*Grey Lord*

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The Marauders were a pranking group in their school years. But the thing that brought them all together was their species. None of them were completely human. Remus who was the first for his creature to be discovered was a werewolf. The other three automatically became animagi to accommodate him. Sirius was a type of incubus. Peter was a type of were-rat; he never really became an animagus. And James was a Type of Dark Elf.

A dark elf was known for its affinity for animals. Speaking and changing into them mostly.

It was around their fourth year when three of the four fell in love. James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Sirius Black all fell for each other and formed a triad.

All was good until their seventh year when James's mate ended up being the beautiful Lily Evens. When they hooked up Remus and Sirius felt like they'd been abandoned, well at least before they to turned 17 and relised who their mate was. Lily was mates with all three of them.

It turned out that Lily ended up being a type of Japanese demon called a Kitsune; kitsune's had one mate for every two tails. Only their mates could see their tails and fox ears after they are mated. Lily was a fire or red Kitsunes. There are six types of Kitsunes. There are water a dark black almost blue colored fox, wind which was a white colored fox, earth was brown, and finally energy/lightening which is silver.

They all moved in together at Godric's Hollow and had a beautiful baby boy called Harry. He looked like a mix of all four of them. With one of lily's green eyes and Remus's amber eyes.

Peter was forgotten. He was left alone as his friends went on to be a happy family. He was an easy prey for the dark. Always jealous, always ignored, Cowardly and pathetic. The Dark lord was quite happy with his spy. No one suspected him, so no one would discover him.

Three months before October

The Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry looked over the prophecy he'd recently discovered. It was found in a book of prophecies that showed him a prophecy as it is crated. This one was called Dawn of the Grey. It read:

In the time where evil hides within the light

And the light shines inside the shadows.

When the seventh month dies

Born onto four of different breeds

A spirit of grey with heart of white.

Connected through fates design

Five mates will stand behind.

Two of dark Two of light

And one stuck in between.

An empire of light

And an army of darkness

Will crumble before

The Grey Lord's might.

Albus didn't know exactly what the prophecy entitled all he knew was that someone was coming more powerful than him. And it had something to do with that Potter-Lupin-Black child. This would take some thought.

October 30 4:00 PM

The Dark Lord looked down at Severus. "Are you sure?"

"Yes there was a prophecy proclaiming either the potter or the Longbottom's brat destined to destroy you."

"Fine. You take the Lestranges to the Longbottom's and I'll take the Potters." The Dark Lord rose out of his throne and made his way to the door.

"My lord?" Voldemort turned to the young man." Can you please spare Lily?"

The Dark lord softened his glare. "I am not planning on killing anyone. I just want to make sure they stay out of the war."

"Thank you my lord" Severus murmured then left.

October 30 7:00 PM

The dark lord looked at the paper in his hands. 24 Godric's Hollow. It was the secret to the Potter household. Walking up the steps he entered the room. Looking around he saw scorch marks all over the place and James Potter dead on the ground!

He quickly ran up the stars just in time to hear lily's dying Screams. Walking into the room Voldemort saw Dumbledore standing, with his wand out, over a black and wild haired baby boy with mismatched eyes. "Get away from him old man" Voldemort snarled.

"No, I don't think I will." The Old goat turned to the baby and prepared t says the killing curse.

Voldemort didn't know what made him do what he did. If asked he would say that Tom moved to the front of his mind. But he took the killing curse for that child. When his body was destroyed his soul escaped. Leaving only a small sliver in Harry's new lightning bolt scar.

"well well well. Riddle has Houruxes." The Old timer looked over at the baby. "maybe there was a use for you yet."

Same night

Remus watched as his mate was carted to Azkaban. He couldn't believe that he sold them and their cub out. He looked sadly at the older Haedmaster and cub.

" you know Remus my boy, Lily had a sister that Harry could live with. You know you don't have the means to take care of him."his grandfather voice was on full force.

Remus looked sadly at his cub. "ok"

Dumbledore turned around with a manic smirk on his face. Compulsions always work. Now the boy could be molded into a perfect weapon.

15 years later on july 30 11:59

Harry Potter hung limply of the side of his bed. He was shirtless and his back and chest was covered in all types of scars; burns, cuts, whips, and anything else. He was under punishment for failing to tell his uncle that his Godfather was dead.

This last beating was particularly bad because he burnt dinner. And now he couldn't even get into his bed. Some birthday this was.

As the seconds ticked by, harry started to feel weird. Then he itched and now pain was shooting through his body. A silver glow surrounded him. and by the time it went out, he was out cold.


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