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Episode 55 – Love At First Sight!

"Anville Town!" I screamed in relief as we looked over at the small train town. It had a massive train yard next to a cliff on the left of the town, and a bridge from the main housing area of the town crossed a track, where it connected to a station. In the distance, in the very right top corner of the town you could see a dome shaped contest hall that was booming with lights, even though it was only 1:30pm.

"I can't believe that we finally made it here," May sighed. We had been lost for 6 days in total since Max's battle, which was 4 days after Servine and I started 'Rehabilitation Camp'. It had been over a week now, so Servine could battle again, although she was only still doing small practice battles with Cubchoo. Although she wasn't in top form yet she was definitely getting there.

"Woo hoo!" I shouted as I started to run down a small slope that lead into the town. I immediately was trying to find a restaurant, because we had run out of supplies yesterday, so I've had no Breakfast or Lunch!

"Wait for us!" May and Max cried as they started to run after me with their tummy's also grumbling. Once we actually entered the town we were looking around for a restaurant, but to no prevail. This town didn't have a single shop in it! Well, I do lie. I saw a lost and found shop.

"Why don't we just go to the Pokemon Centre?" May questioned.

"It's like Hospital food there," I spat back.

"That's because it is a Hospital, dumbass," she snapped. I finally conceived and we started to go over to the Pokemon Centre, where it was apparently the only place to eat in town. We got to the door but when the automatic doors were about to open for us they rushed open and a person came running out and hit into me.

"Oww!" I hissed as I fell on my backside. I looked up to see a girl with pink hair, which was pulled back and then let down, apart from two tied up oval hoops of hair that were on the sides; one on the left and one on the right. She looked down at me and smiled wildly.

"Sorry," she apologized but then love hearts formed in her eyes. "But aren't you handsome!"

"Ahh…" I murmured quietly as I looked at the girl who was falling in love with me, moving from side to side with her hands coupled. "Well I better be going-"

"No way. You're taking me on a date!" she exclaimed.

"Ahh…" I murmured quietly again. "But I gotta go and get Lun-"

"I've already had my Lunch, but don't worry, if it's for a date with you then I'll have it again!" she cheered as she started to drag me back inside. Oh god, I have to go on a date with this lunatic. Hold on, she just said a date before, and she didn't specify where or what… I know how I can get myself out of a lovey dovey meal!

"Hey. How about I take you somewhere else on a date. The Pokemon Centre's not very romantic," I reminded her. May and Max's jaw hit the ground as they realized I was trying to make the date more romantic with this girl.

"You're totally right handsome!" the girl screamed.

"First we might want to know each other's names. I'm Nick, and these are my two friends May and Max," I explained.

"May? Is she your girlfriend or something," the girl spat as she turned away like a child, her face puffed up (anime style).

"No!" May and I shouted at once, angry at her comment.

"Ok then. I'm Melanie, handsome," she told me.

"It's still Nick…" I sighed as I rubbed the back of my neck. "Anyway, follow me." She shrugged, and decided to follow me. I started to walk behind the Pokemon Centre where we found a battlefield which wasn't in use. "What kind of battle would you like? A 3 vs. 3, a 1 on 1? Maybe a double battle?"

"WHAT?! Our date is a battle?!" Melanie shrieked.

"It's the best you're getting out of me."

"Fine then, I propose a triple battle," Melanie said to me. "And these will be the Pokemon I'm using!" Melanie threw three pokeballs into the air and they all popped out to reveal Pokemon I hadn't seen before.

"Simisear!" the red one called.

"Sage, Sage!" the green one with a crazy hairstyle screeched.

"Pour…" the blue one whispered as blue and white light reflected on her soft skinned body. Who are all of those Pokemon…?

"Simisear, the Ember Pokemon. When Simisear gets excited, embers rise from its head and tail and it gets hot. For some reason, it loves sweets."

"Simisage, the Thorn Monkey Pokemon. Ill tempered, Simisage fights by swinging its barbed tail around wildly. The leaf growing on its head is very bitter."

"Simipour, the Geyser Pokemon. The tuft on Simipour's head holds water. The high-pressure water expelled from its tail is so powerful, that it can destroy a concrete wall."

"Wow…" I muttered. They all looked strangely alike, and each one of them were Fire, Water and Grass-Types respectively. My three starter Pokemon would be perfect for this battle. Although… Will Servine be ok…?

"Vine!" Suddenly Servine burst out of her pokeball and she stood in a fierce battling pose at our three opponents.

"Servine, are you sure about this?" I asked Servine. She nodded as she whipped her head back at our opponents, giving them a battle glare. "Alright then, Pignite, Dewott, let's join her!" I threw two pokeballs high into the air, and each one revealed a new Pokemon.

"Pig!" Pignite snorted as he stood strong.

"Wott!" Dewott cheered as he got out his shells and slashed them in the air, to show them that he meant business.

"Your Pokemon aren't even fully evolved yet? You must be weak, although I might go easy on you handsome," Melanie winked at me.

"Evolving isn't everything and I'm NOT WEAK! Don't hold back, please," I told her. She shrugged before commanding the first attacks.

"Simipour, use Scald on Servine, Pignite and Dewott, then Simisear, use Fire Blast on them all too! And then to finish it all off, Simisage, use Seed Bomb!" Melanie instructed her Pokemon. Simipour went first, and that's when she pumped out a massive stream of boiling water at my Pokemon. Unfortunately, Servine was in the middle of the group of my Pokemon, which probably meant that she was taking the most damage, and would take the most damage in future attacks… The hot water slammed into all my Pokemon, and it started to create burns on their skin and fast.

"Sear!" Simisear screamed as he shot out a flaming fire star at Servine, Pignite and Dewott next. BOOM! My Pokemon were washed back by the attack, but Servine was most affected. Then it was Simisage's turn. He gathered a swirly green sphere in his palms before the ferocious Pokemon threw it with all his might, and it floated above my three starter Pokemon. I, and them, looked confused up at it before suddenly it exploded into a million seeds that showered down on all of my Pokemon, pelting them over and over.

"We are not standing for this! Pignite, use Flamethrower on Simisage!" I commanded Pignite. Pignite threw himself forward and a searing shot out fire came streaming out of his snout, immediately burning into the airborne Simisage. Simisage had been still in the air after throwing Seed Bomb, so he was vulnerable to attack. "Now Servine, you use Leaf Tornado!" Servine went on her head and started to topspin, making a cascade of leaves form above her tail. Servine whipped her snaky tail forward and the Leaf Tornado rampaged along the ground where it sucked Simipour, Simisear and Simisage into its trap! "Now Dewott, Pignite, add to that power with Flamethrower and Water Gun!"

"Nite/Dew-wott!" Pignite and Dewott exclaimed as they shot out their respective attacks at the same time. A piping of clear as day water and a piping of blazing hot flames slammed into the Leaf Tornado, merging their powers into the attack. All of the 'Simis' started to cry in pain because now, the attack had majorly boosted in power and it was also super-effective to each type in there.

"Tackle them out!" I roared. Servine, Pignite and Dewott all started to speed along the ground like ninjas, all of them being super-fast. Then, they jumped into the air where the Leaf-Fire-Water-Tornado was and crashed their bodies up against their similarly-typed opponent (Servine tackled Simisage, Pignite tackled Simisear and Dewott tackled Simipour). The three monkeys came out of the tornado with a THUD and looked badly injured as they twitched on the ground. Melanie looked horrifically down at her Pokemon, and then over in awe at us. "It's called teamwork, and we have lots of it."

"Err… Nicky, you may be cute, handsome and hot but I'm beating you!" Melanie yelled.

"Hot?!" May asked.

"She can judge me however she wants to judge me," I countered, jumping to Melanie's side. Stupid May, being cruel towards me as usual…

"Now Simisear, use Heat Wave!" Melanie screamed.

"Searrr!" Simisear screeched as a massive gust of hot air started to blow out from his mouth, blowing our way. Servine was damaged by the move a lot, and collapsed to the floor from it.

"Fire Punch!" Simisear then engulfed his fist in flames where he went over and punched Pignite, and was about to go over to hit Servine.

"You have to counter with Leaf Blade!" I told her. Servine's eyes flickered open and her tail became neon, where she swung it around and whacked it against the Fire Punch, countering the move. "Now Dewott, help Servine out with water Pledge! Then you use Focus Blast Pignite!"

"Wott/Pig!" both of my Pokemon grunted as they fired their moves. First, Dewott slammed his grey paw against the ground, and in a blast of a geyser, Simisear was hit away from Servine. Pignite unleashed all of his fighting spirit into a sphere in his palms, before Pignite shot the attack at Simisage, where he was pushed out of the water and with a massive… BOOOM! Simisear was sent all the way back to the other side of the field. Servine caved in and collapsed to the floor, but Pignite and Dewott were there to lift her up again, and with a smile, my Pokemon all looked back up at me and nodded.

"Alright guys, – and girl – it's time to attack all together!" I cheered. Simipour and Simisage helped Simisear back up and they all looked nervously back over at me. "Use Aqua Jet, Leaf Blade and Heat Crash!" Servine, Pignite and Dewott all jumped up into the air, before surging back down in their own glory. Servine's glory was her tail, which was brightly shining neon green. Pignite's glory was a flaming sphere of red and black fire which surrounded him like a coat. And Dewott's glory was a crisp, clear coat of aqua, which was shaped like a bullet around his body.

"Simi!" all three of Melanie's Pokemon screamed helplessly as they fell on their backsides, due to the attacks of my three Pokemon. They all hobbled themselves back up in a big pile, but looked very weak. Pignite and Dewott ran back to me but Servine was still over near Melanie, where she was struggling to get back up. Melanie started to snicker as she realised that she had an opening to defeat Servine.

"Alright Simipour, use Ice Punch!" Simipour's fist turned blue with Ice-Type powers before she jumped for Servine, ready to finish her off.

"VINEEE!" everybody looked down at Servine who had jump up and started to spin wildly. I recognized that attack, and immediately thought… Oh no. Leaves started to summon around her body until they fully covered her. It was Leaf Storm. She was using Leaf Storm... Servine threw the attack and all of the leaves obeyed her command, and started to clobber Simipour. They slashed her, swiped her and diced her until Simipour fell, along with Servine who immediately fell to the floor after the attack.

"Servine!" I called as I sprinted over to where Servine was. I felt her forehead and then her stomach, and she wasn't boiling up at all. "Hmmm…" I picked up Servine and placed her on the bench next to May and Max, but I saw that they were eating a massive cookie each. "Hey, how come you guys get cookies?!" May and Max shrugged like they knew nothing and I just sighed at the siblings, and my grumbling tummy, "Anyway, look after Servine, Just keep an eye on that she doesn't burn up, because she doesn't seem to be at the moment."

"Ok," May and Max mumbled, but it sounded a lot different when they had freaking cookie filled faces… Damn those two. I looked back at Melanie's Pokemon and they were both panting heavily, while my Pokemon almost looked in top form.

"Teamwork," I reminded Melanie. "Alright, let's see if they've learnt a thing or two about teamwork yet. Dewott, use Razor Shell on the two to distract them, and then go in for a Flame Charge Pignite!" Dewott got out his two scalchops and gave them Water-Type powering, where they grew to be blades. Dewott then jumped forward and was ready to slice and dice the two Pokemon.

"Simisage, use Dig to dodge and Simisear, jump in the hole too!" Melanie screamed. Simisage started to dig ferociously, until a pothole was dug out. Simisage and Simisear hid in the hole, and Dewott completely missed his attack! "Now jump out and use Solarbeam Simisage!"

"Sage!" Simisage roared as he gathered light quickly into a ball, before firing it off immediately as a beam. It crashed into Dewott and sent him into the forest outback, which was behind the Pokemon Centre.

"Come back with an Aqua Jet!" I commanded my Pokemon. Dewott was surrounded in a veil of water before he jetted forward like a rocket.

"Counter with Iron Tail Simisage!" Melanie retaliated. Simisage's tail turned from a luscious green, to a metal machine. Simisage then jumped, and soared high into the air before he rolled and threw his tail first right at Dewott, and there was an immediate explosion. BOOM! Dust flooded that side of the field and when it all cleared, Melanie and I were both shocked.

"Return!" we called in unison as we returned our fainted Pokemon. How, how could Simisage tie with Dewott? I mean, Dewott was nearly in top form when those two are as weak as hell!

"We're not tying again this round," I warned Melanie. Simisear is injured, and Pignite is fast and still strong. They are not defeating us. I mean, I gave her that advice about teamwork but did it really go a long way? No. "Pignite, it's time to start with Focus Blast!"

"Pig!" Pignite snorted as a surge of blue exited his chubby body, and immediately formed itself into a ball in Pignite's palms. Pignite reared back before he brought his right hand forward, and threw the Focus Blast with everything he had.

"Use Fire Punch to send it back!" Simisear's hand turned into flames, and he dashed forward, slamming his fist up against the Focus Blast. The Fighting-Type attack then went shooting back at a rapid pace right back at Pignite, but now in a coat of blazing flames. SLAM! It smashed up against Pignite's body and he was sent crashing into the wall. "Acrobatics!"

"Sear, Sear, Sear, Sear!" Simisear called repeatedly as he surged over towards Pignite and then started to attack him from all directions, disappearing and reappearing each time he did so. Pignite kept getting more injured, and more injured since Acrobatics was a Flying-Type move until he finally gave in.

"Nite…" Pignite collapsed to the floor and Simisear returned to Melanie, but my Pignite isn't a quitter, and quickly jumped back up and started to growl ever fiercer than before at Simisear.

"Finish that pathetic pig off with a Fire Blast, but make sure not to burn my handsome!" Melanie ordered Simisear. Simisear leaned back before he whipped his whole body forward, forcing a star of searing hot fire to come raging out, storming through the air towards Pignite.

"Push it back with Flamethrower!" I instructed Pignite. Pignite let out a spray of heat and flames towards the Fire Blast, and countered it, well, at least for a little while. The Fire Blast quickly overpower the Flamethrower and smashed into Pignite, slamming him against the Pokemon Centre wall. "Pignite!" Pignite collapse and wasn't getting up. "Pignite…" Suddenly, I felt Pignite twitching as he was FINALLY starting to… raise himself up from the ground, but then, he started to shine!... a bright red. He was angry, and was determined but still shaking fiercely. "Just forfeit Pignite, it's no use…"

"NITE!" Pignite roared as he threw his hands up and then started to run ferociously along the ground, stampeding towards Simisage. I suddenly heard an epic guitar playing in my mind, it was battling music! Fight to the finish music… All of a sudden, Pignite started to… jump into the air, where he then started to shine. For real, he was shining blue and white! I'm not trolling you this time! Energy surrounded his body, which was growing by the second. His arms were more bulky, and longer but, still… the stubby feet remained. His main body was huge, and I could tell he was going to be fat. He was fat. "BOAR!" a large Fire-Type stood in front of me, flames coming out of his shoulders. It was an Emboar, a Pokemon I'd always dreamed of having!

"Emboar, the Mega Fire Pig Pokemon. Emboar can throw a fire punch by setting its fists on fire with its fiery chin. It cares deeply about its friends," Dexter explained. Seriously? Mega Fire Pig Pokemon? They really need to find a better species than "Mega Fire Pig". Wow Gamefreak, wow. "New move: Hammer Arm. Moves Replaced: Tackle and Arm Thrust."

"Awesome, you evolved Pigni- I mean Emboar," I cheered up to the large Pokemon that was plummeting down from the sky. He was going down arm first and his whole forearm was a crimson red. SLAM! Emboar crushed into Simisear's skull, with his new move: Hammer Arm.

"Sear!" Simisear cried out in pain as he held his head, before immediately falling over; fainted.

"We won, we won, we won we won we won!" I yelled as Emboar picked me up and placed me on his shoulder, nearly putting me on his fiery beard. "Hot…"

"Congrats, handsome," Melanie said as she winked at me. "Well, if you wanna watch me perform, or battle me again, then I'll see you at the Anville Town Pokemon Contest." Melanie started to walk away, but I just realised what she said!

"You're a coordinator?!" May shrieked.

"A Gym Challenger too…" Melanie muttered as she put her hand up in a wave, and then disappeared behind the Pokemon Centre.

"May, it looks like we both just got new rivals," I told May with a half-smile, wondering whether I actually wanted Melanie as a rival. May sighed too but then, my tummy started to grumble like crazy, and so did Emboar's. "Lunch time."

May's POV:

"Well that was a fulfilling meal," Nick sighed as he stretched out his legs and laid his hands on his stomach, which was full of crap food. Even If it wasn't the nicest food, food, was food.

"Hey guys, I'm gonna go and train for the Pokemon Contest," I told my two travelling companions.

"Ok," the boys replied. I walked outside and back around to the battlefield, where now I was going to be training my Pokemon.

"Alright Gothorita, on stage!" I cheered as Gothorita's pokeball swirled out of my hand and opened up, to reveal everyone's favourite ballerina Pokemon.

"Rita!" Gothorita squealed as she dame out of her pokeball, white and blue lights reflecting against her gorgeous hair.

"Alright Gothorita, use Ice Beam to make a hollow sphere and then fire a Shadow Ball inside!" I ordered. Gothorita leaned forward as she started to shoot out the below zero-degree beam, which started to make a hollow ball. Gothorita left a small circle where the Shadow Ball could go in though. She then gathered Dark Matter energy which she threw inside immediately, not taking any chance with the heat of the sun. "Close the hatchet!"

"Goth!" Gothorita fired another Ice beam at the ball and it directly hit the Shadow Ball, although at the same time it covered up the small hole where Shadow Ball entered. BOOM! The Shadow Ball exploded and a purple and black glow span around inside of the ball, but it was quite dull just sitting there on the ground.

"Now how can we get that in the sky…?" I pondered.

"Don't tell me you're just training with one Pokemon?" I turned to see a familiar green haired boy standing in front of me.

"Drew!" I cheered. But then, I realised about his statement. "Well, we're training for the Pokemon Contest you know."

"I know that May," he shrugged. "Oh, don't you know?"

"Know what?"

"The contest is a double performance."

"WHAT?!" I immediately started to sprint away from Drew and I entered the café in the Pokemon Centre soon enough, where I saw Nick and Max look up at me. I wanted to tell them but I was puffing like crazy.

"What's wrong May?" Max asked.

"The… The contest. It-It's a double performance!"

Back to Nick's POV:

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Anville Town Pokemon Contest! Now, today we will be a hosting a Double Performance Contest, and it will be the last one of the year, so make it special!" Rosion told the crowd. Max and I were amongst them but May was waiting nervously out back. She had been freaking out ever since she had found out that this was a Double Performance Contest, from her rival, Drew. Although, May soon found out later that Drew actually wasn't competing in the contest, and was just watching Soledad since he already had 5 Ribbons.

"I hope May's coping…" I muttered to Max.

"Well, how about we introduce our judges? First, we have Don George from the Icirrus City Battle Club, since we don't have a Battle Club here in Anville Town. Next, we have the one, the only, the magnificent, the fabulous, Kelly Kenton! Our next judge is Nurse Joy, home to the lovely baking Anville Town Pokemon Centre. But now folks, we have some special judges that are joining us today, and these two men are actually the ones that inspired this Double Performance. They're the twin brothers, Ingo and Emmet!" Suddenly two men ran out onto the stage, one in a white coat and the other in a black coat, and then posed like train drivers or train assistants do, or army people. They went back to back (and I noticed they both had odd noses) and then winked at the crowd, before sitting in two extra allocated judge's panels.

"Wow, they're Ingo and Emmet," I heard some people whisper in the crowd.

"The Subway Bosses of Nimbasa City…" I heard other people mumble. Subway Bosses? What are they?

"Well, let's get rolling along to our first contest: Jimmy!"

"Now, welcome our 9th competitor of the day to the stage please… it's May!" Rosion shouted. May started to run onto the stage and looked a bit nervous, although she carried on with her performance.

"Ok Beautifly, take the stage!" May called as she span and threw out her Beautifly.

"Beau—tifly," Beautifly murmured as she slowly flew around the battlefield.

"Beautifly, start off with Silver Wind!' May ordered Beautifly. Beautifly started to flap her wings softly and a nice breeze of silver, mixed in with shining wind currents, came flooding out into the arena. "Now control that wind with Psychic, to make it into a tunnel!"

"Ahh… You do realise this is a double performance right?" Rosion asked May.

"Just be patient!" A wind tunnel of beauty swept down towards May, and May quickly got out a pokeball and put it into her palm. With a quick stream of Silver Wind, the pokeball was lifted up into the gusty wind and the Psychic-controlled tunnel went soaring into the air. "Now stop using Psychic!" the wind went from a tunnel to a wild fury of silver, and that's what made the pokeball open! In a bright flash of blue and white, a Pokemon was revealed but it was a rather… odd choice. "AHH! Not that Pokemon, it was supposed to be Minccino!"

"Lax!" Munchlax cheered happily. The Silver Wind broke down and May's two Pokemon dropped to the floor, although Beautifly still flapped in the air.

"What to do… What to do…" May pondered as you could see her going red. She hadn't planned this performance so she was on the spot doing this! "Um, ok Munchlax, use Solarbeam! …Ahh wait… I mean use Thunderbolt and Beautifly you use Solarbeam!" May's second command for Munchlax was too late since he had already stared to gather sunlight in his mouth, and Beautifly was doing the same with her wings. Both Pokemon fired off the yellow beam but then, Munchlax did obey the Thunderbolt command after all, adding electric powers to his Solarbeam. Oh shit this won't turn out too good… The three attacks collided and you could see May shutting her eyes in embarrassment and fear, and before you knew it all you heard was… BOOOOM!


NEXT EPISODE – Double is Twice as Nice!

Hey gals – Oh, and guys – Well, it was a long time coming but… Pignite finally evolved! I was going to have him also forget Flame Charge along with the other two but it's quite a useful move and trading away three mobs for one just seemed unfair… I'll probably have him forget that at a later stage. Well, what's gone wrong with May's performance, and what's up with that Melanie chick? If you stay tuned you'll find out next episode! And the new poll is up, so I ask you to vote. Pokemon Listings.



Riolu – Lv. 39 Sky Uppercut, Extreme Speed, Endure, Aura Sphere, Ice Punch, Dynamic Punch

Emboar – Lv.47 Flamethrower, Flame Charge, Heat Crash, Focus Blast, Hammer Arm

Servine – Lv.42 Leaf Tornado, Vine Whip, Tackle, Leaf Blade, Giga Drain, Leaf Storm

Dewott – Lv.42 Water Gun, Razor Shell, Aqua Jet, Tackle, Water Pledge

Duosion – Lv.39 Psychic, Psyshock, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball

Cubchoo – Lv.43 Slash, Ice Beam, Icy Wind, Superpower


Unfezant – Lv.42 Quick Attack, Gust, Air Cutter, Aerial Ace, Air Slash, Sky Attack

Tirtouga – Lv.39 Hydro Pump, Stone Edge, Aqua Jet, Ancient Power, Sandstorm

Eelektrik – Lv.39 Tackle, Thunder Wave, Spark, Crunch, Thunderbolt

Lampent – Lv.41 Flamethrower, Inferno, Shadow Ball, Flame Burst

Until next time – MonfernoFreak