~Cookie Country~

"Huff, huff, huff..."

As she ran through a narrow pathway, Sparky looked back to see the archer still hot on her trail. She probably shouldn't have been too worried about outrunning a person, expect this one was armed with a bow and a whole lot of anger. His pursuit also prevented her from hiding someplace lest he finds her quickly.

"Maybe I shouldn't have attacked his grandfather like that, but I needed this Sphere," She thought, "Otherwise,..."

"Alright, Hot Head, now!"

"!" Sparky and Oak turned to Hot Head, who had been staying right behind him, kicking a half blue, half yellow-browned striped spiked ball, right towards Sparky.

"Whoah!" Sparky barely managed to be punctured by the ball, and it harmlessly rolled past her.

"They're going to have to do much better than that to catch..."

"Needle Attack!"

"What?" Sparky turned to where the ball was kicked. It was then she realized that the 'ball' wasn't really one, but...

"A Needlous!"

"Right you are!" Needlous had all his needles on his back enlarged so that the ones on the side stuck themselves on the wall, making a barricade of needles that was impossible to go around.

"Not enough!" This didn't faze the Sparky, and she quickly jumped highly, tiny sparks trailing her, to jump right above the Needlous, who seemed to be... grinning?

"Right where we want you! Doo!"

"Huh?... Augh!" Suddenly a great weight landed on her back, pinning her to the ground right behind Needlous, who retracted his needles to greet the newcomer- his neighbor the Waddle Doo.

"Looks like the Electric Bandit ain't so jumpy once in the air. Just like they said!"

"Dammit!" Sparky decided that peacefulness has at an end.

"Spark Attack!"

"Not gonna work this time! Capture Beam!"

However, her fate was not to run away just yet. Doo, strengthened by the energy that she emitted, used it to make an electric stronghold on her. Even though it didn't hurt her, being the same electric user, she now knew that it was impossible to fight back: Even the trivial Waddle Doos were renowned for the tremendous grip they can summon.

"All right! Good job, everyone!" Sora and Luna rushed out from behind them.

"Oh, yeah baby!" Hot Head high-fived the both of them (hard) before whooping into the air in victory. "Wait till hat Kibble sees this! I caught this babe!"

"Correction." Needlous said, rubbing a sore spot on his back. "You helped catch her. That was a nice kick, by the way."

"Really? I thought it was softer. It's kinda hard to kick a spiked ball after all."

"You guys..." Oak said. "Thanks, but it wasn't necessary. I could've gotten him..."

"Oak." Luna eyed him sternly. "We're not here to kill anyone. We just need that Energy Sphere, and we'll be on our way."

"But you saw what she did! She almost killed my grandfather!" Oak retorted, grabbing Luna's shoulders.

"Even so!" Luna yelled back, slapping them back. Sora quietly backed away as the fight quickly turned less verbal and more physical.

"Well, at least the Sparky's off his mind now. Speaking of which." Sora turned to still-gloating Hot Head and Needlous. "Can you look over them for a minute?"

"Aww, do we have to?"

"Well, I wouldn't want them to hurt anyone around them." Sora answered, eyeing the crowd that was forming. "Just make sure they don't do anything, ah, too rash."

"Well, all right, partner. Whatever you say."

"What, but... Hey! leggo!" Needlous grabbed Hot Head's ear and dragged him to the ensuing quarrel, all the while Hot Head struggled to get out of the grip of the farmer.

"Partner, huh? I like the sound of that." Sora muttered to himself. Then he knelt down to where Sparky was being restrained by Doo's Capture Beam. He noted the hating green eyes, which probably meant she wasn't talking, but Sora didn't let that stop him.

"So, uh, Sparky, right?"


"Okay, so we really need that Sphere to complete to our quest. Do you think you can give it back?"


"Damn. Rock solid. This isn't going to be easy." Sora pondered for a moment... and suddenly was struck with a thought that no one trod on this whole time.

"Why do you need that, anyway? It's not like you're need that energy. You're a nymph!"


"That Sphere was used to ward off the plants in Whispy Forest, so... did you have something to do there?"


"I don't see why you would need the plants, so maybe something to eat?"


Sora may have been a little slow at young, but even he was able to see that he hit the spot from how Sparky looked away. He decided that the interrogation was at an end.

"Look, Sparky." Sora tried his hardest to look at Sparky straight in the eye. "If you just let us, we can help you with whatever problem you have. All you have to do is to give it back..."


"Huh? Didn't I just..."

"Why should I trust you?"

...Uh oh.

"You don't know what they've been through. Ever since his betrayal, they've lived in a world of despair."

"Um...they?" Sora didn't know why, but he suddenly got a tingling sensation in his body.

"You humans, so selfish..." Sparky's expression gradually but surely turned to one of hate, while at the same time, tears started to form in her green eyes. "Always thinking for yourself..."

"Uh, Sora?" Doo said, his face a look of worry. "The Capture Beam's getting overpowered."

"What!? But how..." Sora looked to see... and noticed the white glow coming from her leather pouch. Also, the sensation was getting bigger

"You think I'm cruel? Well, you should see the creatures you abandoned to save yourselves!"

"Creatures?" Sora turned back. "You mean...!"


The Energy Sphere shined at it's max and was absorbed into Sparky. Then...

Too late, Sora figured out what the tingling feeling was.

~Arbor's House~

"Elder, please, you should still rest! You just got out!"

"I'm sure Sora, Luna, and others already caught up to that rogue!"

"I have my complete trust in that group, so why don't you..."

"Let me go!" Leafan, Blade, and Kibble were trying their best to hold Arbor into his bed, but their their efforts were futile against the muscled elder.

"C'mon! You seriously worried that they'll be defeated by that Sparky!?" Blade asked exasperatedly.

"That's not what I'm worried about!" Arbor finally shook all three of the monsters onto the floor. Hard. "It's that foolish boy that I'm worried about!"

"Huh...Oak?" Kibble asked. "What about him?"

"He's too set on his own goals to see what's right, that's what!" He trudged to the entrance and grabbed the door knob.


"Leave it, Kibble." Blade interrupted, as he put his hand on his saber: his way of saying he's ready to fight. "Nothing's going to stop him. Didn't you see him? A jolly good man one instant, and a seriously grim leader the second."

"He may be right, too." Leafan decided to add her own opinion, despite her first opposition. "Like father, like son, even though Arbor has a wiser mind. And I've seen them in a rage. It's not something I'd like to handle myself."

Kibble pondered on this for a moment. "I guess you're right. It'll do my honor as a guard a great deal if I let an elder's son g berserk."

"All well, at least it's just that we're dealing wth, other than the thief. What's the worst that could happen?"

The answer came as soon as Arbor opened the door.


"Wha-" "Huh?" "Ahh!" "...!"

All four of them looked at the awesome and brutal sight: A column of green light burst out, from somewhere near the entrance of the city, immediately followed by a blast of energy, which created devastating wind in all direction and a big trail of dust and smoke. The spectacle was a sight to behold, even for perfectly good eyes. Seconds later a tingle of shock traversed through everyone in town.

All of the spectators to the tower of sparks stayed silent, lest something happen. Then...

"Impossible.. could it be... OAK!"

Arbor dashed trough the city like a lumbering ox, barreling his way through forming crowds in a speed seemingly impossible for someone his weight and age. Wordlessly, the other 3 monsters looked at each other grimly, and followed the trail of the elder.