"You want me to send you the coordinates to her?" Wade asked.

"That would be... Wait a minute!, how did you know that!?" Kim replied.

"I might of sorta had her chipped." Wade answered uneasily.

Kim calmed down.

She did have the right to be frantic though.

It was after all, her daughter.

"Thanks." Kim replied calmly.

"What's happening?" Kim Jr. asked.

"It's quite simple really, my parents want your parents dead, and your the bait." Drew Jr. replied casually.

"What!" Kim Jr exclaimed.

Drew Jr. pulled out a remote control and clicked one of the several buttons on it.

Kim Jr's seatbelt suddenly tightened, forcing her to sit back, and the doors locked, the locks disappearing into the door.

"Then why were those guys at the school trying to kill me?" Kim Jr asked.

"I left you a gun didn't I?" Drew Jr replied.

"I don't kill people." Kim Jr stated.

"Figures." Drew Jr said quietly.

All of a sudden, Kim Jr saw her Mom and Dad's car going down the street.

"Right on time!" Drew Jr said.

"MOM!, DAD!, IT'S A TRAP!" Kim Jr screamed.

"Did I forget to mention its completely soundproof?" Drew Jr asked.

"Oh wait, yes I did!."

"WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!" Kim Jr exclaimed.

"Because I can." Drew Jr replied.

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