Story number two, is up, and the theme is… Puppies/Kits! So this story is dedicated to the one thing that can bring me to my knees. I hope some of you puppy/kit loving fools like me, like it. Oh! There is no Rin, sorry, I feel she will just in some way get in the way of the story, and Shippo never traveled with Kagome, and believe me this is important in the story.

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Summary; who would have thought that Sesshomaru, Shippo, and Bankotsu made such cute puppies/kits? Let's see how the girls handle this.

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Kagome Pov

"That damn mutt, I can't believe he did this to me, and I have been nothing but nice to that insufferable hound!" I fumed, making my way to the village, "I should have known never to have trusted that flee bitten asshole! Going straight to Kikyo after confessing his love for me, what the hell is running through that mutt's mind?" I finally stopped, all the emotions sinking in, I crumbled to the floor, and broke out in tears.

I had loved Inuyasha, and I had thought he felt the same way, but it seems I was just something to occupy his time until his precious Kikyo came back to him. Why Kami-sama did he play me like a fool, I feel as if I'm on the edge of a good break down, I thought bitterly, the memory of Kikyo and Inuyasha together playing through my mind.


I had just come back from my time with Ren, and I had told her that I was going to go find Inuyasha, so she could head on to the village ahead of me. Once she was gone, I had walked into Inuyasha's Forest calling Inuyasha's name until I heard sounds coming from a clearing up ahead.

Not knowing what would happen, I walked closer, and as I got closer the moaning got louder and louder, and that's when I finally saw it. Kikyo was on the ground on all fours, naked as the day she was born, with Inuyasha, equally naked, on top of her body ramming into her. My eyes widened at the scene. Thinking quickly I turned fast on my heels, and ran, ran away from Inuyasha's lies, and from my now broken heart.

End of Flashback

Now, here I am crying my eyes out on the hard earth floor, curses spewing from my mouth. I wish there was someone, the exact opposite of Inuyasha, someone who can prove his love for me, someone who will be there for me no matter what, someone who will build me up, not destroy me, I thought, sniffling, picking myself off the ground, continuing my walk to the village..

Sango Pov

Stupid Hoshi, how could I have loved such a fool, such a… womanizer, I feel betrayed, we where suppose to get married, I frowned, I had just caught Miroku having sex with one of the village girls in OUR hut, in OUR bed, that Hoshi went to far this time, I could deal with the ass touching, and I could deal with the small flirting to other girls, but this was to much, I sniffled a little, walking into the forest to clear my mind.

Miroku finally broke me, and I couldn't piece myself back together. "Why Miroku, was I only a game to you?" I sighed, walking along the dirt path, not even having my guard up if a demon attacked, "Sango, what's wrong with you?" I snapped my head up to see Kagome standing in front of me, her clothes where a mess, her hair was frizzy, and she looked like she had been crying, "I should be asking you the same thing?" She looked down sadly, and murmured something.

I frowned, and moved closer to her, putting my arm on her shaking shoulder, "come on, Kagome-chan, you can tell me anything," I smiled at her, she looked into my eyes and sighed, "I saw Inuyasha in the clearing with Kikyo, and they where…. They where rutting on the ground Sango, and Inuyasha had just confessed his love to me yesterday," she whispered softly, I gasped, that asshole, how dare he do that to Kagome-chan, when she has given all her love to him, willingly, and on top of that she had also excepted him being a hanyou when Kikyo wanted to turn him human! I growled.

"I know how you feel Kagome, I know how you feel," I smiled bitterly, walking arm and arm with Kagome to the village, explain what Miroku had done, I wish there was a man out there that would never look at another girl, like he would look at me, he would never cheat and he would never feel as if I was chaining himself down to me, I thought looking up at the sky, a small tear cascading down my face.

Ren Pov

"You Bastard, I never want to see you again!" I whispered harshly, throwing anything and everything at the man I thought loved me, and I never missed a hit, "Ren, please calm down, I didn't mean to do it," I glared at him, my anger rising ten fold, so this stupid flipping baka thinks I would ever get back with him after what I saw, please this fool has another thing coming.

"Please, Yuuki, do you think I'm stupid? Do you honestly think I would ever forgive you after I saw you rutting with some cheap village girl? Kami, then you must be stupid," I flushed red in anger, I couldn't believe I had just walked into his hut, just to see him rutting with a brunette village girl, picking up log from the corner of the room, I chucked it at his chest, and it hit dead center, making him fall to the ground in pain.

"Ren, what is going on in hear?" I heard Kagome's voice call from the door, beside her stood Sango, both of them looking at me, and Yuuki in surprise, "this stupid bastard decided, that since I wont have sex with him, that he can go on ahead and rut with some girl from the village!" I growled angrily, picking up another log, but before I could throw it, Kagome, and Sango came rushing in holding me back from killing the idiot, who had saw his chance, and had sprinted out of the hut.

After a couple of minutes of struggling, I finally broke down in tears in Sango's and Kagome's arms, I wish there was someone who was passionate, but yet he would never force me to do anything I wouldn't want to do, someone who could love me, and my attitude just the way it is.

Unknown Pov

"These girls, are children, have been wronged by the men they love! How dare that hanyou, monk, and human shatter the hearts of are divine children!" A pink hued being shouted.

"Ai, calm yourself, the hanyou, monk, and human will pay, but we must first fix are children, they are, are main priority," boomed a loud powerful voice.

"Yes, Kami is right, we must first help are children, but how?" A light lavender being whispered.

"Hn, Yukio, did you not hear are children's thoughts? They had all wished for a man with some type of emotions, that they thought would make them happy, why cant we just summon the men they wanted?" A black being questioned.

"You have the right idea Tsukiyomi, but I think we should make it…. Interesting, don't you think? I say we summon those males, but we twist it a little, because we all know the perfect beings to suit them, and yet we all know at the same time, the men to suit them will be…. How I say, stubborn to admit it, and all of three men will try to fight it." Reasoned a light blue being.

"Mitsukiri has the right idea, anyone disagree?" Boomed the mighty voice of Kami-sama himself.

All the divine spirits nodded their heads in agreement. Thus, the plan was put in action.

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