemon Trainer School; I let her win since it was the nice thing to do to someone you like. At one point Lilly got jealous and nearly ripped her head off and now we don't see each other much. It's complicated when you like two girls. Most of the girls liked me, but I was a bit fussy, that's how I got my nickname ladies' man. I didn't like any one else, even though most girls in Undella Town are smoking hot, just like the sun here.

"We'll all miss you," she said, her face turned a bit sad. She's never been able to talk to me for years, but yesterday when Lilly left we talked for hours.

"Hurry up Nick, no time for girls!" Mum told me and I just had to wave goodbye. Her birthday was exactly one month after mine so hopefully I might see her around Unova. We scuttled down to the sand, where the port lay. My mum and I boarded, with minutes to spare. I looked back on my town; where I had spent most of my childhood. The big skyscraper hotels, there's this massive one called 'Undella Bay Hotel/Resort'. It's flash, next time I come back here I'm staying in the resort instead of coming home to my mother.

Do you know the weird thing; my mum's nice to all my friends so they don't think she's half bad. Stupid mothers, that's just what they do. "Hey mum, if its 10am now, what time will it be when we get to Nuvema Town" I ask.

"Well if it takes 7 hours by ship than we should be there by 5pm. That means we'll have half an hour to drop our things off in the Hotel and then quickly rush to Uncle Barry and Aunt Rose's house, where your dinner is being held," she explained. Wait no snaps. No nasty comments. What happened to my mother?!

"Honey, I know we fight a lot but we only have today and tomorrow morning left together, why not make it special," my mum offers. I look deep into her eyes, oh hell I WILL miss her!

"Ok mum. Let's make it special…"

After 7 long hours of sitting in our cabin, we finally hear the ship's horn. It honked and I grabbed my bag and rushed out to the deck, where I smelt the salty sea air. I looked ahead to see Nuvema Town, I remember this exact sight when I left. It's changed a little though, there's an extra port, and there's a plane in it. I guess they've introduced a new way to arrive there.

"Doesn't it feel nice getting back to your roots Nick?" mum questioned, but I just give her back a smile. I actually don't miss Nuvema Town that much, apart from my relatives. We used to be a very close family. After we got off the ship, we called for a taxi.

"To 17 Ferry Dale Drive please," My mum requested.

"Ok Mrs. Batlam," he replied and started to drive. How did he know my mum?

"Wait, Dave?" My mum asks and he turns around, still driving, nods his head and glues his eyes back on the road. My heart skipped a beat there, Dave was known for his bad taxi driving. But, he was one of the only taxi drivers in town. It's because most people walk or have a car, so taxis aren't needed round our way. He pulls up in front of a house.

"Not Dairy Pail Road!" My mum scolds him. "FERRY DALE DRIVE!" He's also not the best at understanding what people want. A few minutes pass until we finally reach the hotel we're in. We get the key card and quickly rush up to our room and chuck all our stuff on the two beds. It's 5:14, and my Aunt and Uncle's house is on the other side of town so we have to hurry. We told Dave to wait outside, and luckily he understood that.

"Now, quickly to 24 Turangi Place!" mum yelled at him, and he put his foot down flat on the accelerator. We zoomed straight out of the drive up to the hotel and on to the road. My heart was beating faster, it already was from all that running but now it must be going flat naked. Within ten minutes we were there, normally it'd take nearly double that but with his crazy driving we got there early.

I was itching to get out of the car and as soon as he slammed on the brakes, and we'd stopped skidding, I jumped out and ran up to the front door. I rang the bell. I could smell a roasted chicken from inside, and I could hear whispers. A shadow of someone's feet appeared on the other side of the door, and by the size of them it was probably Uncle Barry.

"Come in if your good looking," he said to me as he opened the door. My face lit up as I saw him, I may be thirteen tomorrow but you're never too old for a hug. I reached in for one; I hadn't seen Uncle Barry since I was 10!

"Nick!" Aunty Rose exclaimed as she saw me at the door. "I'm so glad to see you! And your five minutes early. The Batlam family is never late!"

"Not as long as I've been alive," Uncle Barry added. My mum quickly rushed up the steps and hugged Auntie Rose and Uncle Barry.

"How you doing sis?" she asked. They started to walk inside, chatting and sharing stories. They will be talking the whole night! I follow Uncle Barry in and see the rest of my family sitting around a 12-seater dining table.

"God?! What do you normally do with this dining table?" I question them. They all chuckle a bit. I see my two cousins, Angela and Andrew sitting around the dining table. They're with my two grandpas', my grandmother, and their mum and dad. I see my Aunt Selma over there, sitting alone. She's the one from Sinnoh, and she got the first hug from me, well, second...

"How've you been Nick?" she asks. Aunt Selma's nice; she always takes an interest in me. Isn't there just one person in your family, apart from you mum, dad or siblings that you have a close relationship with and that adores you. For me it's Aunty Selma.

"I'm fine," I reply.

"You must be better than fine, your Pokemon journey starts tomorrow," she told me.

"Yeah, I suppose. To tell you the truth, I can't believe that the time to start my Pokemon journey is here! I keep having dreams lately of becoming a Pokemon Master," I explained. I've also kept having dreams about my father, but I won't tell her that.

"Well you stay safe on your journey, promise me that. But, have you decided which Pokemon you will pick?" she asks me.

"I promise you. Anyway, I have made a decision. I've longed to have a fire-type, and Tepig is one of my most favourite Pokemon. So, it's clear to me that Tepig will be my choice."

"Guys! The Chicken's ready!" Uncle Barry calls as he came out of the kitchen and put the massive chicken on the table. I see him bringing out some steak as well, so that people have a choice. Although, the steak was already sliced and I couldn't be bothered cutting so I just took that.

"Nick," Aunty Selma whispered. "I have a present for you, come to me just before you leave Barry and Rose's house. Ok?"

"Ok, I understand." I pondered what it could be throughout my whole meal. I had some vegetables, steak, gravy, potato and pasta. I could barely fit in anymore but when my Uncle called,

"Dessert is served!" space in my stomach just opened up! It was Chocolate Pudding, with some fresh cream on top. I gobbled it down like a pig, and my mum's eyes gleamed as she saw people staring at me. I knew I was going to get in shit once we left here! After everyone else had finished their dessert, it was present time! I get Uncle Barry and Aunty Rose's present first. I rip up the paper to find a blue jacket, with a grey strip across the middle. It was sort of a rain jacket, but was thermal on the inside.

"Thanks Uncle Barry and Aunty Rose!" I shouted as I tried on the new jacket. My body fell into a trance when I felt the softness inside, and my eyes gleamed, I really liked the present. I wish the colder parts of Unova were just around the corner because I wanted to wear this jacket all year long.

"We thought you might get chilly as you enter the colder regions of Unova," Aunt Rose explained. After I unwrapped everybody's presents, apart from Aunt Selma's because she said she 'forgot' it. But I remember her telling me she has something for me, wouldn't that be sort of like a present?

"Aren't you lucky Nick, getting all this stuff from your family," my mother said, and gives me that look like I should say thank you again.

"Thanks everyone," I say, I guess I was lucky. I got a jacket, some togs, some money, extra pokeballs and an X-Transceiver. I was quite happy about all the stuff I got. The adults talked for a while, so us teens had to play on our devices and watch some T.V.

"Nick, we better get going!" mum called at 9:00pm. "You can't be late for your journey day now can you?" We wave goodbye to my relatives, I probably won't see them for about another few years, but I was happy that I got the chance to before I started my journey. On my way out I bump into Aunt Selma.

"I thought I told you to come over to me when you were about to leave," she scolded me.

"Sorry, I forgot…" I mumbled. I guess I'll finally be able to find out what that present is. Maybe it's a but load of money! I could smell the notes already!

"Well, here's your gift," she says and reaches into her bag. She pulls out this sky blue and dark grey egg. The patterns on it are mysterious, but it does match my jacket.

"It's a Pokemon Egg. I want you to have this on your journey," My Aunt tells me. I feel like just snatching it out of here hands and putting it close to my heart.

"Thank you so much Auntie Selma! This was the best present that I could've got!" I scream and go in to hug her, but my mum quickly pulls me away.

"Let's go!" She yelled and practically dragged me out the door. Aunt Selma stealthy put the egg in my hand and kissed me goodbye. I looked back at all my family staring back at me, giving me that good-luck look. They were right, I needed it.

After we arrived back at the hotel, I had a shower and then immediately after resting my head on my puffing pillow, fell asleep. I wanted to be awake and lively for my first day of my Pokemon journey.

The world is pitch black around me, but I see one lantern up ahead. Someone's holding it, but who? I slowly walked over to the mysterious figure, and as I go closer they got taller and taller. At first I thought it might be a child, but now that I'm only a few feet away I realize that it's a six-foot man.

"Nick, I've been longing to see you," he says. I'm confused, who is this man? His face is still under a shadow by his cap, and I can't quite make out the face. All I see are two eyes. I ask what I've been thinking.

"Who are you?"

"How can you not recognize my voice? This very voice put fear into challengers that faced me, but put warmness in you and your mother's heart," he said. I still didn't get it, but I was trying to connect the dots.

"Nick! It's me!" He cried. I got more confused than ever, until I thought, could it be my father? No, not another one of these dreams! His face suddenly appears, it's just like him, yet older. It is my father!

"No! You need to stay out of my mind!" I screamed at the man. I have to break free of this dream, but how? A thought popped into my head, what if I pinch myself. I pinch really hard and awake to yet another day.

"Good morning world!" I scream and jump out of bed at about only 8:00. I'm 13, I really can't believe it! Today's the day I will start my journey, and the day I will catch my first Pokemon. Well, that's what I'm counting on anyway. I wake up my mum, but I was a bit surprised she didn't wake up by my yelling.

"Pack your things and go!" she yelled, just before resting her head on the pillow. That wasn't the best good bye, but it's the best I've gotten for a while. You know how I said that my mum doesn't show her mean side to other people, well that doesn't apply to family. She always acts up when she's around them, and she seemed like she was in such a rush to leave. Maybe they had a fight?

"Everything's already packed…" I mutter to myself as I look in my bag. The sky blue on it made my day lighten up. It's weird, bright colours make you feel happier, don't they. I chuck off my pajamas and put on a tight black top, showing a little bit of abs. I went to the gym to impress Casey and Lilly, but they didn't really notice. I put on a pair of sea blue short jeans, then my ankle socks and shoes. I quickly brushed my teeth and put on deodorant in the bathroom.

"Bye mum, I guess I'll see you in a few months," I start to walk out the door but feel a hand grab my shoulder.

"Nick, I'm sorry. That wasn't a goodbye; it was what you'd say if you wanted someone to stay with you, but you knew you had to let them go..."

"So you don't want me gone?" I asked, realizing that maybe my mother really does care for me.

"Yes, I would rather have you home safe with me. The truth is, that's what I told your father the day before his match against Alder…"

"What?!" I screamed in shock. I thought my father disappeared because of his loss, not because of my mother.

"I didn't think it would end this way, I mean, him not coming back. You know that he was the coward that abandoned you, not me. Sometimes parents fight, and it gets out of hand. But it doesn't mean never return to your home and your family," my mother explained.

"Why did you not tell me this sooner?" I questioned her.

"I don't know, I guess I didn't want to be the bad parent in your eyes. I told you because I've been hearing you in your sleep; it's either about Pokemon or him. I heard you last night and finally convinced myself to tell you."

"Thanks for opening up to me mum, now I may be able to rest easier on my journey, I hope."

"I'll load my number into your X-Transceiver so if you have any questions while you're on the road just ask. I'll miss you pumpkin, but you better hurry along. I here there's another trainer starting today too so if you want Tepig you better be quick.

"Ok, love you mum," I said as I gave her a massive hug. I finally slipped away after a few seconds and ran out the door. My mum stared at me as I ran down the stairs to the lobby of the hotel. I know what we're both thinking 'We may have fought a lot, but deep down we will always love each other and I'll be damned if I can get it across.'

I run across the road and down onto the main avenue of Nuvema Town. It's called Broadway Avenue and Professor Juniper's lab is at the end of it. I run past several shops, but one man yells out my name.

"Nick! Is that really you?" he asks. I turn around to see Mr. Smith staring at me. "I haven't seen you since you were a child!"

"Hey Mr. Smith! You don't know how much the people in Undella Town need your ice-cream," I tell him. Surprisingly in Undella Town there aren't too many ice-cream shops around, and when I used to live in Nuvema Town, I used to go down nearly every day and buy an ice-cream. He's such a nice chap, it's a shame I'll never get to taste one of those ice-creams again. "I got to run Mr. Smith, but I guess I might see you around some time," I told him and started to jog again.

"Wait!" he cries. I turn around and see him waving an ice-cream cone in the air. "I'll treat you to one, on the house."

"Thanks Mr. Smith!" I said.

"Your usual?" He asked.

"Nothing else but Chocolate for me," I ordered as he handed me the cone. I take a lick, refreshing!

"I forgot how good your ice-cream tastes," I told him. "Bye, I've got to go get my first Pokemon now!"

"Good luck on your journey!" he shouted as I run along the street and along a bend. I could now see Professor Juniper's lab ahead, but as I ran ever closer the heat got to me and I started to sweat, I could practically feel the heat waves on my neck. I could feel it starting to burn but luckily I was getting really close now.

"Yes! I'm nearly there!" I exclaim as I sprint into the entrance and I head for the doors, they look automatic.


"I guess they aren't automatic…" I groaned as I fell flat on the floor, my face and neck throbbing. I see someone approaching the door from the inside; I guess they must have heard the slam.

"Who might you be?" she asks. She had brown hair; all swirled at the top and wore a green tight dress with a lab coat over it. She looked professional, yet she was so young. Most people that are established scientists or professors are older, for example Professor Oak or Professor Rowan. I look deeply into her eyes, and she stares back. I know I've seen her before, but where?

"I'm Nick Batlam and I'm here for my starter Pokemon!" I shouted, but she just looked at me. I got a bit nervous until she finally said,

"Sure, come in."

"So where's Professor Juniper?" I ask; curios to know where Fredrick Juniper is.

"You're looking at her," Professor Juniper replies. My mouth practically dropped as she told me that she's the Professor in charge here.

"I thought Fredrick Juniper ran this place," I say.

"No, no. That was several years ago. My father is Fredrick Juniper and after he retired he asked me to take over," Juniper explained.

"Oh, now I see." She walks me to a room filled with fancy gadgets with a massive table in the middle.

"Have you already made your choice?" she asked and pressed a button that made two pokeballs rise up from underneath it and sit quite loosely on top. I nod my head as I look in ore at the two pokeballs. "By the way, since a trainer came by two days ago we haven't got the chance to replace the Pokemon she took. She chose Snivy."

"Who cares? The only Pokemon for me is Tepig!" I screamed and snatched the pokeball from the table. Wait, a trainer two days ago? That must be Lilly! I hope I can catch up to her; I want to show her my strength! Especially if I have the advantage by type, fire trumps grass!

"Well, I suppose I better give you your pokeballs and Pokedex," Professor Juniper said as she grabbed some empty pokeballs and a Pokedex from a sparkling clean table. I see one more pair there, I guess another trainer is arriving today too. Now that I think about it, my mum did say another trainer was starting today.

"Thanks Professor," I told her as she hands me them.

"Oh! I almost forgot, you'll need a badge case, or if you prefer contests a ribbon case. You wouldn't believe how many times I've forgotten to give trainers them!" I chuckle as she gives me the option of the two cases.

"I'd like to challenge gyms," I said, and she willingly hands me the case.

"Not many trainers go for coordinating, because it's harder. At least with gym battles you can have a redo but with a contest if you lose you lose," she explains. I think they're equally hard, because there are more contests than there are Pokemon Gyms. She looks in my bag, and sees my Pokemon egg.

"Did your mother give you that egg?" she questioned. I shook my head and replied.

"My Aunt gave it to me. I really hope it's a Sinnoh Pokemon since she's from Sinnoh!"

"I wouldn't guarantee that, she could've bought the Pokemon egg here and then gave it to you as a present," Juniper reasoned.

"Yeah, I guess your right…" I muttered. I was hoping for something like a Chimchar, or maybe even a Starly. That was a real bummer.

"But then again, she could've got it in Sinnoh," she says. My spirit lifts as I heard those words reach my ears. A warm smile flooded across my face, when I realized even if it wasn't from Sinnoh, it's still a Pokemon and I'm sure I'd still love it and it would love me.

"Well then, I better get go-"

"I'm here for my Pokemon!" a boy yelled as he barges through the door. I heard his footsteps as he walked down the corridor, I wonder how he knows where to go? He appeared at the doorway just seconds later.

"Cheren?" the Professor asked in shock. Obviously she knows this kid, but the tone she used sounded like she hated the kid. He looked like he was smart, but a bit up himself. His red-rimmed glasses made his sapphire eyes bigger. His white top and grey pants just made him look a little more classy, but the blue over jacket made it more childish. On the white top was a red tie, opposite to his pitch black scruffy hair. It looked combed, but yet some still stuck up.

"What?! Only one Pokemon left? I guess I'll just have to make the most of it," he said and grabs the pokeball.

"What's with your attitude?!" I questioned him, and I can already tell I've just started a fight.

"My attitude?" he asked back. "Look in the mirror. You don't just yell that at someone you don't know, I could be a nice person."

"Yeah, but I know you're not!" I screamed. Suddenly, I have a flashback. I remember when I was 4 and playing in preschool with this girl called Kelly, there was this bully of the school. He kicked sand out of the sandpit in people's faces. He wore glasses - just like Cheren's but in kids size - and he looked like a nerd but yet somehow he was popular. We got into a fight, just like me and Cheren are now, and he kicked me really hard on the chin, so he won. I went crying home to my mum, and she said that that was the last straw. She announced we were moving the next day, and I never got to get back at that kid. I looked at Cheren, and he stared back. I think that he's thinking about the same thing I am. Wait, if he's thinking that then that means…

"You're the kid from preschool!" we both shouted simultaneously.

"You rotten brat!" I snarled. He was the meanest kid around and he was a rich bitch.

"Fine then, I challenge you to a Pokemon battle, whoever wins the battle wins this fight," he staked. They were pretty weird stakes; I mean whoever wins the battle wins the fight, which is kind of obvious. Maybe he's dumber than I thought!

"Boys, can you please not battle in here. There's a battlefield outside," she told us as we were just getting out our pokeballs. That might be a bit smarter to battle on an actual battlefield. We walked outside and this time we really did throw our pokeballs.

"Go!" we both exclaimed as our pokeballs soared into the sky.

"Pig!" Tepig grunted as it entered onto the battlefield. Tepig was perfect, I can't believe I'm seeing him for the first time, and this isn't a dream! His snout spat out a little bit of fire, signally its ready to battle.

"Osha!" a Pokemon screeched as it stood ready to fight on the battlefield. Some of the light from the pokeball still lingered and reflected on his scalchop. He looked sort of like a panda, maybe I should scan him. I pull the Pokedex from my pocket but before I can scan him Cheren gets his out and scans this panda.

"Oshawott, the sea otter Pokemon. Oshawott fights using the scalchop on its stomach. In response to an attack, it retaliates immediately by slashing," I overhear Cheren's Pokedex explain. I hear Cheren says 'moves' to the Pokedex and it immediately responds. "Oshawott's moves are Tackle, Water Gun and Razor Shell." I might as well scan Tepig anyway since my Pokedex is out, even though I know everything about it.

"Tepig, the fire pig Pokemon. Tepig loves to eat roasted berries, but sometimes it gets too excited and burns them to a crisp. When it catches a cold, the fire becomes pitch-black smoke instead," my Pokedex told me. I knew all of that anyway, but it's fun to scan Pokemon! I already know Tepig's moves, even when it's a starter Pokemon. They're Tackle, Ember and Flame Charge.

"Use Water Gun Oshawott!" Cheren commanded and Oshawott immediately started to spray water out of its small mouth. The water was crystal clear, and saturated Tepig. Tepig shook off the water and stomped its foot on the ground signalling it's on.

"Flame Charge!" I screamed. Tepig grunts at me before he started to sprint at Oshawott. The fire wasn't starting, what's happening? Suddenly a fire engulfed Tepig just before reaching Oshawott, it looked like it was going to hit when suddenly Cheren called,

"Jump and then Water Gun from above!"

"Wott!" Oshawott shouted as it jumped high into the air, avoiding my fire pig's attack. It then sprayed at least a gallon of aqua blue water onto Tepig, saturating him completely. Tepig was in much pain, I could sense it. An idea popped into my head. A wise man said that 'the best defence is a good offense'.

"Tackle!" I yell, and my Tepig charged through the water and freed himself from that hell. Oshawott stopped the attack and landed on the ground, and Tepig immediately retaliated by slamming into him, now that was a Tackle!

"Razor Shell!" Cheren countered.

"Ember!" I commanded.

"Pig!" Tepig snorted as it showered Oshawott with ashes and little sparks of fire, but Oshawott kept on coming.

"Max power!" I shouted, and Tepig went full throttle, yet Oshawott still strived through. It grabbed its shell and made it glow turquoise, signally power was there. It got right in Tepig's face and then slashed, leaving a massive scar over Tepig's face. Tepig fell to the floor, unable to battle.

"Tepig is unable to battle, that means the winner of this match is Oshawott and Cheren," Professor Juniper announced. No, my Tepig lost. Actually, I lost. Tepig was under my command. That ultimately means…

"You're the worse trainer," Cheren told me. I ran over and picked up my Tepig, and we both stared and him and Oshawott.

"Not next time Cheren, not ever again…"

"I highly doubt that!" he smirks as he started to walk away. "Thanks Professor, after this battle I can tell me and Oshawott will be a perfect match." Oshawott started to walk after his trainer, but turns around and looks at Tepig. He sends a little squirt of water at Tepig, which hit Tepig's snout. Tepig had to shake it off, but got agitated. Not only did Cheren and I have a rivalry, but our Pokemon did too.

"Nick, I'm sure you'll win next time," Juniper tells me after Cheren was well out of sight. "I don't like that kid."

"Neither," I agreed.

"PIG!" Tepig grunted, obviously meaning that he doesn't like Cheren's Pokemon.

"I think we better get going now Professor, but thanks for everything. I've always wanted a Tepig, and now I realize I was foolish to obey the law and wait till I was thirteen. I should've got one a long time ago…" She laughed at my comment, but I wasn't kidding. It didn't matter, all that matters is that I have Tepig now.

"Tepig return!" I recalled my Tepig, he needed some rest.

"Bye Nick, hopefully we might meet again someday," she called out as I start to head for the exit of Nuvema Town, the same exit to Route 1. I wave back as I put Tepig's pokeball in my pocket. Before long I'm at the exit. I'm so close to embarking on my journey, I just don't want to take that step. I know, Tepig should be here for this moment, after all we are starting this journey together.

"Rock and roll Tepig!" I exclaim as I throw Tepig's pokeball. I quite liked saying that; I mean rock and roll. I'll have to use that more! Tepig pops out and falls into my arms.

"Tepig, this is it. Let's take the step together," I say as I put Tepig down. "1, 2, 3!" We took the step through the arch and onto the other side. Tepig smiled up at me, and I smiled back. This journey wasn't just about me; it was about the both of us…


NEXT EPISODE – Birds on the Run!

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