Dear Gerry,

You probably heard my screams up to where you are.

Why didn't you tell me about this sooner!? You thought I couldn't handle it, didn't you?

Well, you were as right as ever, irritating man!

Having your baby when I lost you would have made me miss you less, but I wasn't ready to be a mother back then and our child would be born for the wrong reason.

But now, Gerry, now I'm happy of my life. I tried, I swear to you that, I tried to find in any man I met that signal that he would end the life as I knew it; but that man was you and noone else and I just can't replace you. It won't be right for the poor guy, being continously compared to you for all his life, don't you think?

But this doesn't mean I don't have a good life. I've our friends, my family and even your folks! Can you believe that, after that trip to Ireland with my mother, her and yours had became the best of friends!?

And I finally did it, I created that something new that's me in the world. I'm a shoe designer. With your painted sock guess you didn't go too far from the truth!

But this isn't the reason I write to you today. I did something more important than a pair of shoes. It's something…someone…that we did together.

Our daughter is born this morning, at the 6 o'clock, with your blue eyes and your smile and with the lungs she has she'll probably be the next Disco Diva!

I named her Hope, because she's my hope, an hope you gave me. Now the life as I knew it is really ended, and this time too I've to thank you for that.

Holly and Hope

Ps: We'll always love you.