She stared at them from beneath blonde bangs, "Have you ever considered that the reason why your son misbehaves, is because you try too hard to enforce strict rules on him?"

Hinata left her mouth slightly agape, giving Ino the vilest of looks, "It's not like we demand for him to stay home and study."

It was true, it'd come to the point where they had to plead Misuke to come back before midnight. Beg.

"I realize that." The therapist nodded, "But perhaps you should try a different approach on him, he is only a teenager after all."

"What did you have in mind?"

"A tactic similar to reverse psychology, but with a better method."

Sasuke was livid, this whole "Reverse Psychology" bullshit wasn't working out. Ino was a fucking liar.

"We already tried that." He bit out through a locked jaw.

"Oh really?" Ino raised a brow, "what did you do?"

Hinata cringed, remembering the words she spoke still made her mouth feel dirty.

"Mirrored his actions."

"Thats not reverse psychology." She tsked.

Sasuke's grip on his wife's hand got tighter, "Then what is?"

"Be nice to him, let him remain rebellious. In fact, encourage it."

The couple before her stared incredulously at the absurd suggestion.

"You don't know my son," Sasuke insisted, "If he isn't out breaking the law, he's in bed with someone else's girlfriend. Our approval won't change his mentality."

"How do you know if you've never tried?" Ino questioned, letting them think about it.

After a few seconds of their silence she continued, "Give it a shot, trust me, I know how teenagers think, I've got three."

Hinata was about to mention that Ino's children hated their parents. Seriously, she and Naruto made her and Sasuke look like glorious parents in comparison. But one look at the clock and she forced a smile, time was up.

"Well thank you for your time, we will consider it seriously." She got up, signaling Sasuke to get up as well.

And then, before the therapist had time to say goodbye, they were gone.

That night, when Misuke was getting ready to leave, Sasuke and Hinata both shared a look.

Their son was going downstairs, casually asking for the keys of Misuke's car. His father was about to question where he was going before remembering todays therapy session.

Sasuke forced a small smile and grudgingly offering his own keys, "Here, take mine."

Misuke froze, wondering the the keys were electrified or something. "You're letting me drive the cadi?"

His father never let anyone touch the cadillac, much less Misuke ever drive it. It was like a second daughter to him. Maybe even more precious than Hima.

"Of course, I trust you enough to drive safely and responsibly in it. Have fun son."

He hesitated to take the keys from his hand, and Sasuke hesitated letting them go. After a reluctant giving, his father questioned again, "Do you have any money?"

"Uh, yeah?"

Sasuke wouldn't have any of that, "Here have some more!" He threw a wad of twenties into his son's empty hand.

"Thanks.." Misuke slowly put it into his back pocket, still cautious about his father's generosity.

Sasuke followed him out the front door, "Do you need any condoms?"

"Um no," He put a hand behind his neck.

"Are you sure?" His dad was making this really fucking uncomfortable.

"Yes," Misuke insisted, "I don't think there are gonna be any girls there-"


He frowned, "Uh, a guy party?"

"Oh," Sasuke nodded his head in understanding, "You know son, if theres something you want to tell me, I'm always here."

It took Misuke a few seconds to fully comprehend the connotation.

"Dad I'm not gay."

His father feigned shock, "What? Gay? I never said you were gay."

Misuke gave a confused look, "You kinda did.."

"No no boy, I was just letting you know you can always count on me." Sasuke patted his son's shoulder.

"Dad, seriously, it's just gonna be me and a few friends at some party getting shitfaced."

Sasuke's smile faltered, he had to try harder to make sure his son didn't go anywhere.

"Wonderful, but still, you never know what could happen when you're intoxicated. I wouldn't want anything to happen to my precious son."

"O-Okay, I won't drink then, I'll just, take a hit off the bong or something..?" Misuke reasoned, trying to get out of this conversation.

"You know, the way your brain functions on marijuana is akin to alcohol. And at such a tender age, anything could happen."

"Dad okay, shit." He said, "My dick's staying in my pants, chill."

"Its not your giving I'm entirely worried about,"

Misuke made a gurgling noise, about ready to vomit.

"Ew no, just no. And even if, I don't bottom."

Sasuke shook his head, "You never know-"

"No, I know dad! You know what, fuck it, I don't even wanna go to that stupid party anymore."

His father contained a triumphant smirk, "So you'll stay?" His hands were itching to get his keys back.

"I was actually planning on hitting up some girl."

"Oh okay," Sasuke let out a deliberately sad sigh, "I'll just stay home..with Takun; the boring one."

Misuke huffed, he wasn't one to fall victim of a guilt trip, but his fucking dad.

He watched his son shuffle in his feet, "If I stay home.."

Sasuke nodded, waiting for the conditions.

"Will you let me drink inside?"

"Only if we drink together." Sasuke grinned, but inwardly cringed at the thought of letting his underage son drink, in his own house.

"Whatever." He handed the keys back to his father and trudged inside, he was so excited about that party.

"Takun, come down here." Sasuke called, closing the door behind him. Misuke went inside of the kitchen, sitting down on a stool and eying the plethora of expensive wine he didn't want.

"You're gonna let Takun drink?"

"Don't be ridiculous, we're all going to have a guy's night. When was the last time we talked, just the three of us?"

"Hm," Misuke put a finger on his chin, "That one time you went through my phone and bitched about it, and then grounded both of us?"

Sasuke forced another smile, "Of course, how could I forget."

The young boy came down the stairs lazily, "What?"

"Come sit down with us," His father said.

Takun eyed his dad's cheery expression and then his brother's middle finger.

"Come on, you can play video games another time."

He found himself going down the stairs, "Did someone die?"

Not yet.

Sasuke laughed, a really scary, really fake laugh. "Heaven's no."

Takun sat next to his brother, despite Misuke's attempt to kick the stool out of the way so he wouldn't.

"Fag." He half acknowledged, half insulted.

But Takun was used to it, what with years of the constant abuse, "Slut."

Sasuke sat down in front of them, popping the cork off a new bottle of red wine.

"What, girls? Are we talking about girls?"

"No." Misuke deadpanned.

"Takun had a girlfriend what?"

"No-well, I don't know."

His father watched him expectantly while pouring both himself and Misuke a glass.

"No.." Takun said softly, "but there's this girl in my fourth period that I think is pretty cute.."

"She only wants you to get with me."

He looked at his brother, annoyed, "I didn't say she wanted me and I'm pretty sure she doesn't know you."

"Whatever you say bro," Misuke took a small sip of the wine before spitting it back into the cup unceremoniously.

After a few moments of him choking he finally managed to say, "What the fuck is that?"

"Screaming Eagle, and it's very expensive." Sasuke took a sip.

Misuke groaned, "Don't we have any beer?"

"Beer is for broke college students,"

"Beer is for bitches who know how to party." his son corrected.

Takun eyed his fingernails idly, "Can I leave yet?"

"What?" Their father frowned, "You just got here! Come on, lets talk about..guy..stuff."

Both brothers shared a look, a mix of fear, confusion, and unease.

"Alright," Misuke perked a brow at his father, two could play at this game.

"Let's talk about how many girls we've been with, oh wait I already know, zero, one, and fiddybillion." He pointed to his little brother, father and himself respectively.

"Let's talk about who's HIV free," Takun scoffed.

Sasuke nodded, "Oh we're talking about sex? Cool cool, uh, does anyone know why people have sex?"

His oldest son slid his wine glass over the counter, Sasuke sounded like one of those guest speakers at school who preached about abstinence.

"Because it feels good."

"Um, to reproduce."

Sasuke gave Takun a thumbs up, "Very good, Misuke do your homework."

He rolled his eyes, "What does this gay shit have to do with us?"

"Misuke," his father began, "the both of you are at an extremely dangerous age, exposed to all kinds of risky situations. Now while it may be too late for you, Takun still has a chance."

"Gee thanks daddy, love you." Misuke gave a shit eating grin.

Takun only coughed, this sort of topic made him itch. "Dad, I don't really need any guidance-"

"Nonsense," He cut him off, "now why don't we talk about safe habits during intercourse?"

At that moment Hinata came into the kitchen, eyed her family weirdly, and after getting a piece of cake, went back to the living room.

Misuke raised a brow, suspicious about his father's intentions, "Did you use safe habits?"

"Doesn't your own existance answer that question for you?"

"Aha!" He pointed a finger at him, "So how you gonna try to advocate when you was in the same boat?"

Sasuke frowned, upset that his son thought he was slick, "I wasn't having sex when I was seventeen."

"So how old were you?" Takun asked.

"That's not important," He hastily replied, "all that matters is I wasn't afraid of starting a family with the woman I loved."

Misuke felt both pairs of eyes look at him as if he was some sort of bad guy, "What?" He shrugged, "I'm not afraid of getting every girl I sleep with pregnant, I love kids."

The mere thought of Misuke's children made Sasuke's head hurt. His son would literally have a school of kids.

He slapped both hands on his face, muffling, "Both of you go to bed."

Takun got up and left without a word, but Misuke eyed the clock, "Can I go to that party?"

"Misuke go to bed." was Sasuke's muffled command, his face still buried in his hands.

When Sasuke heard him leave the kitchen, he cursed Ino's name under his breath. That was the last time he was ever taking her advice.

Consider this the penultimate chapter.

Goddamn I love the word penultimate.