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The story places in the summer between their freshman and sophomore year, Lindsay coming back from the summit camp and stuff.

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She surprised him exactly one week after Lindsay left to the summit camp – he knew it exactly because his friend Neal was counting. He was in his room laughing at some CBS' movie and didn't hear the doorbell ring. He didn't know that Vicki Appleby was at his door.

Was Ben who opened the door, unable to hide the surprised expression.

"Oh. Vicki… hello."

"Hello, Coach!" she answered a bit anxious, but smiling. "Is Bill at home?"

Ben couldn't be more surprised, before he thought what other reason the girl would be at their door since the kids have the same age and go to the same school; so he let her pass.

"Yes, sure. Come in."

She shyly entered in the small house and her eyes gleamed with the sign of Bill's mom, Gloria, even though the woman was puzzled.

"Hi, I'm Vicki. Appleby? I'm on Bill's class." The girl said, offering a hand to Gloria, who shook it smiling.

"Oh, hello, nice to meet you. I'm Gloria."

Vicki couldn't pretend she wasn't amazed. "You're so pretty, Miss Haverchuck."

"Please, just Gloria. And you are a very pretty young lady too."

"So I heard." Vicki replied, blushing a little with a memory. She dried her hands nervously on her shorts. "Can I talk to Bill?"

"Of course, he's in his room, come on." Gloria said, before shout "Bill? You have a visitor!" she guided Vicki through the little house. "Aren't you one of the girls who went to the hospital when he had that peanut incident?" Vicki nodded, blushing again and Gloria smiled as if it was important. "You are luck; he spent the whole week with Sam and Neal. You came in the right day." Stopping at the second door in the corridor, she whispered "I think they are getting bored of each other."

Vicki waved it off. "I doubt so. They're friends since when? First grade?"

Gloria smiled, because it was way more than that. She knocked twice before opening the door.

"Honey? Someone is here to talk to you."

At this point he knew it wasn't Sam or Neal, because the guys always come straight to his room without even asking, but he couldn't think of anyone else who'd come to his house (Alan, maybe? Would he?), so it was quite a shock when he saw Vicki standing behind his mom.

"Hi, Bill." She said calmly, way different than the bossy cheerleader who punched Neal once.

Not knowing what to do, he kept where he was – sitting on the floor – looking like he had no idea what was going on (because he really hadn't).

"Vicki! Oh… hi."

Gloria stepped back. "I'll leave you two. Make yourself at home, Vicki." She left letting the door open.

Vicki entered in his room, noticing all the Star Wars' posters on the walls, his photos with his friends – so many photos -, all the geek stuff he has. It was quite amazing, if she bothered to say. But she felt awkward at that moment. What made she go there in the first place? She just couldn't remember the arguments she used to convince herself.

It was probably because the talk they had that day in the laundry – the way he was nice even though she was a bitch with him, and how honest he was, how he was clearly not interested in her (is it weird? That she liked him exactly because he didn't like her the way every single boy does?). She felt weird anyway, it was inevitable – the awkward way they looked to each other.

"Am I interrupting? I can… I don't kn-" she started, but he cut her.

"No, I'm just… I'm just watching a movie. I saw it a million times. Wanna watch it to? With me?"

She looked at the TV. It was a Muppets' movie (she seriously think that they're the best ever), so why not?

"Yea, of course."

Bill smiled – a timid smile, but she saw it, she loved it – and slid to give her space. "Make yourself comfortable."

With a smile as shy as his, she sat by his side and laughed right in the next scene. Miss Piggy is seriously awesome.


"Don't tell anybody," Vicki said, after a while, drying the tears of laugh with the back of her hands. "but I'll always love the Muppets. Best show ever."

He breathed out, relieved because he thought she'd said he couldn't tell anyone about her visiting him. Then he replied.

"Saturday Night Live is the best show ever."

"Oh Bill, come on! Not after Bill Murray left."

His eyes widened a bit; that girl would never cease to amaze him, would she?

"You're kind of right with this one." She nodded like it was end of conversation. "But I can find a dozen other shows better than Muppets."

"No you can't."

"Why not?"

"Because there are none!"

"You're wrong."

"What? Are you gonna say Sesame Street?"

"No!" he wasn't. "But there are… Battlestar, and…"

"I'll give you the ultimate reason why Muppets is better than any show you say." She cut, trying not to realize how close they were from each other.

"Yea? Bring it on." Bill replied in the same tone. She smiled and pointed the TV.

"You're watching it right now. And you could be watching anything. Especially because you said you already saw this movie infinite times."

He looked at the TV, trying to find an escape, but she was right. He couldn't argue with that, he did choose The Muppets.

"Told you." She said, triumphant.

The movie was back from the commercials and they fell into awkward silence again, focusing on what was going on with Kermit and his friends, but, at that moment, Bill was curious about other things. He took a moment to look at Vicki – her blonde hair kind of messy, because she was laying her head on his bed, her white skin that was really beautiful, the floral top she was wearing (he thought it'd always be surprising seeing her in normal clothes instead of the cheerleaders white-and-green uniform), the jeans shorts and red All Stars – he didn't need Neal to say how beautiful Vicki is, he knew that too well. You don't have to be a genius to notice, to be honest.

All of that wasn't new. What was new was the fact that she bothered enough to come to his house just to do nothing. What was new was that he didn't know her. He thought he did, but it was untrue; she proved him wrong with two lines. He should've had imagined, when she laughed about The Jerk – that one day in a laundry, with an event no one believes – and he had never thought of Vicki Appleby as perfect (Maureen is perfect, he always thought; and he thought he could fall in love with her, but it never happened), but Vicki was different from almost everything he thought of her. It was hard to understand.

"Vicki?" he finally said. She pretended she didn't notice him observing her and looked at him.

"What?" the girl answered, not quite meeting his eyes.

"Why did you come here today?"

There it was, the question she was expecting since the beginning. She tried to sound casual, shrugging.

"I don't know, I thought we could have some fun."

He tilted his head, trying to read through her words.

"But… why aren't you with Maureen or Darla? Even Cindy?" he knew Vicki and Cindy aren't much friends, but why not?

"Are you kidding me? Cindy is a crazy bitch! Besides, why aren't you with Sam and Neal?"

Bill smiled.

"Fair enough." He said and she smiled too. "I hope you're having fun, then."

"I am."

They nodded and looked to the TV simultaneously.

"I love that scene." Vicki said at the same time Bill spoke.


"I…" she said again, looking at him. "love that scene. Miss Piggy is my favorite character ever. Yea?"

"Yea." He repeated not processing what she said.

She laughed a little, because that wasn't the answer and looked at him – really looked at him. Maureen was friends with the geeks since her first day, and Vicki made sure to ignore the girl's arguments at how awesome they were every time she talked about them; she always said Sam was the cute one, wasn't he? Neal was the funny one and Bill was the awkwadorable (a word she made herself, because she liked creating words) one, because he was awkward and adorable.

But he was losing it, wasn't he? The awkward tone. She heard Coach Ben was putting Bill into some sports; he was running every morning, and training baseball, that he loves. He still talked slowly, fumbled in his words sometimes, or thought too much about them; he still had to use glasses. But he had something… attractive. And the boy knows how to kiss.

It was right at this thought that he did it again – stroke right to her feelings (the cold in her stomach, butterflies everywhere) – by leaning forward a bit, doubting for one second (please, don't doubt, keep going), then going on closer, closer, closer enough to see the freckles in her nose before closing his eyes and kissing her. And that time was different, because he dictated the tempo, did everything his way.

And it was damn good.


Some little things. The way she closed her fingers on his shirt or how her other hand was in his face, pulling him closer; the way he embraced her and had his fingers in her hair (her soft hair that smells so good); the way she sighed in his lips delighted, or frustrated, when they were interrupted in what felt too short time. Those little things were his arguments, and he was keeping them.

"Hey kids." Gloria said, a happy – almost silly – mother-like smile on her face. "I made you some sandwiches and lemonade."

"Thank you, Miss… Gloria." Vicki said. She still was holding Bill's shirt.

Gloria put the platter on the floor and left. Bill could swear she was giggling. He leaned to take a glass of juice, but Vicki kissed him again. So that was why she was there.


"They are kissing!" Gloria told Ben as soon as she saw him, and sat by his side on the sofa. He looked genuinely surprised.


"Yes, I stood there for almost a minute waiting them to notice me! She's so pretty!"

"She should be, she's the captain of the cheerleaders."

Was Gloria's turn to ask "Really?"

"Yep. I heard she's a gymnast since she was five." He said matter of fact, and Gloria whispered an "oh". After a minute of silence, Ben added "You have a hell of a lucky son."


But she wasn't there for the kisses, he knew a bit latter. She really was there for some fun, even if it involved some movie she could watch at her room and turkey sandwiches. She wanted to laugh at silly things, simple things, just to break the routine.

They had so much in common, like the basic, when Ben came to ask them what flavor of ice cream they'd want (they both answered "Chocolate!" together and with the same tone of excitement, then laughed), as they had differences. And they didn't know right there and them that they could build something important, strong; but they knew they were liking their dynamic.

A couple hours later, when Bill walked Vicki to the front door, she hold his hand, stopping him from opening the door, got on her toes and kissed him again.

"I'll call you, okay?" she said.

"If you say so."

She said her good byes to Gloria and Ben and left in her bike. Bill was left to face his mother and stepfather.

"Don't." he cut when he saw the first sign of questions, and stumbled the way to his room as fast as possible.