*Grey Lord*

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Harry gradually started to become more alert. The feeling of warmth and safety surrounded his tired mind and body. The awareness that he was not alone was slow to creep upon the young hybrid. A soft numbness, warmth, was enfolding his senses.

Purring softly he snuggled into the closest source of warmth, which just happened to start to vibrate with laughter.

"Look Gred. He is…"

"…So cute. I know Forge."

Startled Harry opened his eyes and sat up. 'What in the world'

He was sandwiched in the middle of five men! Looking down he met red eyes. In the back of his mind, Harry started to scream and panic; 'VOLDEMORT is IN MY BED!

Harry would've got up and ran away if the mans arms hadn't tightened around him.

Looking around Harry was greeted with the sight of two more surprises. 'Snape? Malfoy Sr.?

"What's going on?" Harry's voice shocked everyone, even himself. It was, hypnotic. Every vowel entranced his mates and himself, distracting them from his question.

Unsurprisingly, it was Snape who snapped out first. "Potter" Harry looked to the man. "You know you just came into your inheritance, right?" Harry nodded. "Well it seems…."

Malfoy sr. interrupted,"We're your mates."

Harry stared shocked at the five males before him. "Mates" He squeaked.

Voldemort's voice was a dark hiss, "Yesssssss Harry. Matesssss."

Startled, Harry looked at the man and did a double-take. For the first time Harry really looked at the man in front of him.

The man's skin, instead of sickly and sunken in, was covered in pale silver scales. While he still didn't have a nose, it wasn't as disturbing as before. He had wavy pitch black hair and a snake-like tongue. The new man's fingers were long and delicate, no longer knobby and clawed.

Looking around, he was startled to note that all of his mates looked different.

Severus had pale ivory skin and intense black eyes. His hair fell down his back in silky smooth waves, and his nose looked Romanian in nature and less huge. Age that harry hadn't even known was there was erased from his face.

Fred was still tall. But he had grown a little in bulk. His hair was a wild flame on his head and his eyes glowed an intense blue. Circling his biceps were bands of what looked like moving flame.

George on the other hand looked to be slightly taller than his brother, yet more elegant. Is fingers held more grace than Harry had ever seen in him. The man's Hair fell wildly down mid back; like scarlet water.

Perhaps the least and most startling of all of them was Malfoy Sr. He looked much the same as always except for the warmth and safety that radiated from the man. While the others felt safe, Snape and Voldemort were defiantly on edge, and Fred and George were busy cooing on how cute harry was. Lucius though, was calm and at peace.

"What happened to you guys?"

"HA" Snape scoffed, "as if you're one to talk."

Harry frowned, Puzzled. "What do you mean?" He tilted his head to the side, starting another round of coos from the twins.

"Haven't you looked at yourself yet?" Lucius asked.

"No, should I have?

In answer, Voldemort conjured a mirror himself.

Looking into it, Harry gasped.

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