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After he scanned the letter that his young sub had passed to the calmer of the Weasley Demon Duo, Severus turned his attention to his mate. The shocked and distant look in the young man's eyes as well as the crumpled letter in his hands caused him to step towards Harr….no Potter in alarm, before gaining control of himself. `Now is not the time' Severus snarled to himself `to do away with over twenty years of strict control, even for my mate!'

"My lord, Lucius" he called out, motioning towards Harry "it seems there is more trouble."

After alerting them Severus glided over to his mate and gently took the letter from his hands, leaving the sentimental drivel to the other four. Whatever had caused his mate to react in the way he was, has more importance than any such nonsense as…comfort.

After reading the contents Severus rubbed his forehead, warding off his impending headache. This had just complicated things, greatly. Now not only do they have to deal with the case of missing fathers, cause they was no way that the mutt and wolf would have knowingly left their son, especially the wolf, they now had distinct proof that Dumbledore didn't care for their mate's wellbeing or even feelings; its one thing to suspect, but another entirely to have proof.

"What is it?"Jolted out of his thoughts by the question, Severus was confronted with the sight of his mate cuddled in the middle of the other four doms.

"Its notification that the Headmaster has stolen from our young mate" he answered ignoring the flash of jealousy and rage at the sight of HIS mate surrounded by so many others.

The other four's reactions were all equally predictable, anger, rage, and righteous indignation at the thought of the old be stealing from Harr….Potter, and all was equally worthless. And, most importantly, it was doing more harm than good. Their ager had backed Harr….Pott…..His Pet into a corner and the young man was now holding himself and shaking.

Gracefully walking to his mate, Severus swept the young man into his arms, finally submitting to his instincts. "Calm…calm My Pet" he gently purred into his frightened mate's ear. Severus relaxed onto the floor pulling his unresisting mate onto his lap, calmly whispering soothing nonsense into his ears.

Looking up briefly, he glared at the others, telling them in not so uncertain terms that the four had angered him greatly for upsetting His Pet. No one would harm his harry, His Pet, as long as Severus was around.

() () () POV CHANGE () () ()

Distantly in his mind, Harry was aware of the goings on around him, of someone talking and taking the letter from Gringots out of his hands, that four of his mates were seemingly trying to cuddle him to death, but he wasn't really THERE.

He just couldn't understand. Why? Why would the ONE person that Harry had trusted from the get go betray him? This was something that had shocked Harry to his core, even more than the news that Siri and Moony were his parents, because maybe they didn't want the kid who killed their mate, but Dumbledore? Dumbledore has no excuse. That man had never in anyway been hurt by Harry. Was everything a lie? And now that Harry thought about it, was all his "adventures" really just well orchestrated tests or training obstacles for some meaningless toy? Harry thought distantly in his head that he was too calm, that he should be screaming and crying and hollering in anger and pain from the injustices of it all.

But he wasn't. He was numb. It was too much.

The shocks of the morning were too overwhelming; his parents, his mates, his inheritance, and now this. This…this was the final straw. Harry just couldn't take any more. If any thing else happened he was going to-

Growls and snarls broke through the layer of numbness protecting Harry from the world around him. Looking around, harry was greeted by the sight of his mates' angry and pissed off expressions. Confused and scared he slowly started to back away. Terrible tremors wracked his body and a cold painful feeling spread throughout Harry's perception. `No...No what did I do?' Harry was confused no mater how hard he thought he couldn't figure out how he had angered his mates, but he was sure he did. Wrapping his arms around himself for some semblance of comfort, Harry could do nothing as darkness encroached on his sight. And the whole time, the mantra of `Nononononononononono' repeated through his mind.

Harry noticed nothing else until he became aware of warm arms around him and a soothing voice.

Tiredly he looked around only to notice that he was in Severus's lap, and that his other mates were standing around all looking guilty as sin. He blushed. "How many times is this going to happen?" Harry asked aloud while hiding his cherry red face in Severus's neck. Beneath him, Severus chuckled.

"I expect it too happen many times, My Pet." Harry looked up in confusion and struggled to get out of his mates arms. "What? My Pet? Why did you call me that?" Arms tightened around him as a spot of red appeared on his mate's upper cheek.

"Well it is highly inappropriate to call my student by their first name." Harry stared.

"Awwww" suddenly both of them were tackled by two exuberant bodies. "They're so cute Gred!"

"I agree Forge!"


"Sorry for…."

"Scaring you…"

"Harry! We didn't….."

"Mean it!"

Harry laughed at the confused looks on his mates' faces and at the antics of his two favorite twins. "Gred…Forge, no harm done. But what are you guys doing on me and Severus?"

"Well Harry." Forge (aka: Fred) started.

"We were just standing there…" Gred (aka: George) added.

"Minding our own business"

"When we suddenly noticed"

"You two being all adorably"

"Cute!" they ended together. Harry laughed as under them Severus grumbled about the insanity of Gryffindors and how he was never cute.

"Well I'm sorry to break up the party, but does anyone else notice that there seems to be quite a few people sneaking in to the house?" turning around the four on the floor were greeted by the sight of Lucius looking worriedly out the bedroom window.




() () () () () ()

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