Dear Holly,
I know you didn't expect another letter after the last, but I wanted to wait for the right moment for this one.
If you're reading it, this means that you haven't found your next husband yet; but I do hope you're happy all the same and that, if you haven't reached the moon, at least you're among the stars.
Will you like my last surprise?
I hope so otherwise I'll hear your screams up to here!
The thing is that, when they told me about the tumor, I thought thet if it won't have killed me, then the cures would fry my balls. No balls mean no babies and I wanted to have the chance to have your baby when the moment would be right. So I went to one of those sperm banks and gave them a bit of my tadpoles.
Now I know I won't ever hold my child, but I didn't want to take away from you this possibility. So, if you'll ever want it, if you'll ever be ready to be the mother of my baby (careful, he or she could drive you crazy as I did!) in this envelope you'll find all the info you'll need.

Ps: I love you.