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A drop of cold sweat made its way down Sasuke's cheek. The Hyuuga's had invited them over for their annual family reunion. And every year his kids found some way to ruin it. Already making the Hyuuga's hate the new generation of Uchiha. Sasuke of course didn't want to go, he couldn't stand their icy pale glares, their obliged expensive tea, or forced smiles. But he had to, Hinata had already done so much for him. He decided he could sacrifice one dinner every year with her insane family, just for her.

They were to be there at 6pm sharp, the one thing Hyuuga's hated more than the Uchiha's was tardiness. Sasuke was dressed and ready to get this night over with. Glancing once more at his watch he scowled, fucking kids.

He watched Hinata come down the stairs, equally as nervous as he was. She knew better than Sasuke how hard their kids would try to ruin this. They had done it every year, on Christmas they had "accidently" burnt the tree on fire with the Katon. On Hanabi's birthday they had bought her a thong. And on the dinner of Neji's promotion to clan leader, they had nearly driven him crazy with their constant remarks on how hot his wife, Tenten, was.

She rubbed her swollen belly timidly, Please don't turn out like them. She begged her unborn child, 7 months she was. And a girl from what Sakura had told her. Hinata could barely move let alone fit into any of her clothing.

Moving towards her in a swift manner, Sasuke cupped her cheeks. "Do not worry, I'll make sure they behave."

Hinata looked down and smiled slightly. "Thank yo-"

"Dad, I think don't Misuke's even dressed yet." Their youngest son, Takun, cried.

Sasuke glared at him, his wife's own eyes looking back at him, he got a lot from his mother, yet so much more from him. Dark jet black hair in a staccato style framed his face to his neck. His gray eyes tinged with lavender softened under his father's gaze. Takun wasn't favored towards his father, not that his older brother was either. But at least he trained him and he had the sharingan, Takun however, inherited his mother's bloodline. He made up for it by being a strong chunnin at only 14.

"Mhm, ahaa" came the chuckles of a tall blue haired teenager, trotting down the stairs carrying a girl they had never seen before. "Sto-" he laughed some more, "-op!"

Takun had been right, for their son came down bare chested lugging a barely dressed female.

He carried her all the way down the stairs to the front door begging her to stop her teasing kisses. Once he opened the door he let her down, and after a final giggle and kiss, he snapped, "Okay dammit, you had your fun now get the hell out!"

Pushing her outside and slamming the door behind him, said boy turned around and glared at his parents, who in return glared back (Sasuke) and looked at the floor sheepishly (Hinata)

"Fucking damn persistent ass bitch," he cursed lunging to the couch.

Takun almost laughed at the only non vulgar word he'd managed to say in one sentence.

Shaking his head in unadulterated rage, Sasuke almost punched his oldest child, Misuke, the boy with more dates in a week than Sasuke had fangirls. His blue hair had been dampened with sweat on his head. And his black ebony eyes glossed in satisfied lust. No doubt he had been sleeping with another girl. Sasuke strained himself to keep his cool, Hinata really hated it when he yelled at the children.

Using as minimal anger as he could, Sasuke asked, "Who was that?"

Misuke looked up at his father with little interest. "I don't know." he answered honestly.

"Stop bringing strangers in the house."

"Stop fucking Hinata on the dinner table, we eat there."

Sasuke fought the urge to pull out a kunai. The incredible amount of disrespect he had towards his parents was unreal. This boy acted like he was in charge of everything, not in this house. Sasuke was about to yell when Hinata squeezed his hand and decided to try talking to her son herself.

"A-ano Misuke-kun, why aren't you wearing a shirt?" she tried, asking as if she were the younger child asking a parent. Hinata was intimidated by her eldest son, no question.

"And why are you pregnant Hinata? What are you forty now?" he shot back, his glare only deepening, he found his mother extremely annoying.

It took every ounce of self control Sasuke had in his body to not kill him there and now. Disrespecting not only him, but his mother. A woman. He almost shook with seethe.

"Hinata, why don't you go make sure I locked all the windows. I want to have a talk with these boys."

She was scared, unsure of whether it was a good idea to leave an angry Sasuke and her dear sons alone in the same room. But after a moment of staying still, Sasuke gentle let go of her hand and gave her a look. Frightened, she immediately went upstairs, waiting for their conversation to be over.

Sasuke clenched his fists. Misuke wasn't the least bit phased. This was a routine, parents got angry for sleeping with girls, Misuke yells at them, Sasuke and Misuke fight, Hinata cries and Sasuke stops. Pussy. Readying himself for combat, Misuke stood. Smirking that he was almost as tall as his him. He had always been better than his own father, better hair, better sharingan, better looks, better body, better mind. Misuke thought he was already so elite all he had to do was get a bit stronger, maybe fuck a few more bitches and then he'd be the best of the best; Sasuke.

He was slightly taken off guard though, when Sasuke rested a hand on his bangs and pulled on them gently. "Please don't ruin this, it'll make your mother very sad. You too, Takun."

Misuke gave him a puzzled look, "Ruin what?"

"There's a dinner tonight at the Hyuuga's. And you two had better behave." Sasuke warned.

Misuke snorted, he could tell his father was more displeased about going than he was.

"Whatever gets you some at night, huh?"

Sasuke almost lashed out on him, instead tightening his jaw. "Get dressed, boy."

Rolling his eyes, Misuke went upstairs.


The walk to the Hyuuga Manor had been..apprehensive. Aside from Misuke casually flirting with girls briskly, Hinata couldn't take her mind off how bad this dinner would go. Her children were very polite when they wanted to be, or rather, they had some manners. Therefore she didn't need to worry about their table manners and eating habits. No, it was their deliberate sabotage that drove her over the edge. Not once had she ever seen Misuke or Takun act up when it was just the four of them at dinner. Misuke rarely spoke, and if he did it was usually arguing with his father. Takun always got extremely flustered whenever he was supposed to talk with his father. So dinner was fairly quiet and at times awkward.

She was hyperventilating, assuming the worse for tonight. Sasuke noticed her distressed state and gave her hand another reassuring squeeze. Offering a smile, he comforted her, "Don't worry, everything's going to be okay."

Hinata smiled weakly, how bad she wanted to believe those words. But she just couldn't stop thinking of all the things that could go wrong this dinner.

Sasuke scowled, this was all his children's fault. He hated seeing Hinata a wreck, and it didn't help that Misuke behind them was completely relaxed. Looking behind him at the boy, he saw he had his arms behind his head, walking as if he wasn't about to ruin his parents' life. Next to him Takun walked, keeping a good distance away from his brother, they never really got along. Except of course when it came to ruining very formal and important dinner parties. Which brought him to another thing, why the fuck was Misuke wearing a shirt with half his chest unbuttoned?

"Fix your shirt."

Misuke smirked, unbuttoning his shirt lower and popping his collar. Nearly showing his abs. "Like this Sasu-kun?" he winked, using his mother's nickname towards his father.

Sasuke glared and shook his head, he didn't understand. They had bought Misuke formal clothes specifically to be worn for occasions like this. So it wasn't like he had to use one of Sasuke's shirts, Misuke had clothes, a lot of clothes. Too much actually. This boy must have really hated him, but he didn't know why. Where did he go wrong? He always trained him, and constantly helped with his Sharingan. Then again, maybe it was just an Uchiha thing.

Takun walked quietly behind his parents, his father had warned him earlier. And Takun knew better than to go against his wishes, Misuke was the rebellious child, while he was the obedient little boy that ever got attention. No matter how hard he'd try, not even if Neji told him he had a better byakugan than his would barely bat an eye at him. Always being incredibly insecure, not only from his eyes, but his fighting style and career as a ninja.

He was so caught up with his own troubles that he almost ran into his father's back, they had reached the manor. Giving himself a little pep talk Takun suddenly brightened, 'Okay, this should be a breeze, be polite and don't talk unless asked to.'

Misuke grinned, 'Let's get this party started.'

Sasuke sighed, 'Here we go.'

Hinata whimpered, 'Kami have mercy on us.'

A maid immediately greeted them inside, getting nothing but a nod from Misuke and Sasuke, Hinata and Takun thanked her.

"Hinata! Sasuke! You're here!" Tenten came from down the wide hallway, her long robe trailing behind her.

"Of course, we wouldn't miss it for the world." Hinata lied, greeting her.

Tenten giggled, "Well you know you're late right? Don't get me wrong, I'm not as time crazy as these Hyuuga's, but it's been over an hour.."

Hinata suddenly tensed, remembering how long it took Misuke to get ready and being too scared to ask him to hurry up she let him take his time.

"Yes, well..the Hyuuga district is very far from hom-"

"Ah, save it." Tenten sassed, "Now come on, these people are very cultured and wouldn't let me eat until everyone was present, and I'm starving so lets go go go- Oh! Hi boys." she smiled and waved.

Hinata and Sasuke got dragged into the long hallway, savoring their last moments of somewhat freedom before a good banning from here. Their children sluggishly walking behind.

Sasuke breathed, "Are you ready?"

Hinata smiled unsurely, "Yes."

"Would you guys hurry up? Aunt Tennie told us we were already late, can't keep the elders waiting much longer can we?" Misuke suggested. Pushing his parents forward and through the doorway.

As soon as they stepped foot in there all gray cold eyes glared at them with disgust. Tardiness was unacceptable, and Hinata knew it. She bowed, offering an apology.

"S-sorry everyone, we-"

"Just sit down," Hiashi's voice demanded.

Chewing her bottom lip and walking to her respective spot, she prayed quickly before smiling at her family, "Itadakimasu."

Misuke immediately spoke up, "Yes, thank you mother. And thank you Kami for supplying us with a dinner table that hasn't been tainted with my mother and father's intimate taboo." He beamed a white smile and dug into his rice.

Hinata choked on her saliva, it was a good thing he'd said that before she ate or else she'd have died. Sasuke tensed, ignoring the scrutinizing stares, he dug into his own food. So that was how he was going to play, by exploiting his parents, how low.

Misuke suddenly stopped eating, "I'm not trying to seem rude or whatever, by what is it we're celebrating?"

Hiashi almost flipped the table, instead gripping its sides tightly, "For your information, young man, we're honoring my late wife's passing." He said almost with a tinge of sadness.

Hinata's eyes went to her lap, praying shortly for her mother and trying not to cry.

Misuke shrugged, "Hey man, you should be glad she left while she was still young, old woman can be a real pain ya'know?" he pointed to Hinata.

A vein had appeared on Sasuke's forehead,

Misuke glanced at his seething father, amusedly, "Is there something wrong father?"

Of course he would address them properly in public, just to make him look innocent.

"Boy, what did I tell you this evening?"

Misuke gave a thoughtful look before replying, "To stop bringing 'strangers' into the house."

He narrowed his eyes, this kid was playing with him, with the worst game. Sasuke couldn't lash out on him in front of the Hyuuga's, so he was forced to stay calm and ignore it as much as he could. He just shook his head and resumed his food.

Takun noticed his father's anger and whispered to his brother, "You know you're the reason why dad hates me."

Misuke looked at his brother, "I'm not the reason why dad hates you. Father's father never liked him, and neither did mother's father. You're eyes also contribute."

Hiashi and Sasuke both gave a quick glance to one another before glaring at Misuke.

"If you'll excuse me, I've got to matters to attend to." Hiashi got up.

Hinata looked alarmed, "N-no father, wait! Ple-"

"Yeah old man, what's the rush? Don't you love spending time with your Uchiha grandchildren?" he emphasized the word Uchiha, just to grind his grandfather's gears.

Tightening his back, Hiashi left without a word. Sasuke gave his son a dirty look.

"What?" Misuke shrugged, looking around to see everyone's eyes were on him.

He locked eyes with someone who looked about his age, "Hey, how you doin'?" he winked.

Sasuke pinched the bridge of his nose, because only a pig like his son would ever flirt with his cousin. He probably didn't even know they were related, can't blame him though, all Hyuuga's look alike.

Hanaka Sarutobi, Hanabi's daughter, looked alot like her father, Konohamaru, Who was being restrained by Hanabi not to beat Misuke to a pulp for hitting on his daughter.

Neji's son tried to lighten the mood, "So, who wants to hear a story?"

Misuke glared, how he hated his cousin, Tejen. He was about his age, with his stupid long brown hair to make him look more feminine than his sister and stupid eyes. His sister, Jeni, who was probably a year younger than Takun, looked a lot like her aunt Hanabi, she had fairly long hair and the hereditary eyes. But she was extremely awkward and couldn't say a word without spazzing.

Deciding to play, Misuke smiled. "I do, tell us about the time you got that one girl to blow you!"

He smirked, remembering the gossip from a few months ago.

Tejen's wide eyes widened further, how did he know? Venturing a look at his father, he saw that Neji had a mix of rage, curiosity, and shame in his eyes. This kid played dirty, he couldn't believe him. It also made him want to argue back, but he couldn't. His father was there, and he wouldn't stoop down to this Uchiha boys level.

Misuke was getting tired of waiting, "Come on tell us, what was her name? You haven't forgotten already have you?"

Something in Tejen snapped, and he jeered, "You should know, you've only slept with most of the girls in Konoha."

Glaring a bit before smirking Misuke responded, "Cant blame 'em, she told me you were so small she almost needed me to satisfy her."

"You got something to say Uchiha?" Tejen got up, his eyes byakugan activated.

Misuke didn't bother getting up, only looked at him with his sharingan activated as well, but before he could respond Jeni pleaded, "Please Tejen stop, this isn't the time."

Tejen reluctantly sat down after getting glares from his parents. Misuke frowned a little, he was actually looking forward to a fight.

Takun tried to ease the tension as well, "So Jeni, how is your squad?" he smiled.

Jeni's eyes almost bulged out of her head, her bottom lip quivering, after a few seconds of her panic attack. Misuke had an epiphany, "EW GROSS! You like him don't you?" He shouted before laughing, "Dude that's so sick! That's your cousin!"

He laughed some more before whispering to his little brother, "Don't do her bro, not only will your kids come out ugly as fuck, but that chick is crazy, and you should never stick your dick in crazy."

By that time the dinner table was so quiet everyone heard his brotherly advice. He only had to take a glance to his right to realize Tejen was charging towards him with a Kunai. Pulling one out as well, they clashed.

"You need something, Hyuuga?"

Tejen barred his teeth, both boys had their respective bloodlines activated and fury raging in both of them.

There was a breeze and suddenly they were no longer in front of one another, instead pulled to separate sides of the room. By their angry fathers, "I told you to behave." Sasuke growled.

"Tejen, do not disgrace me again." Neji reprimanded harshly.

When they got them calmed, everyone stood from their seats,

"Tch, can we leave already?" Misuke asked.

Hinata hung her head low as she apologized quietly to each of her relatives. And nodded.

Soon all four of them were outside, walking back to their home.

"That went well, eh?" Misuke suggested, grinning.

Sasuke just shook his head disappointedly, Hinata didn't look up from the floor, and Takun walked quietly behind his parents, ignoring him.

Was it something he said? He kept thinking about that and the whole dinner on the way home, nobody had said a word to each other, his father hadn't even scolded him.

His mother was in the kitchen, drinking a prenatal vitamin, alone. She seemed sad, as if she didn't even want this baby if it was going to cause her as much grief as her sons. His dad was in the shower, and his brother already asleep. He sighed, figuring this would change things.

But he owed his mother an apology, he felt guilty. Guilty for making her family hate them, guilty for making her feel bad, and guilty for making her unexcited for the new baby.

"You alright?" he asked,

Hinata looked up shocked, she thought he had left. " 'm fine," she smiled.

Misuke shook his head, "No..is this about earlier tonight?"

Hinata's face fell, she didn't want to change her son, and she didn't want to yell at him. She just wished he wasn't so malicious towards his family.

"Why did you do that, I mean, why do you hate us?"

Frowning he replied, "I don't hate you, or them. I just..don't like them very much." He chose his words carefully, knowing that if he made his mother cry again his father would raise hell.

"I'm sorry."

Hinata froze, sorry? Did that word even exist in her son's vocabulary? "Misuk-"

"I'm sorry for making the only family we have left hate us, and I'm sorry for telling them personal matters, and I'm sorry for making you apprehensive for the baby and sad.." he drifted off.

She almost shook with happiness and at the sametime sorrow, here was her son, guilty for making her feel bad. She felt guilty for making him feel guilty. Causing him trouble as well.

So she did what any mother with a sad son would do. She hugged him.

He gasped silently, before hugging back. He hadn't been very used to family oriented embraces, usually just intimate ones, but now he felt a warmth nicer than one with any of girl.

"Thank you, mother."

Hinata smiled again, he had called her mother. They let go after a few seconds, smiling. It was the first time Hinata had seen her son smile with such, verity.

It wasn't the condescending grin, teasing smirk, or faux smile. It was a genuine happy smile.

As Misuke left after a farewell, so came along his father while going upstairs. He topped before him, "Yo pops step your game up," he smirked, before continuing to his room.

Misuke could get any girl he wanted, even his own mother.

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