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Alek stormed about his hotel room in a rage. How dare she pretend that they weren't friends? They had been inseperable for two years on the Leviathan! And, oh, that Neil! How could she like him better than Alek? ARGH!

"Sir?" a concerned voice asked from outside the room.

Drat. Alek must have been saying his thoughts out loud. "I'm fine, thank you," he called back.

Alek thought. How could he get Deryn to realize that he truly loved her? A grin slowly spread itself across Alek's face as he came up with an idea to get her back.

A few hours later

The doorbell rang at the Sharp family household for the *gasp * first time that day. Jaspert walked to the door, seeing as Deryn was holed up in her room, probably drawing. "Alek? Yet again?" Jaspert asked, exasperated.

"Yes, I'm sorry." He stood there, waiting expectantly.

Jaspert sighed. "Alek, would you like to come in?"

"Yes, thank you for the very kind offer."

As Alek walked in, Jaspert asked, "So, what brings you here today?"

"I was wondering if I might see Deryn. You know, to congratulate her on her upcoming wedding and all."

"Oh. Well, she's up in her room. Up the stairs, last door on the right."


Ok. Any ideas of what Alek is gonna do? I have, like, a half-planned idea in my mind but I'm more than happy to receive any ideas. And I'll give you credit for them. I'm awesome, aren't I?