I find Doctor Who references EVERYWHERE.

My friends, even the Whovians, are getting tired of me talking about Doctor Who all the time. They have a good reason.

I won't freaking shut up. But I can't help it. Whenever someone says the word cool. Bowties are. When someone says "blink". Don't. Or when something's ever so slightly out of the ordinary. OH MY GOD THERE'S PROBABLY SOMETHING ALIEN GOING ON AND THE TARDIS IS PARKED RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER BETTER GO CHECK.

Today, the door to the girls' bathroom is shut. I've never seen it shut before. It makes me feel like something's wrong. I'm overreacting, of course, but it's what I've been doing for the past few months. Door that should not be closed is closed. Conclusion: alien attack in girls' bathroom.

I cautiously pull at the door, hoping it's not locked. I had to pee through all of Chemistry, and if this door is locked then I'll have to walk ALL the way down the hall to the next bathroom. I'm so lazy, god.

The door doesn't open at first, but then I realize I just wasn't pulling hard enough. It's not locked, thankfully. As I walk in, I can't help wondering if the TARDIS is going to be around the corner. I bet it is. That would be soooo cool! I don't directly think it for fear of jinxing it—but deep down I know it's not there. No matter how much I want to believe it, the Doctor doesn't exist… at least not in this universe. Maybe in a parallel one he does. Definitely. Of course. And one day, I'm going to somehow end up in this parallel universe and become his—





Right in middle of the bathroom. Oh my god. I think I might pee my pants. Which is bad, because I haven't gotten to the bathroom stall yet.

I quickly run into a stall and do my business as fast as I can. What if he comes out, or comes back? I mean, it's gotta be him. I race outside the stall and quickly wash my hands. I don't take my eyes off the box the whole time, making sure it's still there. When I'm done washing my hands, I run over to the TARDIS and try the door. It's locked, so he must be out. I decide to wait around. He has to come back eventually….

Wait a second. Wouldn't he be somewhere in the bathroom? There's not much sense parking the TARDIS here if he didn't have to do anything here, unless he just didn't want to be seen. I start to look around frantically, wondering if he's in the room. He must be somewhere in the general vicinity, at least. But there's not much obstruction in the bathroom, and not much more of the room to see. I don't see him anywhere.

Until I see movement in the corner of my eye and turn to see a certain floppy-haired bow-tied man emerging from the large stall in the back. He looks particularly cheerful. He hasn't noticed me yet. No companion, I note to myself. (I don't know how I even manage to think really, I'm freaking out so much.) Just then a ginger girl comes out of the same stall, dripping wet and looking grumpy.

"Doctor, I'm pretty sure you could've done that WITHOUT busting the pipes," she says accusingly in a Scottish accent.

"Oh, where's the fun if you don't bust a few pipes once in a while?" He replies. They turn towards the TARDIS and me, noticing me for the first time.

"Liz!" the Doctor yells, running towards me. How does he know my name? What? Have I met him? Did I forget something?

"Um, hi?" I say back. I've just gone from freaking out and nervous to very confused, freaking out and nervous.

He rushes over to me so he's right in front of me, looking down. I feel short. I'm only 5'3" and he must be at least 6 feet. They probably measure that differently in Britain though. I honestly have no idea, actually.

"Hello Liz," he says, then pulls me into a tight embrace. Whoa. What? I'm freaking out here. He smells like outer space and time…. Or he would if I knew what that smelled like. He leans down to my ear and speaks lowly. "Been a while. Wish I could stay but I've got to go. See you soon, probably."

He pulls back and looks me in the eyes. I'm frozen with my eyes wide, my mouth opening and closing. I probably look like a fish. It takes a few seconds for me to finally regain my power of speech, in which he looks at me concernedly. "But—but—Tardis?" I stutter, pointing in the general direction of the TARDIS.

"Too early, maybe? You haven't met me many times before, then, have you?"

My jaw drops. I give my best attempt at a shake of my head.

"Well, I wish I could take you with me, I really do. But you know the rules." He walks over to his TARDIS. When he reaches it, he pushes the door open, walks in, then sticks his head out and gives me a wink. "Or at least, you will." The Doctor strolls back into his TARDIS, talking loudly about some planet made of glaciers and calling for Amy.

Amy, who's been watching us carefully, gives me an apologetic look. Does she know me too, then? "See you, Liz," she says, before walking into the TARDIS. The door shuts behind her.

All in all, I'm extremely confused and excited. I turn around, in circles, cheering to myself. I feel the need to scream, but I don't since the TARDIS is still here and they can probably here me.

Just as I turn towards the TARDIS again, I hear it. I watch as it disappears. My heart jumps a bit as I realize he's leaving.

I'll see him again, I assure myself. I'll see him again.

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